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Censorship is funny

eats me up and turns me into a rebel

need to hear more?

Seriously, Godel was right there are shadow people stealing ideas, math formulas. History

opens your eyes we live in a closed time curved loop

reality is questionable to those on the Mandela effect trip

Sagittarius to Orion Spur 2 billion years of travel in only a few years.

Humorous who believes me?

Indeed, I live I die; I know things, and now I know I am in trouble

people question reality for was Abe Lincoln not a senator? I and Hillary Clinton remember it so.


8/13/16, 2:17 PM  

umm cool. what did he say

maybe this will help

He took me with him outside of time, which is why from that point on I knew there was no time.

time I get that

what did you see

He said I could go with him...he showed me how it would be if I did and I agreed. (My death) but then I went to tell my parents and I understood...that we don't get to 'tell' others we are leaving but are OK. I couldn't do that to my parents, as an only child...it would've broken their hearts and they would think I was 'dead'. Jesus said he would come back for me, later.

that is peaceful at least

When the vision stopped? The ball that was coming to hit me in the face (handball court) was still on it's trajectory. Everything had come to stop while I was 'gone'. Yes...I suppose.

I have been in hospice twice.

there is a deity

my hope is in christ

just at times I am wildly scared

(there are many...in my exp) most set out to terrify us...break us. some DID, for me.

tripping to a different world each day now I am circling back I thingk

I hope so. All I can do is offer to be here, if that helps. What does your wife think of all this?

I stopped talking to her about this day four

I told her I was not her hubby in a taxi ride and told her stuff that the guy who was her hubby could not have known

meaning I talked with my wife daily so I knew secrets about her friends etc

the guy on that day evidently did not know his wife well because I told he stuff she had told me then and was completely shocked when she did recognize her own thinking

Hopefully home situation isn't hostile for you. smh.

I get breakfast in bed

I am a lover not a fighter

a reader not a hero

a writer of odd poetry

well that's good. ahhh poetry, yes. 🙂

I wish you didn't have these wifi issues. a bit embarassing sharing so openly on a page. oh well. sigh. 😊

if you click on the page name you can read my odd poetry.


Journal of a person lost. Seen reptiles, parallel universe travels, no deity discovered, issues with other life questions in general Story by Clinton Siegle

Since 5-20


funny is I can no longer get into the account

I have had to open two others to post stuff

Thank you. I'm a great fan of poetry.

and I will read what you've posted...just need a bit of time to do so. later.

well reading is free peace and hope for you

again if you meet the travel agent ask him to upgrade me to second or first class please

😊 will do! and in the end...God IS. And God is God...and is the same God..."religion" doesn't matter. Just keeping the faith. 😉

I am still a little disarrayed on that .

one universe one deity multiverse multi deity or a mirror reality not representing one real universe

imo...from the 'evil' I've personally encountered? ONE Universe, ONE God, MANY 'wanna be gods"....messing around with all of it. Creating chaos. oh...this conversation could be had for days on end.


Does the Torah speak of levels of heaven?

so maybe this will help per the rabbi no

to a multiverse yes to 7 levels of heaven

That's what I keep coming back to. And listening to interviews w/Super Soldiers and what they say is on those levels. Interesting stuff.

All evil but one level.

so my experience is a bit more than 1 level and more than a bit odd

Some 'places' there I've heard were 'created' or are creations of what IS there if that makes sense. Many 'tricks' which I believe.

the difference in time, colors, and people death represented to me many more places and times

bob crane the guy that played hogan hero

only murder I paid attention to

spin-offs of levels...levels of 'reality'? Yes...he was shot I recall...in a hotel room yes?

first time I looked shot, 77 next time he was pronounced dead at home went to sleep did not wake up

78 beaten to death with a camera pod if you look today I believe that is what it say

(of course he was involved with the dark. all who are performers...are involved.) You know these are all

I have seen him 79 strangled to death

'stories' being spun out. Just can't get a handle on the why...is it possible that this 'reset' (which I think is happening) is being somehow twisted up with others that have taken place beFORE? Something to do with manipulation of energy...cern?

They're rewriting history...destroying old artifacts etc....Mandela Effect but this time we're actually seeing it happen (a few of us).

that is just it. if you read montauk project they just opened another collider inromania in 14

I do not think they are destroying I think they are bringing the mind of people to another universe

I know I am not from here

I am me

I know my belly button I know my teeth I know my scares

these are not mine

they are complete

means the person prior to me getting here was living an almost exact life as me

just he did not talk with his wife

he was better looking

did more situps then me

I am fat

this guy is skinny

I like cookies

this poor dude his waffer cookies taste at times like cardboard

Uploading consciousness on a mass scale then? Practice. Dear God. For WHAT? Yes. You met a 'fragment'...I did read Montauk. There IS a similar experience here I can tell you about...it just happened a week ago. An alternate 'self' that was witnessed.

all I can say is 78 different worlds now I think I am recycling

A video was sent to my son. His friend went to an event and it made the news b/c a fight broke out so 'he' was on camera and excited to show everyone. My son watched it and then told his friend to watch the video again. My son...who lives in another state from this friend...was THERE in the audience.

He never left the house and yet hs is there, on film.

78...why 78. we are going to figure this out or die trying.

I gave up counting and today I saw something similar to one of the worlds that I was in

when I say a mountain is moving I am getting up each day looking out the window to see where I know my mountain is

when that is not there if I am able I walk to find it

I remember that, yes!

gives me an excuse to leave and am tired of aruging with the ladies wher it is

the guy that was there yesterday asks the same question becauwse they say it is where we told you yesterday

when I am persistent they point

other wis eI wonder a bit

sometimes having to go several miles to see the freaking mountain


Reality is completely fluid...not what everyone thinks it is.

(brb my dog has to go out...)

girl this is a complete universe I check gdp when did someone die my coat pocket and pictures

they move change

precious moment frame picture freaked me out the first few days of this trip

no way a picture can have ribbons then ribbons of five then three movement of three five eigh and then by inches

I stayed awake once trying to figure out when I moved somewhere between 1 and 5 I close my eyes and wola

time wise is different

before this trip I went to a memorial service

two weeks into the trip they had the same memroial service again

this time they did not invite me

I dont think I was liked much there

my figure is there are 78 to 89 people typing this exact same message right now

we are in a similar reality down to today pictures posted from anyone

the difference is speaking verbally

I have meet people one day the next day spoke with them and they looked at me silly and said their english is poor where the day before we spoke for while in english

I know you're researching do you feel any of this might have to do with where you've worked?

I will go back to the thread. I'm scared, like you...but what can be done?

not unles the person whose body I am in did things

you don't think this is fragments of the same soul then...what does your gut say? Is this all 'you'...or imitation?


Clinton Siegle | LinkedIn

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Some say my son was cloned.

I know thatin my world cloning happened commerically in 78. The owner of FedEx did it to try to skip a death tax

the book is written by a reporter out of Billing Montana on a book publication less than 100 were printed

the reporter then mailed them to libaries in montana

no one in there right mind would read the book in fact the only way I found it was the book was behind several books in the high school library and I was a nerd and read it

I will read it all. Names running thru my head atm...know some who might be able to help with all of us...have to figure out who is trustworthy. One is, for sure.

*this not us

I am trying to fing


Time-warped Field Time Travel

Innovation and Excellence in Time Technology. Where history is becoming an experimental science!


This is what you've just sent me? Excellent. I will devour it.

no the book you mean

on cloning


no that was like I said a small run publication

the book is or was in my high school library


the link I sent is more on motauk time travel the person I am intersted in is david lewis andeson

I wrote to peter moon aka scientologist and his reply was breath to stay in one spot.

I dont think he liked me reply

(ok...not familiar w/him b/c so many are disinfo agents adding to the mix of confusion. )

montauk project is or was an idea of time travel

it is considered fiction

Ahhhh! I've only recently heard of Peter Moon. I pretty much grew up right new Brookhaven Nat'l Lab and my uncle worked there 40 years would never talk about it. Only recently learned about the experiments. And a 'craft' crashed 4 miles from my house in 79 or 80...stories connected to that too

however the details seem similar enough to what I am experiencing

if you read his site he has a lot of tales or if truths that seem confirmation that there is a multiverse

"breathing' exercise to stay in one spot?

give me a sec I will see it is a copy pste from an email

(Another one who speaks of time manipulation is Dr. Richard Alan Miller who has a recent interview. I can add you to my group...or give you the link. or both.)

add to group

can not say I wil be active

prior to this I was trying to get bernie into the elections now I am trying to get people to vote jill stien when I will be voting gary johnson


Dr. 'Richard Alan Miller's Channel

DocRAM.com Richard Alan Miller: Author * Alternative Agriculturalist * Herbalist * Physicist * Metaphysicist & More! My leading concern is Fukushima, and I'm...


Latest is front and center. He's off the charts brilliant although he is an 'asset' and has a handler...so. But maybe the info can help.

Gov't are actors...and the ones below are su-conscious level mind control ...it's all a farce.

the post I am looking for is in a comment section on the journal post.


I have some interesting reading to do tonight I see.

forgive me I ave to go

np...I have to go out as well.

I will find the comment section an link it



Re: Linked-In. Highly likely you are targeted due to your knowledge, high intelligence, what you know...job experience and the companies? Little doubt. You are being spun like thrown into a centrifuge.. Handler likely someone close you...possibly with no knowledge of it. programmed on sub-consciousness level. Had to be a reason you've been thrown into this fray...looking at that list? There it is.

https://cosmofunnel.com/stories/reptiles-parallel-universe-travels-no-diety-discovered-issues-with-other-life-questions-in search word skybrooks my comments are missing.. so I am not sure what to say there

Journal of a person lost. Seen reptiles, parallel universe travels, no deity discovered, issues with other life questions in general Story by Clinton Siegle

Since 5-20


thank you

kind of weird my 6 comments are missing. either this universe does not have them or.

wild to think I have to redo the formula and find my equations again that is why I put them in the comment section so no one could edit them.

how sad

To not be able to access your research? Horrible. By design most likely. How could you solve the puzzle if the pieces kept disappearing. 😕

by looking at it differently

three days ago the equation did not need to be finished


Build and test the receiver

A solar cell connected to a speaker converts the light into sound.


my desire was to frequency back to my place and time

could not figure out how but now when I find a radio shack have the ability to turn sound into light into noise

the hummng here is constant

if I use a loop recorder of my frequency it might get me to where I was and whom I iss

wild I just have confirmation that I am in a loop

my kid three weeks ago changed me out of her moviestar dot planet. meaning my google account was no longer connected to hers. today I got a password reset. either the person that was here did not do that change or she did not ask for the change.. maybe my comments are not here but are on a different comment link. wild..

Locate Radio Shack online? Many have closed up shop. Time loop I've heard somewhere recently...another poster. Sound into light and noise? Sound would be noise...specific frequency then?

(Will catch up with you later).

ah. my posts on line about machine that reads minds. I figure all of the mes are trying to get home. each of us had sunlight with specific frequency. thus I was trying to get a hold of a Veritasscientifi machine which can tell a lie versus truth

if I get a color right I can then get the noise right into a loop and instead of a humming I can get my worlds noise hopefully

8/13/16, 8:17 PM

So this world has a certain frequency and you can hear it? Have no idea of our time difference. I have returned from shopping. So much to read to catch up on. Will try to get through what I can.

Dr. Miller talks about time...why I thought you might appreciate his work...or if you don't have success could maybe contact him. Just a thought.

8/13/16, 10:05 PM

who ever was here prior to me left a change

and now I do not have my dog

humor that is not nice to be worried about a dog

Oh I am sorry. I hope somehow you are reunited. 😕

I usually get woken up by him to take him to the bathroom at this time.. now no dog just awake wrote a reply to you and kelly.. hopeit makes sense

yes. oh...so sad. he is nowhere in the house? Someone had to have let him out...removed him? You woke to another reality or someone let him out.

who knows. why are you up

Ordinary schedule.

Will be off soon enough. Back issues, will have to get horizontal for awhile.

well I am going back to sleep peace hope you are okay

U too. Will pray when you wake your dog will return. 'nite


8/13/16, 11:38 PM

Leaving a comment here for the next time, that I didn't wish to bring up on the page. Our study group w/the Benner work and others...we thought we were experiencing 'wisdom' coming through - but it wasn't. It was telepathy...but I've come to think it was possibly synthetic telepathy...as in...once again - A.I. (There are so many aspects to this. E.T. but also Milabs. I've seen them, you have too. Real? I couldn't say. Certainly seemed real enough. Both in astral and waking time.)

8/14/16, 7:03 AM

can not say astral I am looking for something that should be here. but I can not find. anyway how about you post this to the line a short story again fanasty or fiction or a realization   https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/journal-937411222304706560