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dreams of stage walking strutting upon the stage of a life

eye of a Spy

Friendly Albert Moses

Great friend from across the ocean blue

honest Albert Moses.


on my world

FAith. so, power of the mind.

the link shows a verse that I recall

youtube was literally lining up songs that I only THOUGHT of, earier. felt like I was programming my own reality. or being picked up on by A.I. for lack of a better term for it, whatever the heck 'it' actually IS.

the statement you used marks teh fall of the smallest sparrow was a teaching of the versus.. not the real versus

you think? b/c it has always always stood out in my mind so clearly. b/c it was close to my heart.

I am much better now I got rid of google and Firefox internet browser

oh wow...ok. thank you for that info

the versus represents the hope that God take care of those that he looks after

the issue I am having now is a bit more awkward meaning if God has not been able to change the story over time, space, and different souls or perceptions why the same story over and over again.. is he bored, absorbed in thought elsewhere or not the person that control fate on this world or another world and he is controlled by fate from someone bigger than he?

that he would care for the smallest creature when men don't even care for each other. That God, gives one hope.

If I were to reach that question...I couldn't maintain the beliefs leading up to it. It would break me. Might.

You seem quite certain of this repetition which if true - I don't have a clue how to begin to grasp that reality.

who is bigger than God? is there way to ask hey my storyline sort of sucks. not that bad, however afer prayer, 1.2 billion years of swapping through different worlds, seeing history geography and perceptions ie souls change is there in none of these where I won the lottery? wrote a great novel? or succeed? that is my point FATE is truth which makes the only choice I really have is being good or evil which sucks to realize at times the soul here prior to me must have succeed or failed in the good or evil contest

WEll would their success or failure in any way dtermine your fate here and now? I mean for crying out loud if it's all repetition what is the point there would be nothing to aspire to! and good or evil...there's no way to maintain only one choicefor a lifetime - there are tempations and mistakes

outside of deciding to be good or evil each mountain change, each history change, nothing really matter.. ie Abe Lincoln losing as a senator no longer that story of his life failure 8 times before winning senate seat than presidency ie Zig Ziegler story.. try try try again till you succeed is a lie

And if you were Hitler for example and repented or whatever...where would that leave you --- what about forgiveness? and that leads back around again to 'God' and whatever/whoever God IS.

What you've just described is simply monstrous

It's describing a reality by design but not of a benevolent G-D

well, think one did a mountain move for the people with me. NO.. Did it move in my memory from one day to another yes. Did history change yes. Abe Lincoln, certain wars, the number of people on earth.. DID that change anything significant to the bible? NO. FATE

Have you ever had 'signs' or communication from God? Inner whispering, nudges? Anything you felt you could only attribute to G-d?

God is stable. His story line is stable. Psalms the whole book is written about the montauk project changing history to break teh bonds of God.. the difference their changes did nothing to God.. only perception

Psalms...? whaaaat...really? O.O

Girl, I am a dead man several times over. without God I should have been dead in 1971, 1975, 1978, 1989, 2013, 2014 rather specific stories

I have lived with bacteria eating flesh

Ok then. Listen. I talk to angels. I personally know 2 of them. if I told you...you woldn't believe me. but. one insists that 'they' are trying to kill Gd. I believe him.

demons are trying to kill God, the issue is God is everything thus if you killed him you could live a little longer but die without his breath, and without his soul. meaning his breath keeps the earths with oxygen, his soul keeps each new human with a soul.. without him we are soulless

read psalms 121, 90 tonight.. is all I can say

now those are words I can stand with. I will read them for sure my friend.

I would suggest removing google, and Firefox their AI is hurting a lot of people.. remember talking with me about the computer talking to me prior to this experience or adventure.. evil is evil..

Do you have any suggestion as to what I might use? I'm really unfamiliar

Psalms read. Thank you.

"Lean not upon thine own understanding, for My ways are above your ways sayeth The Lord. Trust in Me, for you have passed through the veil of forgetfulness to fulfill My purpose. I alone know the beginning and the end. You My children have upon you my Seal, with seeking My Face, you will come to remembrance, for you are set apart, not one will be plucked from My Hand. You shall speak My Words, and My Word shall flow from your mouth. Do not become weary, for I Am with you always."

I went to YouTube and there was a new release. This was in the comment section. ❤

5/8/18, 8:38 AM

using internet explorer for browsing using private only windows, erasing both email, and Facebook ever so often because the movement of the mind is digital the more stuff you have for them to move the less likely you or who you are survives.. meaning I am remembering events of other people that are not mine nor dreams

5/9/18, 5:50 AM

The idea to question is thinking are you thinking ... what was the latest book you read... when was the endmost dream you had with enlightened to a new idea or secret. There is a great dummying down of this world. I expected nano technology to do surprising and wild. Instead, I find that certain groups are hiding how the real world should be turning into now. The world is being changed within itself, and the secret seems to be hidden to that not paying attention or perhaps those that are not poets. Possibly only poets can see the secret or cares about people enough to be kind and worry about those that are dying. The murder of the human race is happening maybe it is my fault that I do not have friends anymore that could help me change the future. Prayer I was recently told is for help from angels, while worship is for the Lord creator. Magic is frequency and vibration with a word to change to cast a spell. The secrets told to some. Others spells written in books is limited by the spoken word. Vibration of the voice makes the world into existence. The dragons were here first per a book I am reading. Mad because of the arrangement of them as keeper of the garden was usurped by man. Humor. To murder billions because their place of power was usurped. The joke on the humans if I read this correctly is this whole tale is made because of the fig. A fig which changed our destination from being with someone constantly to be away from him. However, what is worship to be part of something bigger and better than what is present? Reading's worship is to be grateful for what is presently happening to you. Be appreciative and bless those that behave against you. Wild. The ideology seems different. Protect your thoughts. Listen to secrets being read. If I am to talk about the truth. The secrets are easy to watch. I saw my first one along time ago. The water tower was used to drug a whole culture. To murder people’s dreams to stop them from being whom they should have been. I did not realize what I watched that day. But now I understand a bit more and read enough to recognize changes within myself that should not be there. Sadness when you are writing the end of your story when my adventure has been so short and uneventful. My life however is within. There I have seen what should have been. Reading is not illegal yet. Read think before those thoughts can not be bought at a local bookstore. Enjoy ideas that are outside your box. Realize the box you are in is something that has not really changed since the 50’s. Think of the technology of telephones from landlines to wireless. Should we not have flying cars by now instead of a V8 which again they had in the 1950’s.

5/9/18, 1:03 PM

To your comment on the fifties - yes - exactly. Precisely b/c we've come so far in my lifetime (1957) it seems obvious they're picking and choosing what to upgrade or introduce. We should be many decades ahead of this, at a minimum.

Wish I had your intelligence. I wish you did (still) have friends who could assist you in changing this world reality. I love your writing, "The world is being changed within itself, and the secret seems to be hidden to that not paying attention or perhaps those that are not poets." Oh yes. Some have a poets heart and eyes but not the words and silently watch and mourn.

It would be a poorer existence here if not for the flow of thoughts ideas poetry prose...from you, Clinton. x

A friend of mine...was heading to a family gathering. His son was with him in the car and as they reached the street and parked across from the house where the party was...just as they were about to exit the car --- from the right...alongside a house there came a figure in flight. It came past them and across the street and behind the house they were going to. It was a Dragon. They leapt from the car and shot into that house and everyone asked what was wrong as they were both extremely pale, shaking and out of breath. They both witnessed it. It was real. A Dragon.

5/10/18, 9:09 AM

please tag me in your posts. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be gone soon. Peace

5/12/18, 9:49 AM

montauk time line has changed again

5/12/18, 2:16 PM

They were into so much more than I ever dreamed. Making things disappear and having the technique 'down' in the 30's? !!! The experiments with time? I realize...when I was outside of time and I thought/perceived that there WAS no such thing as time but a way to mark events...a timeline/memory etc BUT thinking now...it wasn't NOT time ---- it was SPED UP or SLOWED DOWN. Holy Crap. I was 16 years old I wish the fuck I'd had more on the ball OR my DAD...b/c when that happened to me and I ran home to TELL my dad? HE already had a vision of what happened to me while it happened to me! WTF WAS THAT Clinton? WHat the F kind of evil bastards are THESE????? SEriously why have we always been fucked with me and him...is it truly only blood type? Nah can't be. Have to think ----- he and I -----w/o a doubt the ONLY ones ever AWAKE in my whole GD life!!!! you know what? It's a kind of curse isn't it!!!

The more I wake up to all these machinations it's like a horror show unfolding. I want to find a corner of the uni to go to and hide.

NOTHING is as it seems and yet...here we are in the middle of it all.

The answer is two fold. A time loop. I thought it started 1980 to 1984. Then I have seen it end 1986. Latest date change 1978. Realize the German story I posted it is only angelfire might mean there is several layers of loops. This loop is still ending. I remember now 6 ways that the end of earth was suppose to end. my original memory last 30 years devil is let out of hell. now I have seen 3.5 years, 35 years, 70 years, and 7 years. The loop is Germany and US.. there is one with Japan, England and China. The loop is the time of tribulation... well that is evil..

so this loop is lasting the longest by far...Germany won the war and 'nazis'...etc.

it's just the empathic abilities...ramped up too...or something. I have to do my protection exercises again.

they won.. again the issue is Solomon story.. you have to read psalms, and everything..

the issue is the tree part is cut and a new branch is grafted into the tree

the issue is time wise.. realize this is 6.4 billion to 4.5 billion years is a long time. the difference is I am analog versus digital this world is digital.

the challenge is how to escape a box that is life

if I had money i could finish two items

Preston Nelson lives in New york. He might be able to unblock mental

He also might be able to help understand living a life backwards .. I think it deals with names in the book of life.. if we lived in a future that is not our future how can we be cjudged evil..

I am evil I ask Christ all te time for forgiveness but the humming is .10 to .30 hrz and is causing me pain

Doubt forgiveness would get us out of our current situations. Sorry you're hurting Clinton. x

6/19/18, 6:33 PM


6/20/18, 5:18 PM

oh boy

7/12/18, 10:11 AM

you ever hear about a maser prior to this pm? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAU17YEEhiU

7/13/18, 8:04 PM

oh hell o no

8/14/18, 12:00 AM

Are you familiar with the Wernicke Correction and the Mars Project? Have you ever listened to a talk by Dr Richard Alan Miller? Love him, he's brilliant. You will find the above fascinating. Here's his latest:


Dr. Richard Alan Miller: 99.95% that Earth's Ocean currents will have to reboot, as soon as by 2020

Seal Team#1 Leader Dr. Richard Alan Miller: It is a 3Sigma [99.95%] Event that the Earth's Ocean current's will have to reboot, as soon as by 2020 By Alfred ...


8/14/18, 9:28 PM

Perogative is now Prerogative?

Bobcat Goldthwait is now no longer DEAD?

There is a town in Italy called GenoVa...not Genoa?

Miller talks about time. What do you think of his theories/explanations

8/15/18, 3:50 AM

an opinion.. a word is noise.. noise and light began reality in the bible. time is a wave frequency of the word.

8/21/18, 7:32 PM


Global Gestapo/4: MK Ultra, Nazi Docs, Tavistock: Early Mind & Behavior Control

Karen's New Flyer for Law Enforcement in the USA: https://everydayconcerned.net/2018/07/26/nsa-whistleblower-karen-melton-stewart-jit-attn-law-enforcement-po...


A few very interesting points in the latter part of the 2nd half.

When I copied the link for this, it was 2 hrs 21 mins. When I went to watch it a few hours later? 21 Mins were GONE as if they were never there. They WERE. I copied it down. More weird by the day my friend.

8/22/18, 3:26 AM

read Gobel.. 2017 there were many more math formulas.. they remove technology going backwards in time.. at first I thought it was to stop progress which it does. then realization.. those math formula prohibit the new math that is taking its place. old ideology or old ideas are removed so that different ones get funded and motion towards a humanity without God is created.. it is sick. it does not end well.

what is wild is his facts seem different from this history. 1200 jamestown was 919, world war II 50 to 70 million to showing now 50 to more than 80 million.. some how I remember 26 million Germans, 12 million Jewsish, Gypsies, 20 million Russians, then the rest 15 million.. history is changing. read the above Gobel is right they are removing history and time.


8/22/18, 7:19 PM

21 minutes were GONE from the videoI sent you last night. Today I clicked on the video...the 21 minutes are BACK and at the end - so now? Even though I FINISHED it last night - I now have 21 additional minutes to get through. WHAT THE HECK. This is a daily mind game now.

I still have one more part to read on all that you tagged me. I'm working on it. Busy day. And I hope when all is said and done we are still friends. It seems that no one even pays attention to these things or just shrugs them off.

I found some information from a guy that left YT b/c they kept destroying his channel. I found a group of videos...and there was one important one I desperately wanted to watch and send you - guess which one was removed.

Frustrated at every turn.

8/22/18, 9:06 PM

Read Gobel.

this world changed dramatically.. https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/97xhoy/check_out_my_new_rocket_league_goals_video/ this was not part of the sf fy since 2016. yesterday it showed up.. it is now 3 seasons.. meaning something i would have known about is brand new.

Check out my new Rocket League goals video (Predator Edition) • r/RocketLeague



read comments. there are no comments. this is a video game. ?

yep.. you have science channel? right now they are talking about a project that I recognize from montauk project

they are building suits for people to climb walls..

yesterday they built a suit of invisibility.. montauk project is truth

Whatever this is don't want to be on a Godless world. People are noticing the quick flips of information and synchronicities. I dislike that term.

rocket league is wild to watch on syfy.. it is like seeing a soccer game as a video game.. and they are paying the players to play a game.

ohhh ok

Did you read the ctc time loop? realize what we are watching a past, changed we lived here prior .. perception wise is all that is changing

meaning body same

soul or perception changes via Q chip.. again something new on science channel.

the difference is they say one thing, while noted science says something else. the past was changed.. the question is what reality is real. meaning I recognize enough changes in my world now to realize it was not an original ..





I have just read that wiki page. Very interesting. Leads to so many questions for me, one based on 'past' experience where I stood outside time so maybe was in a space where I could have remained indefinitely but then was returned to the current second about to occur. Would need time to process on that article...my head is so stuffed w/information it would bump out prior content. Feel I lose space or capacity with age. Maybe not.

Now on to the other links you provided.

I remember an invisibility cloak from about 2013. What she's describing in that video seems like it might be more advanced. I see the gecko suit.


8/26/18, 6:38 AM

do this.. Google map Fallon Montana. then use the map of the city so you see actual builings and then just look up.. you will see a red dwarf star next to the mirror that is shown as sunlight

travel the town and see the planet.. in some places you can see the planet very well.. https://www.google.com/maps/@46.8363575,-105.1133109,3a,75y,86.15h,172.2t,0.22r/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHiQZBUDCN4UxiNV7tQvY4g!2e0!7i3328!8i1664

8/26/18, 9:16 AM

what do you think? another planet or sun or not?

8/26/18, 1:08 PM

looks like a planet. are there two or is the reddish one casting a shadow?

go to Fallon Montana in google and travel the town then just loo up.. the planet or red dwarf sun shows up.. I think this is why I say you are dead.

6.5 billion to 4.5 billion years you have been dead 2 billion years

that sun or red dwarf sun is covered by the mirror sunlight you see each day..

watch people walking think of walking dead and realit you are seeing people walking as if they are dead

A dream in 1980 I saw a red planet hit earth. From the violence of the impact I was thrown against a wall. I died. I stepped out of the body with no pain. I also saw nearly all the events taking place now...as something that was to happen in the 'future'. which is why I think whatever this is...is coming to a close.

Past few days...things keep starting over again. Starting twice. Repeating themselves. Books...online posts from ppl...words changing...no more plurals...singular...it's wrong. it's wrong in books I've gotten from the library. Mandela Effects one after another...so much I don't recognize have never seen before.

ha. how do these changes keep happening and future events keep unspooling as if it's going to END. WILL it?

buy a lotto ticket with numbers you remember.

1. Solomon

read his last book.

then realize the universe is not 13 billion years old

if we are now not expanding in the universe but collasping which science says now..

meaning I was taught we were expanding.

here the galaxy is collasping into a larger galaxy pool.

means the universe is a lot lot older

that sun is a red dwarf or if scienc is correct here a 3 trillion year old star..

not billion trillion is the word

40 years ago I saw into the future. I saw Bill Clinton. I saw these fires in Cali. I saw the floods on east coast. I saw evacuations and gridlock and that there was no place to evac TO. I saw the red planet. I saw Jesus. I have no idea what it all means except...Jesus said he would be back.

I feel ill

we are collasping into a super cluster

to bad you did not get the lotto numbers. I want a bit of coin to stop certain things

they are going to kill like 5 million white people sson. On 1 August 1834, all slaves in the British Empire were emancipated, but they were indentured to their former owners in an apprenticeship system which was abolished in two stages; the first set of apprenticeships came to an end on 1 August 1838, while the final apprenticeships were scheduled to cease on 1 August 1840,


you there?

No I had to take a break I felt ill.

Once. Just one time I stood outside a local card store and felt the urge to play lotto. I came up with the numbers myself. All 6 of them. And. I . WON. I was beside myself going to collect...the fantasies in my head! What I was going to do with the winnings. They said "Oh...a lot of ppl won this time around". They handed me $87.50.

White are already in the minority. A matter of time but they always push the limits. Whatever runs this is pure evil.

this reality is wild. I remember only 4 million whites in south africa

now there is 5 million

wild is reality changes

8/26/18, 6:56 PM

so this is why I say people are dead

1. the sun is a red dwarf ie trillion years old not billion

2. galaxy is collapsng into a super cluster ie instead of expanding outward to 377000 light years light I remember at 6.5 billion years we are going backwards towards the start of the big bang

3. people are captured in or on their phones ie if you try to talk to them they can not talk for more than 10 minutes.. they are dead.. limited interaction with reality

8/27/18, 11:42 AM


8/27/18, 6:29 PM

US Military programmes like Soul Catcher, Voice of God (synthetic telepathy) and Zombie Apocalypse - among many others - which operate via quantum super computers much greater than, but not unlike those at DWave here in Burnaby BC 'Canada' - and their systems of systems of *self regulating software (*AI), social and population control and reduction behavioural sciences, technologies and techniques enabling the greatest and darkest *wave of death (*DWave) to sweep the planet of the "surplus" and target population (their terms) in algorithmic apocalypse which will see more death and destruction than has ever occurred on this planet up until this point historically (as we know it).

Now, how many of you still want to indulge in biochemical addiction to facebook and clearly weaponised technology? [ 5 G will be the final nail in your collective coffins if it is allowed to be deployed and the global intelligence lunatics are able to technotronically incapacitate and assassinate anyone who even thinks about trying to stop it. ----Alejandro Jodorowski

Have you heard about Project Soul Catcher? Hive mind would of course, thru A.I. operate thru the phones. 10 minute activation time? Stepford World. omg.

Things are repeating in very short loops now. See posts from friends and two days later? See same posts frm same friends. I've already seen them. What is that?

ps you removed a post 7 hours ago but I can see it. wtH!

"censorship is funny. so I post some thing and .. manager sorry you comment can not be posted at this time. so I start chatting with people.. Chat is currently unavailable. Not even a sorry or we apologies.. humor censorship is funny especially when you see something Mandela effect change and you ask a person a question and suddenly no one talks to you.. humor.. I think they got the wrong perception when they kidnapped me. This is not my reality" and the link below it.

censorship. if montauk fail safe is activated north korea nukes california, russia nukes georgia, new york has a dirty bomb plus something.. fb is google are working with what you call ilumniti .. the humor is they failed to do the right passage if montauk project is truth. the issue which is wilder is the universe time.. 13.2 billion or trilion.. realize the color of that red planet is older than you expect.

target `population is 500 million

8/31/18, 8:31 AM

years from now.. I just do not want to hear NEVER AGAIN and say I did nothing.. evil is evil.. 5 million people potentially being killed is n issue.. https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/afriforum-sitole-must-investigate-malema-for-encouraging-farm-murders/ to change the events of history you have to change the mind set of the people or this to could happen to everyone.. to change history you have to care for everyone https://southafricatoday.net/tag/farm-attack/

8/31/18, 6:48 PM

Agree Clinton but we have to pull together as a collective Too...to create change. Stepping up...like the old adage about the Nazi Occupation "I didn't speak when then....and then they came for me".

And speaking out or up...Now? No longer allowed. People are afraid and you begin to feel horrified...b/c you can actually SEE it happening now...in this country....YOUR country. I could never get anyone to stand up with me...from the time i was a teen and NOW? Living under tyranny...being punished for the deeds of the many. Like being kept after school b/c one boy threw spitballs. I have never once been the culprit but I have always paid dues for them. So do we all I suppose.

It goes back once again to a movie I have repeatedly cited...that no one seems to recall - the original "Invasion of The Body Snatchers" are you familiar with it? 1956. Kevin McCarthy. Saw it as a child...never forgot it. Deeply unsettling. They said it was political...it was predictive. It's where we are now.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Trailer

Something evil has taken possession of the small town of Santa Mira, California. Hysterical people accuse their loved ones of being emotionless impostors, of...


9/1/18, 1:35 AM

there were several resets yesterday during Mccains furneral.. one mooment a speech woulbe going one way.. then the person would say the same words twice and it was like he went another. I would say a decision on some parts of the loop occurred.

the ctc loop of time is mentioned that the time and seasons would be turned over to evil one. I think that is the time of tribultation which we are seeing..

that it takes longer than seven years due to some people experiencing it longer I think reflects mankind attempt to break the bonds Psalms 2.

did we? doubt it. if for some potential we did the outcome is more an issue

ie a branch of the tree of life that does no produce what they want they cut off.

speak out.. south africa will be horrible.

9/2/18, 7:21 PM

The repeating. It's posts...joined together but diff versions. It's comments in the same thread. It's a series of 'do overs'...have only seen one other person who noticed it.

9/2/18, 9:26 PM




9/3/18, 4:26 AM

the mirror went down yesterday read my page. the fires were more than normal

if you watched national television there were three different versions to mccain funeral I am not sure which or if any were good.. all I can say is jessie jackson sounded one way and then.. wola repeated himself and sounded another..

9/4/18, 5:52 PM

Did you look at the video. Niburu.

Things repeating (YouTube, mostly) are starting to get to me. It's off the charts. How are people not seeing it? Also...in speech, in written word --- plurals are being dropped. People are using straight forms of words - like - news announcer using the term "a colorado" when it would normally be and has always been "a coloranDAN". wrong tenses, no plurals. 1984. They changed the language there, too. police state on steroids.

9/5/18, 1:22 AM

you do not understand CTC time loop

these people if you look have been dead 2 billion years

history was changed yes

read and look up CTC time loop

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closed_timelike_curve you want to hear the real scary part.. prophecies this is how it was done. my expectation if this is not the time of tribulation is I will awake May 19 2016 on my world some day with all this venture. WHY? 2 billion years ago this world did something it should not have done.

Closed timelike curve - Wikipedia

In mathematical physics, a closed timelike curve (CTC) is a world line in a Lorentzian manifold, of a material particle in spacetime that is "closed", returning to its starting point. This possibility was first discovered by Willem Jacob van Stockum in 1937[1] and later confirmed by Kurt Gödel in 1...


9/5/18, 6:04 PM

I read that page it's so much to try and take in. and ps if I should disappear...my computer started freaking out big time the night before last. Doesn't look too good.

the special dust is the soul.. quantum leap show ie cern moves souls back through time. the bible or God knows calls it the time of tribulation.. the devil gets time multiplied by times by half a time to do as he pleases.

there are three items to realize

1. soul will go to your own body for judgment

2. 120 years are the breath a loted to men to live. ie I think we are dying somewhere. final breath the final day we are on this trip or montauk forced us to live backwards how? ask

3. Assid Syrian president is dead in some country

or world

Fascinating and equally appalling. Wish I had the capacity to fully appreciate all the facets esp the science. I don't. It makes my head hurt. There are times when I can take it all in, no problem but other days where brain fog is a real issue.I truly don't believe it's 'me'...it's that this...'place?' constantly shifts...so any particular portion can't be counted on to be the usual status quo.

You should be, by rights...about to sleep now.

in the end times a mother will be against a daughter

leaders will choice war over peace

the microwave is trying to give off the frequency of peace

the mirror is hiding a sun

the reason so much cancer no vitamin d for 6 years now is my guess

this last 200 years so I am not sure beyond that

9/7/18, 6:56 AM

describes montauk project witout money https://www.thevenusproject.com/nowthis-future-man-trying-create-world-without-money/

9/7/18, 5:44 PM

License plates - the 'normal' everyday one we all have - changed today. Speechless. And oh! I forgot to look at mine! It resembles what was...maybe 8 years ago. Smh. Just do not know anymore!

montuck project the society described by Al in the future is the society link provided

Oh and neighbors who acted hostile to me...are now making a point to loudly say hello and HI!!! 🙂 So weirded out I'm ignoring them...feels as if None of this is real Clinton. My response or lack of it...don't matter either way. As you said...if I succeed or fail it changes nothing!!!

This system IS working - for the 1% who are running things. Those who are awake are rapidly l.osing hope.

this does not concern us

the end result is already fortold

either they kill Christ.. ie this loop is where Christ is dead on one of these worlds or he left went to India with his wife or something

the end result is soul swapping is real

say hello back

say thanks to everyone

the end is near

or not depending on the cycle and loop

Duncan Cameron has the answer

montauk project tells part of a truth

beware if you want to go to heaven this is not the loop for you

as if one could change the loop. heaven was part of my destiny...years ago.

not on this loop

this is the great illusion

when I first listened to montauk I said several things did not make sense

the monetary system he describes as credits between cities and no one paid sort of like who cares

the system ie library society

the trains that moved or transported items to centeralized location

not my world Musk has almost created it

the nuclear war between korea, russia that destroys new york, and the state of Georgia


democrats trying to outs Trump..

the whole line of the loop

if you do not make it to the right world

either the world burns or freezes or zombies I guess which is unexpected new plague

9/9/18, 11:29 AM

here is a new one.. Joan Lunden.. alive or dead in your memory?

REally not sure at all. Recall she looked frail and wore a wig. I never watch msm. never. so unless I heard online...I wouldn't know.

This is where I'm at right NOW. Planning to Evacuate soon. within next few days

Hurricane Florence will cause substantial damage and is a threat to life.

It will be either a CAT 4 or even CAT 5 when it makes landfall.

Think of Harvey/Katrina/Irma/Jose etc

Same kind of hurricane.

well, prayers.. She died in my world 2014.. Just wild at times.. Take care. remember leave the coast..

9/29/18, 7:55 AM

https://www.codias.com/ time to leave fb

9/29/18, 6:22 PM

Trying to delete members from group page...then delete it all. Things keep repeating. Clinton - nearly nobody sees it. Trust Jesus. I happen to have it on good authority. Oct 3, internet goes down..may not come back up.

https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=Talon123 try a different place. fb is time to leave.


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yes. thank u for links.

so what has repeated recently?

other than almost all the televsions programs

the colors of houses changing back

and some buildings still being built that were built once up on a time?

no...I mean nobody remembering that Snopes had been exposed. going back to using it as source two years later ...I mean...listening to kev baker on yt and him having a guest...and he had the same guest a few wks later and past the halfway point...there is a bit of dialogue that is an EXACT REPLICA of the old show and they said nothing about an insertion...it wasn't impt...see what I'm saying? script. robots. it's like...their consciousness changed. few weeks ago? this woman...she NOTICED things...now? it's like she's been...absorbed. Body snatchers is real. I keep noticing repeats...can't think...of other exact example...dealing with occular migraine atm.

but I knot it when I see / hear it.

imo...if this is separation of wheat and tares...we are in the middle of an endless sea of tares.

exactly when did you think you jumped?

you did not read the ctc loop I sent you

this is living backwards on a timewave

ie they did not do it that way here from what you remember.

I read it. Some things are a bit terrifying to think about.

meaning this reality each day has a point say 1 pm

that 1 pm happened 9 29 2018 plus or minus 2 billion years plus or minus 50 million years

meaning events, and dates change per day not everything is linear

meaning you remember 1. event snopes.. 2 not worth using what happens if soros paid enough money to kill that story making it unreliable

meaning you retain that memory

however here that event did not happen

like brexist or not exiting EU

I saw that happened both ways

as for oct 3rd in one world I am sure you are right it happens that way

in another world nothing happens and we just continue to live

10/1/18, 5:39 AM


10/4/18, 11:36 PM

you know I saw your oct 3 on oct 2. at 10 am oct 2 firefox went down then microsoft edgethen cable went down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hK8en4L9ZI




11/3/18, 12:01 PM

check your bible last page has it changed? meaning 1669 pages now at 1661

12/12/18, 5:15 AM

Where did you go? I saw a msg that you tagged me but when I went to look - the tag was gone AND the notification was gone.

I have a VERY interesting video you must hear Clinton. It really begins about the 35 to 40m mark. Teaser: In the 1780's, ONE family purchased...the Vatican. For 400 Billion Dollars.

The most important show to date - inthematrixx - master decoder - Anon - what is [P]

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12/12/18, 8:29 AM

The event started yesterday. Watch what happens UK to EU. There are five outs now.

the prime ministry vote of no confidence happens today. yet yesterday it was to happen friday.

options 1. heaven

option 2 hell

option 3 one of the stars that falls in of of third of the stars

4. Trump humanity without either

option 5 is still wilder

Jan 4, 2019, 3:43 PM

today at 1 PM event occurred. FOX showed Trump one place, BBC showed him another.

Jan 4, 2019, 9:04 PM

The same event...different location?

Jan 5, 2019, 3:27 AM

live.what was wilder was I would flip from fox to bbc and the delay was roughly 8 secdonds meaning he had finished speaking on fox and bbc was still having him repeat what fox said. and yes location. one he the back drop was the glass doors of the white house. the other was a white wall. one nothing but a person on his left side the other a us fllag.

Jan 5, 2019, 1:51 PM

Still...I'm sure they could do this live or not. Insert a background. Green screen today is phenomenal compared to only a few years ago. Of course I don't see the point, in doing that. Except to mess with those capable of realizing. hmm. 8 seconds is a long span though...if it's legit.

Jan 5, 2019, 5:00 PM

all I can say both said live. Fox was done with thespeech then question and went to BBC and they still had him talking finishing what he just had said on fox. The point I guess was the flag was on his right hand on BBC.While on Fox the flag is behind him. The people again 4 versus 5. outside of that peace..

Jan 5, 2019, 7:33 PM

The man with the cane. Very strange.

Jan 6, 2019, 4:53 AM

time isshifting

Jan 8, 2019, 10:05 AM

The blood moon happens 2019 January 21st.. Now how many times do you remember that happening? The toad of truth speaks The fact that 150-200 million were murdered by marxists in the 20th Century should indicate it is not "Morally correct" Think time space light coned or squared Sagittarius to Orion Spur 2 billion years expectation a bit more will happen or is happening.

Jan 8, 2019, 3:08 PM

Time is shifting. The quality of it changes. The feeling within it, changes. The perception of it's length..alters in a way that isn't based on episode to episode but more in a general sense. Thank you for continuing to include me, Clinton.

Jan 8, 2019, 5:23 PM

come to minds..I am writing again no one is watching me there.. talon123

also expect major date and shifting 1 21 2019 blood moon

Jan 9, 2019, 12:30 AM

2 pics from LIVE coverage. Interesting.

Jan 9, 2019, 3:43 AM

there are now three events possible. God, Satan, and humanity. wild God gets 2 thirds of humanity, punishment for evil doers. a third to evil one, and 1 percent to humanity if I understand the montauk story which has changed greatly recently

Jan 14, 2019, 5:15 PM

speed of galay increased from yesterday.. jan 20 21 be prepared could be another billion years we see.