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Elektrárna / Power station [Urbex]

bohemian.arrowsMay 10, 2021, 8:51:49 AM

A stunningly beautiful power plant. Today, though unkempt, it is still in decent shape. To my surprise, the original boilers were not yet destroyed and most of the internal equipment is still there. Only the turbines were removed, and probably a long time ago. 
I really hope people will one day build even the purely functional building with such high regard to aesthetics as they did in the early 1900s. And will be able to repair the damage today's architects inflict on our heritage. 

It takes one broken window for the place to become infested with pigeons.
Plant´s boilers still have the original brick housing
It is unusual to place a chimney in the interior of a power plant. This one is also insanely thick at its base and 75 meters tall.
The structure of the roof is made from riveted steel beams. 
In the future, the current architectural style is going to be called "Parasitism"...