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5/28/18, 1:34 PM

wildly censored person... humor... May 19, 2016 my soul swapped with a parallel world... And so forth every day since. Mountains move. History changes Abe Lincoln was a senator versus representative. Geography South America is 2400 miles east of where it should be... the whole concept is down to this Fate is true, the law of the galaxies is your story is written. I am the universe. I am Jah, or God. Events can be changed, but the outcomes on a ring are the identical ie meaning I am stuck at a money level in all these worlds, health wise alike issue. History is repeating itself backwards. We or you live in a nebula column. I come from a galaxy 377,000 light years diameter, no known black holes, where as here is 100,000 light years five black holes..https://theprose.com/post/92852/journal-of-a-wondering-mind-through-the-multiverse


6/7/18, 9:23 AM

this is a derivative point of view. MY baseline world galaxy was 377,000 light-years across, 6.5 billion years old the earth, Mercury, mars, Earth, Venus. Abe Lincoln was a senator. He won as a Republican 1864 election. Retro clause quantum theory is a game simulation played at a long term game to keep humanity alive instead of Christ coming to earth. The three issues that I have seen by watching and reading it appeared that the CIA used hour glass to change Abe Lincoln, and other people{s reality. Meaning they caused parents to divorce to destroy a person's belief or changing their outcome from meeting a person or opportunity that would have caused a problem for the US. The issue two is Japan, China, India, England, US all tried to change history and did change it enough to break what John Von Numann and Montauk project setup. The changes are so wild when you remember the future past, meaning my reality is not in this universe. We are in a nebula column each universe is flat, in between each universe, there is a Planet X above it and below it.. whether that is heaven or not sure. I wrote a dream about what happened on the Germany time line. The issue in a nebula column is this too has happened before and it ill happen again. The issue being run with Trump and North Korea war, which end humanity in 2021 to 2025 depending on the timeline. To this, the past scenarios allowed for the world to exist with an navy carrier. To up the odds in this reality, there is now deployed 19 carrier groups. The issue with each change in the scenario they do not understand the butterfly effect or the person running the scenario failed to reset all minds. Thus my mind gets reset nightly. I try to study something easy in my mind like the cord of C on a guitar. I have been trying to remember the fingering on that cord now for three months. Each night my mind is so calmed down that I forget. When I write it down I am punished until I get it removed. Like deleting all posts, having my notebooks taken, paper that I wrote calculation that no longer exists in this world has major issue. The great illusion in the bible is that what I am watching and is it happening to all realities or am I dying still in my world a breathe equal to 70 times 365 times 24 divided by three hours. The note is black holes is now within 3 000 light-years away, versus in my reality May 18 2016 there was only hypothesis meaning no known black holes had been seen at the edge of Sagittarius arm that will not show up for another 1.2 billion.

Yup I always wanted a smart brother lol that’s why is sent ya that pic bro

curious you remember a different reality

I remember Luke I am your father, chez itz, Payless shoe store, there was four people in the car when jfk was Assassinated, stone henge was real (to better explain some photos leaked of people setting it up in the 1920s or some time I forgot), we were in the Milky Way , there was no such thing as flat earthers (Smh🤦‍♂️) Ricky used to tell Lucy “you got some splaining to do” , Alf went home at the end of the series, life IS like a box of chocolates, Nelson Mandela died in 1991 while in prison, fabreeze, tombstone and Wyatt Earp both came out in the same year (not in this timeline apparently), woody said “there’s a snake in my boot”, morphius said “what if I told you every thing you believe to be real isn’t?” Bernstein bears 🐻, just to name a few I even have a few personal Mandela effects as well and I’m the only woken one in my family they all just think I’m going crazy 😜

watch the montauk project.. explains why you are you if you watch it on many worlds. they destroyed peoples life along with hour glass.. abe lincoln was he a senator in your reality or not


prior to being president}

But he was one before he was president

Yes lol

Was just gonna add that

his life was one of those . hey dont give up because if he can loss so many times and win only three times just think what you can do stories bia zig ziegler}

you remember the age of the universe

or population

Never really paid attention to the entire population but when I did it was at like 500 billion

And I was told our universe was 10,000 years old

so are you missing things like seeing items that were old on your world nw becoming new?

The moon doesn’t move like how I remember now there’s moonrise’s and moon sets !? Not in my timeline what I mean by that is this I noticed the moon started acting like the sun after that solar eclipse that happened couple years back

Is that what you mean ? Something like that ?

not that .. I mean example my world less technology, the software for example has version 15 from a version 7 May 18 2016 meaning advancements.. in your case it sounds like you are seeing the future reverting to a past}

where I am living backwards seeing a non existing reality being created with new technology not in or on my world as of may 2016

Oh ok I see what you mean ok since you put it that way here we go there was a juke box called the scopitone and it played music videos with the song you selected! This was during the 60’s !!! But before that apparently they were also in the military before they were made public and this was how the soldiers got news updates during wwII !?, the television was invented in the 1920s ??? The first colour tv was in the 1950s ???, the first cell phone was used in 1978 !? The first wireless phone was also out in the 70s too the pyramid is a power plant instead of a tomb etc.

is that your memory from your world or from the passage of time?

my world rca did not allow color television to produced their patient was 1928. first color tv 1950s. military used movie theathers to watch movies on film for world war II. pyramid I remember a entrance where a cat like skeloton was found.

From this new timeline none of that happened in mine well the scopitone thing but every other one happens just during different years and just now the government is revealing that the pyramids are not tombs but actually power plants and they have known for years about this

so was your world more advanced or less advanced than this one

This timeline yes I’m not of this timeline which is why people think I’m going crazy lol as I said before I’m the only one In my family that is awoke to this whole Mandela effect thing and I truely do believe we are shifting through different timelines !

yes. but is this a more advenced world or less

More advanced

And yes in my timeline the military used movie theatres instead of that scopitone thing


Physicists provide support for retrocausal quantum theory, in which the future influences the past

(Phys.org)—Although there are many counterintuitive ideas in quantum theory, the idea that influences can travel backwards in time (from the future to the past) is generally not one of them. However, recently some physicists have been looking into this idea, called "retrocausality," because it can...


this explains part of what happened to you

the other part I have written about a few times

you have to read teh comment



Journal of a wondering mind through the multiverse.

https://cosmofunnel.com/stories/reptiles-parallel-universe-travels-no-diety-discovered-issues-with-other-life-questions-in Since 5-20 Censor...


can you open this

Yes I already read that you made some excellent points btw

the comments section you read that also?

Yes I did

thanks some times no one replies, no one comments, I think I am lost by myself

I know how you feel

well, hope you post your findings someplace and link it so I can read it. the scenerio that is happening is odd at times.. life was not like this.. what makes this even oddier is understanding a bit of math. 10 to the power of 197 equates to earths in a universe. now realize each day since may 19 2016 I have seen a different earth that means 800 to 400 universes making me wonder at teh great illusion in the bible ..or if I am heading towards hell because this world is more eviler than mine .. just thinking..

My YouTube channel is Damionseven I posted some videos of some of my findings I haven’t made any new ones yet but most of my research is on my channel too

forgive me could you send the links.. my research tool works sometimes with youtube then at times nothing shows up or google wont allow me to enter

i have to go

6/10/18, 8:05 PM

hey could I get a link to your youtube

6/11/18, 3:04 AM


damion swampy


6/11/18, 5:58 AM


7/29/18, 10:52 AM

I added u to my Mandela effect group k brah post your updates in there please it needs new posts and plus I respect your research

I am posting my old posts and ideas to a comment line. reason I got kicked out of so many groups, and mind fucked out of others that I try to keep my posts so I remeember. you can read it here and post it. each of the comments are interesting. thanks for the add


today if you on my page a ladys memory of a photo she had on Fb from 2016.. shows earth supposedly outside the galaxy.. her earth 9 billion people, japan off of china, one new zealnd. however she is not from my world.

Well this is my group ok lol feel free to post and state whatever opinion you like just as long as it isn’t racist ok bruh

I am a facist not a racist

the two are totally different..


8/17/18, 6:34 PM

recollection was no conversation ... just scenes of the two looking at a planet..

8/22/18, 9:08 PM

curious you ever hear of rocket league?

this world changed dramatically.. https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/97xhoy/check_out_my_new_rocket_league_goals_video/ this was not part of the sf fy since 2016. yesterday it showed up.. it is now 3 seasons.. meaning something i would have known about is brand new.

8/25/18, 2:01 PM

what do you think

8/25/18, 3:41 PM


Beam me up Scotty lol oh wait he didn’t say that lol jks

did you see the real sun on this earth'

it is a lot older

and dead or dying

I remember a yellow sun these days the sun is more white than yellow

Is that what you mean by dying?

can you see the photo I sent

the red dot is the sun.. the white sun light is a mirror

the sun is a red dwarf not a white star



either a star or a planet.. which is it https://www.google.com/maps/@46.8352693,-105.1213963,3a,75y,104.78h,179t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sc9n8ZSY_WuPDiHqU_28lfw!2e0!7i3328!8i1664

8/28/18, 8:00 AM

star or planet?

8/31/18, 5:35 AM


8/31/18, 8:45 AM


8/31/18, 10:19 AM

years from now.. I just do not want to hear NEVER AGAIN and say I did nothing.. evil is evil.. 5 million people potentially being killed is n issue.. https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/afriforum-sitole-must-investigate-malema-for-encouraging-farm-murders/ to change the events of history you have to change the mind set of the people or this to could happen to everyone.. to change history you have to care for everyone https://southafricatoday.net/tag/farm-attack/

9/4/18, 4:47 PM


9/5/18, 9:04 AM

Kavanaugh protesters were given CASH at the..



9/7/18, 6:57 AM

describes montauk project Al society of the future without money.. https://www.thevenusproject.com/nowthis-future-man-trying-create-world-without-money/

9/29/18, 6:47 PM

https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=Talon123 times up for FB.. try something new.

10/21/18, 3:47 PM

curious question for you

What’s up

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

the first regulated militia you ever hear that part in the 2 amendment?

meaning I remember the 2nd amendment being

the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed upon.

nothing dealing with military

Uh my American history is not so good lol well seeing as im a Canadian

I know. Just owning a gun etc was a big deal. here the wording is changing so that you have to be in a state military which is just awkward

Well if they changed the 2nd amendment then that must mean Marshall law is coming sooner than we thought

curious did you listen to the montauk project videos?

they changed yet again

just saying something new has changed

Well yeah just the other day as i watched interview with A vampire I noticed a line was changed, you know where lestat makes louis into a vampire ? Anywho when louis has become full vampire lestat tells him “ now see the world with your vampire eyes” only this time he says eye instead of eyes

I think november 6 is another key event should be interesting

11/3/18, 12:00 PM

check your bible last page has it changed? meaning 1669 pages now at 1661

12/31/18, 8:59 AM

curious is time repeating for you?

No but some days it's faster than usual

12/31/18, 12:38 PM

like a tree without leaves one day has leaves the next then no leaves and now more leaves