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bobdubNov 29, 2018, 12:39:52 AM

starting small

This is where it all started. A birthday gift from a friend  (it was on special - marked down ot half price I hear! lol)

digging over

well the seedlings grew so well that I could see that I would need to make some permanent changes 

squaring off

one of the best things about having an awesome boss is that their technology - and assets - are very useful

beware the stare 

although I still had to slog - under the watchful eye of the Supervisor

heading home past the kiwi vines

Its a very pleasant walk back up to the shed after a satisfying day's work

the first flowers of the season are opening

Kiwifruit flowers are somewhat unusual as the male and female parts are in separate flowers, which grow on separate vines. The males open first. The kiwi flower is not very satisfying for bees so the boss has to put in another 40 hives to make sure the polination is successful

the weeds are doing well too