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There Are Many Ways a Business's Reputation Can be Impacted Online Today

SantiagoKara8Mar 27, 2019, 8:32:12 AM

Having a strong, positive reputation always makes it easier for a business to succeed and grow. Unfortunately, there are now many ways for a business to lose control of its reputation and be forced to suffer the consequences.

Strategic Reputation Management is the best way to ensure such problems will never arise. Keeping up with a company's reputation online requires paying attention to outlets of different kinds.

Reputation-Impacting Activity Happens in Many Places Online

Some businesses used to be content with monitoring a couple of online destinations in an effort to keep up with their reputations. That is no longer sufficient, as there are now many ways for customers and others to impact a company's reputation online. Businesses will normally do well to find ways of keeping up with reputation-influencing activity at places online including:

Social networks. Some people happily spend the majority of their online time connected to one or more social networks. Even if its dominance is no longer as obvious as in the past, Facebook remains the top destination for many Internet users. Discussions on sites like Facebook that go unnoticed can cause significant harm to a company's reputation quite quickly. Networks like Twitter and Instagram are hardly any less influential.

Review sites. Specialized sites that collect and host reviews are go-to sources of information for many seeking new companies to patronize. Allowing a restaurant's Yelp reviews to spiral out of control can cost a restaurant or contractor a huge amount of business. Engaging with negative reviews positively and politely will normally help put a stop to such problems. That requires being aware when reviews meriting attention have been posted.

Blog comments. There are millions of blogs today that are actively updated, many of which have large, devoted followings. reputation manager attached to particular blog articles can impact the reputations of businesses more than might be expected. Since reputation services are often hosted independently, keeping up with this type of activity can prove to be especially challenging.

personal online reputation management is Always Better Positioned to Manage Its Reputation

While it can feel a bit overwhelming to need to stay on top of so many types of activities, there are tools and strategies that can be used to make things a lot easier. Businesses that succeed at finding and responding appropriately to comments made about them online will inevitably benefit from the effort. A positive reputation can easily end up being one of a company's most valuable assets.