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Tron is no longer Decentralized

kubikpixelMay 13, 2019, 5:06:09 PM

The CTO and co-founder of Tron (TRX), Lucien Chen, has written in a detailed blog post about the fact that he is no longer with Tron and now participates in the Volume Network (VOL). He blames differences with Justin Sun and the direction Tron is going. Since a few nodes hold more than 90% of the votes, this is anything but decentralized. There the small investor has absolutely no weight with his vote and this is anything but a decentralized solution.

Personally, I also came across Tron during the evaluation of my dApp and I first noticed the obvious advantages. That's a very high speed in processing blocks (TPS) and using Solidity to write smart contracts, like Ethereum. I was also among the twenty first places on Coin Market Cap (currently 11th place). But then I also saw which dApps were mainly realized with it, mostly gambling and shallow entertainment. An area of the economy that historically is not considered very serious. In addition, Justin Sun puts himself in the foreground rather than the project. That is for me mostly a sign of a project of which I should leave my fingers. In addition there were the countless reports that Justin Sun didn't let stand in a good light. It was never something concrete but unpleasant rumors. I finally opted for Ethereum and why did I write it down in an earlier post.

Here is a quoted excerpt from Lucien Chen's blog post. How do you see it, would you continue to rely on Tron or have you lost your trust in this project for a long time?

During my two years in TRON, I felt the wheel of destiny turning rapidly and I also went forward under the drive of the wheel…in my efforts, the formation of the domestic team and the coding all started from scratch, and the currency began to soar from ICO. Until now, looking back on the past, it seems like a dream…It has gone through the stages of open source, testnet launching, mainnet launching, the acquisition of BTT, ecological expansion of TRON DAPP.Thanking TRON co-founder, Justin Sun, he then begins to talk about the “irreconcilable contradiction”, stating that “TRON is no longer the original TRON”,Thank Justin for providing me with this platform to grow up with TRON. But because of the irreconcilable contradiction between us, TRON is no longer the original TRON. I chose to leave, hoping to regain my original mind and rebuild my new TRON.Chen offers 3 reasons for his departure from TRON: that TRON is no longer decentralized, it is not associated with the internet, and that it has “deviated from the spirit and original intention of the blockchain.”Speaking about the problem of centralization, Chen said,In the DPOS and Super Representative node, there is a problem of centralized voting. Some nodes have more than 90% of the votes with only a few voters. Therefore, the vote of ordinary retail investors has completely fallen. The total number of TRX in TRON is 100 billion, while the total number of votes for the super representatives is just less than 8 billion.Chen sees his new project, Volume Network, as a solution to the problems,I am deeply sorry to see the project that has grown up in my hands has become like this. The dreams and visions that Justin told me have been ruined. After several months of thinking, I decided to start the Volume Network(VOL) Project.