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Ocelárna / Metalworks [Urbex]

bohemian.arrowsMay 17, 2021, 10:04:47 AM

I found the way into this workshop very much by accident, right at the end of the 2nd day of exploring the surrounding metalworks compound. With the sun going down and realizing that exploring it is going to take hours, I left the way I came and waited for the next opportunity. A couple of weeks later, the waiting paid off and I got to spend the whole day inside. It turned out to be really fantastic place, untouched by thieves or vandalism. Everything was still left how it was when the factory shut down, from huge lathes, to hand tools and porn mags. I even found another explorer there, but he was quite shy, hid on top of the crane, and pretended I can´t see him. It only worked in his head of course, but hey, not my delusion, not my problem :-) 

#urbex #exploration #abandoned #czech #myphoto