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Glyphosate is therefore indisputably a carcinogen, even in the smallest nano amounts.

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You already said that during our private conversation in 2004, and nothing has changed in any way since then. There is also no change with regard to the criminal spraying of poisons with regard to herbicides and pesticides, because once again the time has come for the health authorities and the EU dictatorship to legalise the best-selling herbicide glyphosate in Europe and declare it harmless to human health.

Consequently, it can be spread in rough quantities and poison the natural foods, the food plants, which are then eaten and poisoned by humans. Glyphosate is used not only in Switzerland, but throughout Europe and even throughout the world on fields and green areas, in orchards, on railway embankments and in private gardens. The pesticide glyphosate is found in products such as Roundup, Taifun, Well Kill or Capito and is available in the garden departments of Migros, Coop, Landi, Jumbo or Hornbach. If you can say something again in detail about glyphosate and its effect, as well as about the whole drum and turn of the today's production and the distribution etc..

As far as I know, various companies today produce the poison, worldwide, for example in China. If you are able to explain something in detail and in a language that even lay people can understand, e.g. what insights you have gained from your research into glyphosate and other poisons that are used in agriculture and horticulture etc. as well as in general in the form of herbicides and pesticides, which are applied on earth and poison everything.


111. Glyphosate-containing weed killers are used by the ton, not only in agriculture but also by domestic gardeners, horticulturists and hobby gardeners.

112. Glyphosate products are manufactured by the notorious genetic engineering group Monsanto.

113. The harmful effects on nature, fauna, flora and humans are not only trivialised and played down, but also vehemently denied.

114. Anyone who can prove the harmfulness of substances containing glyphosate in relation to humans and other life forms is silenced by Monsanto's lawyers.

115. Glyphosate, however, is very harmful and also causes cancer, whereby it is not only probably carcinogenic, but inevitably causes cancer, for which even the tiniest amounts in the nanoscale are sufficient, as well as for many other ailments and diseases, which affect humans and animals, etc..

116. The use of the herbicide in any form is not only extremely dangerous to the health of all consumers and therefore dangerous, but also to their users and consumers such as farmers, horticulturists, plantation operators, house gardeners and hobby gardeners, etc. etc.

117. Our researchers can detect glyphosate and its degradation substances at least in nanoscale regions in the air, in the rain and even in the atmosphere, as well as in higher nanodoses in groundwater and in the human body and in countless life forms of all genera and species.

118. Glyphosate is therefore a weedkiller for the Monsanto Group, as we have already talked about, and this toxin is a very dangerous carcinogen of the worst kind, even the tiniest nanoparticles being enough to damage the organism of humans, animals and all forms of life.

119. Glyphosate-containing weed killers are not only produced by the notorious genetic engineering group Monsanto, but also elsewhere, and they are used by tons by corporations of various kinds and by authorities for weed killing.

120. The harmful, life-threatening and even life-destroying effects on nature, fauna and flora as well as on humans are deliberately played down or even denied by criminals.

121. And anyone who can prove that glyphosate is harmful in this respect will be silenced by Monsanto's lawyers, because the herbicide glyphosate is a billion-dollar business for the manufacturer of the seed and genetic engineering group Monsanto, based in St. Louis in the US state of Missouri.

122. Glyphosate-containing weed killers are so-called broad-spectrum herbicides, which are toxic to almost all plant species. These toxins have also been produced by other numerous companies since patent protection expired, so that half of the poison supply today comes from China.

123. Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicide active ingredients in the world, although it must be said quite clearly that, with regard to the world-famous Roundup, it is in itself much more toxic than its active ingredient glyphosate.

124. And this is because the formula also contains various other toxins, such as formaldehyde, which produces the so-called 'cocktail effect', which results in a mixture that is much more dangerous and toxic than the individual components alone.

125. As a result, when people and all forms of life come into contact with this mixture and the various toxins penetrate their bodies through the pores, mucous membranes, respiratory tract and food, the organs and blood are contaminated with all these toxins, which inevitably leads to overall organic damage.

126. This is also the case when in the beginning – which can sometimes last for years, depending on the amount of poison that has penetrated the organism, usually only at the nanoscale – no or only minor ailments and diseases develop.

127. Over time, however, these can result in serious damage, including cancer.

128. It must therefore be emphasised again and again that in the human organism and in all forms of life even the smallest amounts of toxic substances are harmful to health even in the nanoscale range and lead to serious suffering and diseases and ultimately to death.

129. It should be noted that as a rule doctors only rarely recognise the origin of the diseases, and if they still find the cause, then it is too late for the patients because they can no longer be cured of their health damage.

130. Over the years, the effect of glyphosate and the entire mixture on humans, amphibians, fish, animals, reptiles, mammals and birds has become more extensive, more dangerous, more pathogenic and more deadly, but this is denied by the manufacturer and the 'scientific experts' he bought, who allegedly investigated the effects of glyphosate and its mixtures and – of course contrary to the effective truth – could not find any danger for humans and all other life forms.

131. As a rule, it has been said and still is said that if glyphosate or Roundup and all other toxins were used as intended, there would be no health risks for humans and other forms of life – apart from those which would have to be combated – although the opposite would be the case, which is vehemently denied on the one hand.

132. On the other hand, however, the hazardousness of the toxins cannot be determined by the relevant physicians, pathologists and other specialists, because in still small quantities in the nano range, which are already harmful to health, the toxins cannot be determined due to the lack of analytical ability or are simply concealed if their determination is already possible.

133. And this often happens through so-called 'doctors' and 'researchers' etc., who are paid horrendously for their silence or their false statements and lies.

134. So it happens that the poison production companies, like Monsanto, the producer of glyphosate, its mixture and other toxins, very quickly go on the counterattack, if not professionals paid by bribes, like private scientists and universities etc., conduct and publish studies, which expose glyphosate, its mixtures and other poisons as harmful and even deadly for humans, animals and geta animals etc., if they do not do so, the poison production companies, like e.g. Monsanto, the producer of glyphosate, its mixture and other toxins.

135. Critical researchers and scientists are simply discredited or, if necessary, gagged with threats or violently silenced by the Monsanto Group, as is practically the case with all other toxin product manufacturers.

136. Our research has shown that glyphosate, including its mixtures, is highly toxic to all soils, plants, waters, humans and all life forms.

137. However, this is also often the case with other toxins, but especially with glyphosate an accumulation of carcinomas or tumours, growths, nodules, cancer, tumours and growths of the kidney tubules or the small renal tubules or urinary tubules in the kidneys occurs in the human body – as with various other forms of life.

138. Malignant tumours and tumours in the pancreas also develop in the supporting and connective tissue as a result of even the tiniest nanomagnets of the herbicide, as do skin cancer, lung cancer and lymph gland cancer to an increased extent.

139. Glyphosate is therefore indisputably a carcinogen, even in the smallest nano amounts.

140. But that is not all, because our research shows that even the tiniest amounts of glyphosate and all the mix toxins contained in it cause serious damage in the nanoscale nucleus of the DNA and in the chromosomes of humans, animals and all animals, etc., in the nanoscale range, which also causes autism and physical deformity, especially in offspring growing up in the womb.

141. In agriculture, plantations and horticulture, vegetables, winter rape, pulses, winter barley and summer cereals in particular are sprayed with the toxin glyphosate, which then settles in these natural foods and poisons the people and other life forms that eat from them.

142. Today, glyphosate or other poison residues are present in practically all staple foods, such as vegetables, oats, maize, soya, wheat and sugar, etc., and thus in practically all flour products, including pasta and bakery products.

143. The fact that people and all forms of life are poisoned and made suffering and ill with the poison glyphosate – also with other toxins – is of course denied by the toxin production companies.

144. But what happens in agriculture and commercial horticulture is that before sowing the fields and gardens are sprayed with glyphosate or other toxins to free them from wild plants and weeds that are classified as weeds, which is done before harvesting specifically by Roundup to speed up the ripening of crops.

145. The bottom line is that naturally toxic and carcinogenic residues settle and accumulate in plant food and foodstuffs, which are then consumed by humans.

146. After harvesting, the herbicide is also sprayed on the stubble to prevent weed growth before soil tillage.

147. The Roundup is also marketed under the brand name Glyfos or Glypho-Unkraut-Ex and is of course also used for private use in gardens, as well as a garage space or garden path to keep house walls, walkways, stairs and squares, etc. free of weeds.

148. In principle, this should not be allowed because glyphosate should only be used by competent persons with a corresponding certificate of proof.

149. This should at least be the case, but this is usually not observed anywhere when buying small quantities, not even if you buy more than one litre bottle or even a 5 litre canister of the poison, because these are cheaper than small quantities.

150. The poison can be bought unhindered everywhere, where it is just sold, because usually – if at all – the buyers are informed only about the fact that they should not buy the means actually, because it is not permitted for the house and house garden range and private range, and because it might be acquired basically only by phytosanitary specialists.

151. As a rule, these are people who have relevant professional training and experience and a phytosanitary examination, such as gardeners, farmers or persons who have passed a corresponding examination.

152. Such tests should also make it clear that toxins, of whatever kind, should never be present in car parking lots, paved garage spaces, yards, squares and paths, etc. because, in any case, there is always a risk that they will wash into water and massively impair and poison the ecosystem, as happens when they are spread into fields, fields, gardens and meadows, etc., because the poisons seep into the groundwater and, sooner or later, reach the plant spray water and drinking water in this way.

153. Unfortunately, however, no purchaser of glyphosate or other poisons is required to indicate exactly where they will use the toxins.

154. So they buy the various poisons or even the most dangerous glyphosate and spray with it very generously everything that comes before the spray nozzle to them.

155. If rain is then added, the glyphosate or other poison is flushed into the next drain or ditch, where the highly toxic substances drain into the water and poison it.

156. Depending on the amount of glyphosate or other poisons in the water, almost everything that grows and lives and comes into contact with the poisoned water or is contaminated by it through bathing or drinking is poisoned and destroyed, regardless of whether it is algae, amphibians, pure bottom plants, fish, beetles, dragonfly larvae, newts, reptiles, birds, aquatic plants or vertebrates, or even humans.

157. Although humans are neither amphibians nor other forms of life in the wild, what they are able to kill with toxins is harmful to their health and does not leave them untouched, even to the point of death, and even if the glyphosate or other toxins, even if only in the nanoscale, slowly but surely develop into incurable cancer over the years.

158. Earth people must protect themselves and their environment from weed killers, with the Roundup and its continuation products in the first place, but also all other toxins of all kinds that must not be forgotten.

159. In principle, care must be taken to ensure that regional foodstuffs from an effectively high-quality organic cultivation are used, because these are largely protected from herbicides such as Roundup, as well as from pesticide contamination.

160. However, this does not mean that organic products can be absolutely protected from toxins, but kept, planted, bred, grown and harvested in a state that contains an absolute minimum of toxins.

161. These move in minimal nano-areas, which of course does not prevent suffering and diseases, but can minimise them.

162. It should be borne in mind that minute amounts of toxins of all kinds are also contained in the air, in rainwater and groundwater and thus in splash water for the organic products, even if these cannot be detected by Earthly analysis equipment, which is still very inadequate, as a result of the minute quantities of nanomaterials of herbicides and pesticides – at least not yet today.

163. It must also be said that many wild plants that have fallen into disrepute as weeds – provided they are edible for humans – have a much higher nutritional value than any cultivated vegetable.


In 1971, Monsanto patented glyphosate as a herbicide, and since then the Roundup alone has generated annual sales of $2 billion. I have read about this, as well as that in Switzerland alone 300 tons of glyphosate are sold each year, poisoning fields, fields, gardens and private gardens, waters as well as roads, railway embankments, paths and meadows, whereas in Germany, according to surveys by the University of Göttingen, glyphosate is currently sprayed on 39 percent of the arable land.

However, the poison companies deny any connection with their poisons and the health damages of many people, but according to a new study this is no longer so easy, because it – carried out by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an institution of the WHO – proves the opposite. The study was published in March 2015 in the journal Lancet Oncology, highlighting five organophosphates used as herbicides or pesticides that are highly carcinogenic, including the herbicide glyphosate, which is classified in the 2A group, which includes substances that definitely cause cancer in humans, animals, getaways and all life forms.

This study is a metastudy conducted since 2001 and relates to various studies in the USA, Canada and Sweden. Cancer experts from 11 countries unanimously concluded that Roundup causes cancer in animals. What happens to people in this regard was probably also taken into consideration, but what this has resulted in is clear.


164. I am aware of that, but the companies producing toxins are probably not deterred by it.


You're probably right, because they have tremendous power that reaches as far as the governments, where various bribes are addicted, who hold out their hollow hands.

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