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To They That Would Say Nay

bobdubJun 5, 2022, 8:13:59 AM

At the moment Minds tokens are worth 35c 

For 35c you can buy 1000 views of your advertisement.

 For 35c you can buy 1000 views of your advertisement. 

For 35c you can buy 1000 views of your advertisement. 

For 35c you can buy 1000 views of your advertisement. 


How am I not seeing the downside? 

What is wrong with me that I think this is a good deal? 


Why do people who do not want to advertise their products, hang out here on Minds at all? 

Are they here to buy? 

Why have people joined a decentralized peer to peer network if they do not want to operate in a decentralized peep to peer environment? 

This is a social marketplace. 

I am reminded of the story of when GEOTUS was accused of being racist and his son, Don Jr, laughed it off and said that his dad only cares about money - he doesn't car about the colour of the person holding that money. How fair and just an attitude. If you've had the opportunity, and the opportunity to take the opportunity, and you have made your way high enough up the hierarchy to do business with Donald Trump Snr, then you have proved that character is not about skin colour but it is about luck and hard work. 

And here we are at Minds.com, being presented with the opportunity of a lifetime (for someone who has lived on welfare at the poverty line for nearly 2 decades it is). I was a total dropout loser and all the time I thought that I was doing my best and living by the WWJD mantra. I thought I was being sensible, retraining and reskilling. I thought I was in therapy and fixing myself up and aiming at being financially independent. I thought that the only failure was giving up. But now I look back and all I see is the adulterous woman with multiple partners. I could have been that woman, and Jesus would forgive me. Jesus the perfect man would forgive me and heal me. 

The way in which Minds.com, and other companies like it, is restructuring the economy gives me an actual shot at being able to compete with 20 year olds for a career! Life is cruel and it takes no prisoners. I have a chance at being someone because some very brave and dedicated men started a deeply grounded, compassionate, and just network underneath their patriarchal hierarchy in which to hold the little people. Me. My children. And these men are the ones that have enabled the technology that has enabled the token system that has enabled the economy that is offering me this chance at having a life. 

I feel deeply and personally offended by people doing an Amber Heard in this little patch of sunshine. I feel deeply transgressed against by people who are working so hard to undermine, question and doubt what the MInds.com people are about. Most people who oppose the Minds.com team do not seem to understand blockchain technology, and many have never heard of Aaron Swartz and could possibly be labeled Negligently Ill-informed. I find it morally offensive. 

However - regardless of what my actual feelings are the fact is that I can buy the equivalent of 1000 views of my advertisement for 35 cents. 

It is expensive this week. Last week it was only 26 cents. A while back it was SO expensive: $4 for a thousand views was hard to pay. 😂 But I am so pleased that I can advertise to my market here in this digital wonderland.

 If YOU think that Minds.com is doing something wrong then it is highly likely that it is because YOU do not understand the system and the onus is on YOU to find out. If you don't like the platform - do something better. I think you should seriously consider whether you and the blockchain were meant for each other, and maybe peer to peer is not for you. 

Perhaps there are alternatives and life is not a one size fits all.

I have almost no knowledge of blockchain. 

I am left in Hamlin town with the corrupt politicians and laughterless streets. The children are following the piper into the age of knowledge and us old people, with our outdated brains, so slow they take in only a tiny fraction of what our computer-literate grandchildren can, in the blink of an eyelash. I know very little. I know enough to say that there is a lot of data out there. 

There are incredible videos detailing the thought processes that lie behind this technology. 

There are wonderful stories of revolutionary pioneers and how they have sacrificed their lives for freedom of information. Not the right to insult someone. 

This is a time like never before and the rodeo is on, full swing. And the bronco's called Blockchain.

Everybody has the right to an opinion and working towards informing yours is more productive than working against other people who have already informed themselves and made the appropriate decisions.