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The truth about neonicotinoids

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In the case of earthlings, profit in any form comes before responsibility. The exercise of responsibility does not come about by disregarding it and ignoring the future.


42. Then here’s what I want to say about neonicotinoids:

43. These are mainly used as seed dressings and for foliar and soil treatment, where they correspond to a group of highly effective insecticides, which all correspond to synthetically produced toxic substances and are fatal to all living beings depending on the amount, including humans.

44. The best known three neonicotinoids are called clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam.

45. As far as insects are concerned, the toxic substances basically act on their nerve cells, and much more strongly than on the nerves of vertebrates, as you say, which also includes humans, even if not as animals.

46. The neonicotinoids bind to the ‘nicotine acetylcholine receptor’ of nerve cells and thus interfere with the transmission of nerve stimuli.

47. The neonicotinoids penetrating into the soil and storing in the soil for a long time act as contact or feeding poisons in insects and vertebrates, how the toxic substances are absorbed via the plant roots and transported into the leaves, fruits and rods, which are then eaten by insects and vertebrates, and how they are of course also eaten by humans, who are thus inevitably poisoned just as much as insects and vertebrates.

48. Even tiny amounts in the nanoscale already form factors in humans which cause suffering in, on and with them, which do not act aggressively at first and are not recognised as such, but which become more and more aggressive over time and ultimately increasingly detrimental to health, whereby as a rule the physicians do not recognise the origin and true cause of the disease, which ultimately leads to death for the sick patient.

49. Unfortunately, the manufacturers and users of neonicotinoids, on the one hand, do not recognize this fact with regard to humans, but on the other hand, research is not carried out in a decisive way that the truth could be found out.

50. And this happens simply because the manufacturing companies are only interested in profit, but not in human health, as is the case with the users of neonicotinoids.

51. In this case, it is agriculture and horticulture in particular that are ultimately the most profit-oriented, using toxic substances without hesitation and poisoning everything.

52. They are therefore the main culprits, because if they did not buy the toxins and did not use them, then the manufacturers of the toxins and thus also of the neonicotinoids would not be able to exist.

53. And what I have to say further is this:

54. Plants treated with neonicotinoids are thus protected from both biting and sucking insects, but even after harvesting, subsequent plants also absorb the toxic substances because these remain in the soil for a long time and degrade only very slowly through their absorption by plants and seepage into the groundwater.

55. The neonicotinoids are mainly used as seed dressings, but they are also sprayed and applied directly to plants, as I said before, but they are also used as granules or irrigation water additives, which mainly cause soil contamination with the neonicotinoids, which, as I also mentioned earlier, are only degraded very slowly in the soil and never completely in the plants themselves.

56. As a result, plants whose leaves, stems, stalks or fruits always contain more or less toxic substances, even in relation to other toxins not belonging to the neonicotinoids, whose effects over time, when eaten by vertebrates, eaten by humans or absorbed through the pores of the skin, cause health problems of various species.

57. Pathological manifestations, which can lead to aggression, allergies, age-related problems, asthma, eye inflammation, loss of consciousness, depression, mental and emotional disturbances and concentration disorders, belong to the repertoire of unavoidable consequences.

58. Memory loss, memory loss, taste disorders, ulcers, skin rashes, as well as skin irritations, skin discoloration, brain damage, headaches, cancer, orientation disorders, vision problems, pregnancy and birth defects, acute forgetfulness and even death are ultimately inevitable.

59. This applies to humans, all vertebrates and all other animals if they are contaminated with neonicotinoids in any form, whereby even quantities in the nanoweight range are lethal for insects, but already harmful for larger organisms and humans.

60. Neonicotinoids have an effect not only on life forms such as insects, vertebrates and humans, but on all life forms in general, which is denied by earthly researchers, scientists and responsible persons.

61. Neonicotinoids accumulate not only in all forms of life, but also in all foods produced from contaminated plants and fruits.

62. And if, even after a long period of harvest, potatoes or other tuberous plants are planted in soil impregnated with neonicotinoids, for example, they all absorb the toxic substances and transport them into the leaves, stems, stalks and fruits, as is the case with cabbage, lettuce and all kinds of head and leaf vegetables, as well as berries and tomatoes, etc.

63. In insects, as already mentioned, the acetylcholine substance group acts at the nicotine acetylcholine receptor of the nerve cells, whereby no degradation by the enzyme acetylcholinesterase takes place.

64. So the receptor is permanently stimulated, which leads to disturbances of the chemical signal transmission.

65. The permanent stimulus caused by this leads to cramps and ultimately to the death of insects, as can also be the case with vertebrates and humans, if long enough minute amounts of toxic substances accumulate in the body.

66. The lethal dose of ingested neonicotinoids, especially Imidacloprid and Clothianidin, is e.g. in honeybees in a very low nanogram range, while the lethal amount increases depending on the way of life, but already in small amounts causes health weak to severe damage, which causes years of suffering of all kinds, which ultimately lead to death, even in humans and all vertebrates.

67. The problem here is that in humans and vertebrates such minute poisonings are very difficult to detect due to the extraordinarily small amounts of active substances in the order of a few nanograms per 100 grams body weight, as is the case with various insects, such as bees, for example, in which the neonicotinoids have caused mass mortality.

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126. Also respiratory problems and skin diseases are caused by glyphosate, as well as an increasing loss of biological diversity, such as the rapid death of bees.

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By the garbage dumping in the free nature all animals and all Getier, as well as the necessary soil organisms and the vital insects are impaired and destroyed in their health and in their existence. It is a fact that Earth is facing the greatest death of amphibians, animals, vertebrates, birds, reptiles, fish and other marine creatures as well as soil organisms and insects in the history of the planet.

This mass extinction is caused by the irresponsible treatment of nature by human beings, both through pollution caused by overpopulation and through the use of countless toxic substances in the cultivation of vegetables, grains, fruit, etc. More than a thousand species of animals, animals, birds, fish and other marine life are acutely threatened by man’s guilt or by all the many destructive effects of overpopulation. Throughout the history of the planet only great natural catastrophes have eradicated so quickly many creatures of many genera and species as is the case in modern times through human guilt – precisely through all the negative and even criminal and criminal effects and machinations of overpopulation.

Bees, for example, like other species, play a very important role in the ecosystem of the planet, as do thousands of animal, geological, soil and insect species, many of which are threatened with extinction.