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Want More Men To Want To Get Married And Have Kids?

Butch CrassidyJul 25, 2018, 9:50:46 PM

If you want more men to want to get married and have kids, you'll have to fix a broken system.

CRTV recently published this video of Gavin McInnes; making a desperate sales pitch, trying to convince people to start having more kids:

I can't speak on why some women are saying no to having kids, but I can write about why many men are saying no to marriage and fatherhood.

I do need to point out, though, that I am also saying no to fatherhood, for reasons that have nothing to do with "sowing my wild oats," or gender politics.

However, even if those particular issues suddenly disappeared, the family court system has made marriage and fatherhood such a bad deal, that the only way I would consider having kids, is if they had a surrogate mother; who had no parental rights.   ...and I am in no position to be raising kids; on my own.

Gavin makes an entertaining sales pitch, but the pitch misses the point.

Marriage has become untrustworthy as a legal institution, and fathers are shat upon by mothers, governments, the media, and often times, their own children.

The terms of divorce, alimony, custody, and child support are rarely written into the marriage agreement.

Instead, those terms can both be changed by legislatures, at any time, without warning or our consent, and the terms of divorce are usually decided by the court system; at the time of divorce; also without warning or our consent.  

You might say, "just get a prenuptial agreement," and that advice would make sense, if they weren't thrown out of court; routinely.  The current reality is, most prenups aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Feminism Won.

Women got what they demanded. They are now able to hit the eject button, on their marriages; for any reason, or for no reason; at all; and they are able to use the government to force their former husbands to continue to support them financially; afterward.

They are now able to have a man forcibly removed from his home, separated from his children, and forced to continue to support them financially; after he was separated from them; without warning, and without his consent.

Sure, men can father children; without being married; but contrary to popular opinion, that doesn't usually leave them in a much better position.

For decades, mothers have used the family court system to wage war against, and to enslave, the fathers of their children.

Their sons, and their sons' friends saw this happen.

The smart ones realized that the only way be sure to avoid a similar fate, is to "just say no," to fatherhood and marriage.

Marriage and fatherhood has become so incredibly destructive to men's lives, that selling it to some men is a lot like trying to sell the man on the idea of eating a bacon cheeseburger, that was laced with just enough Drano, to kill him slowly and painfully.

No matter how delicious that burger smells and looks, he knows that if he chooses to eat it, he'll regret that mistake; for the rest of his life.

Like most people, who try to sell men on wanting to have kids, Gavin tries to sell the upside of  fatherhood, and he misses, or deliberately avoids, the reason men are saying no to it. (To be fair, I've only seen the part of the video, that was posted to youtube. It's possible he touches on it, in part of the video, that didn't make it to youtube.)

Most men need don't need more much upside to want to have kids or get married. We need need less downside.

As it is, today, I'd sooner masturbate with a cheese grater, than get married or have kids.

The onus is on people who want men to want to get married and have kids, to make those things desirable again.

If you want men to want to get married and have kids, it's your job to fix the broken system.

I don't know what's going to be harder; fixing a broken legal system, or getting men to trust that the rug won't be pulled out from under us; again.

Good luck.