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oddity awkwardness


9/7/18, 6:51 PM

And then no one ever left

end 25 million peoples souls were moved


I have to watch it again and again

the whole gay revolution is their fault

to do what they did was a sexual magic or torture

even when they did it with machines

To totally grasp everything it is a lot to take it was so much to fully even want to believe that people could do what they did to others

what is wild is the people here are not really from here

when they tell their story they say John Von Neumann dies in 1956

And they still believe they are under ground continuing

he dies 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 and here 1957

here he dies april 1957

I saw on one world may 1957 his last paper was a dramatic effect on math

there is no chaos ie everything has rules

even randomness is not random

Who is president



Where was he today


I do not know

In Billings

He left today

Hhhmmm you’re out of the country you may not have known

last night he was in montana

this morning I do not know


In Billings he left at 9am

Hmm why if we are in different worlds are they so alike but different

this is the past

Have you tried to make any new friends?

just go out pick some random person

Why what will happen

they can talk 10 minutes however try 3 hours discuss with them what you see

they just go back to doing what ever it was they were doing like you never were there

if you came from Sagittarius earth girl like I did these people have been dead for 2 billion years

what is about to happen is already happened

Ok I made a new friend but yes we only hang out for about 1/2 hour

try to talk with them on a topic you do not normally discuss.. like your favorite movie or something that causes you to think

What will happen

you will be talking either they will start to ignore you or the conversation will dull nd they will just go away

You know there are free people that I can actually get into a deep conversation with

free? or people you knew prior to this adventure?

And it is absolutely beautiful when I can but my mind is getting so dulled and bored because i never use my mind so I just tune everything out

what does free mean to you?

Free of pain emotions and hardship mental torture and worry and anxiety

try a random person.. not someone you know

What do you mean

ie meaning you were here.. this to has happened.. however if you change something dramatically the program can not handle the change

A totally random person

backward living on a time wave

yes go to billings.. pick some person at a college or bar.. say hey let us talk.. I will pay for a drink.. I want to get to know you

Ok that sounds easy

the program can handle yes, hello, 10 minutes.. after which the program can not handle you getting involved with a person.. ie

realize everyone is a zombie

I have noticed

So why are we still living

soul transfer

There has to be others

montauk project to destroy our personal realtionship with god

25 million

In the world

different worlds plural through time..

think of time as a wave

That’s not many

at the start of the wave technology was easier more clear

the more we regress backwards the more technology will appear

higher buildings, new operations, historical events known

I thought we were close to the end of the world

we are and we are not

the loop or ctc loop is twisted

there are several potential out comes to the time of tribulations

that is the illusion

however the question is it an illusion or did history change?

So I am not going to just die in a few years

you and I will die.. where we end up that is a question that keeps me from asking or paying a person for an answer

meaning heaven, hell, or a library society

But your soul has been going for a billion years?

6.5 billion Sagittarius to 4.5 billion Orion Spur.. a bit more than 2 billion years

I loo good for my age

Lmao yes you do

How could you pay to get your answer

duncan if he is what they claim has an answer. preston has an answer both of which would lead to either a key to opening my mind or solution as to how to stop any evil I could or would do after I am dead..

How much

I thought I emailed you the email duncan wants 145.. preston 10k

What the hell does Preston have

did you get the email?


proof that montauk happened

Just a second



you got the email?

Just the address

that is all I ave to offer.. his assistant answers his email or did 11 months ago..

his reply is on that journal I posted to you

Oh yes I read that but what is he gonna open up for you

if the program is in me. the program can either be erased or opened up so I can be all I can be..

meaning his claim is he controlled the program

did the evil

so he should have the on or off switch

preston paper work if I could find a great lawyer sue the Us government for everything they have

Your trigger word

What time is it there


I cannot find your email

the one I sent a while ago?


I saved it but it is gone now

yep that is the email dcrealitywalker@gmail.com address of the witch

What did you ask him

what was the end fate of those he made go bakcward in time..

Oh ok

9/8/18, 5:15 AM

Good morning

9/12/18, 9:04 AM

how are you

Good going to teach



to whom'

A student I have been teaching for years and my sister

so history lesson?


9/19/18, 7:01 AM

you feeling alright?

9/19/18, 10:05 AM

Yes I had an amazing day!

9/24/18, 4:14 PM

hope you enjoy.. https://www.poemhunter.com/clinton-siegle/poems/?a=a&search=&l=1&y=0

9/26/18, 3:04 AM

y u up so early?

I need to go to sleep I am just nervous

thursday or mom or ?

Just life right now I guess

go to sleep .. hug your dog.

Ok I will try good night

smile 25 secs, pull each of your fingers or twist for a few moments.. both techniques to relax you.. the humming here is loud I think they are running Cern presently

I have not been this off in along long time

But I will try thank you

Good night

cern is running from now through January expect changes. the event tomorrow with the judge should reflect a bible verse if not history will be changed

9/26/18, 4:19 PM

you get to sleep?

No I have been busy all day

10/4/18, 11:37 PM





10/11/18, 9:18 AM

hope you enjoy https://www.poemhunter.com/i/ebooks/pdf/clinton-siegle-2018-22.pdf

How are you doing

the humming is loud today

Is it my son was telling his girlfriend about the Mandela effect and about the cern

I was impressed that he listened and watched what I was talking to him about

He looked it up on you tube and then watched the videos about it

10/20/18, 5:36 PM

email me clintonsiegle123r@gmail.com

12/14/18, 3:01 PM

Merry Christmas, So for those traveling these past few months a list of questions to think about ie write out. Then research on your own. 1. how many trips did Trump do prior to election November 6th? 2. How many senator seats did Republicans win? 3. UK prime minster how many no confident letters were needed for a vote? 50, 48, 47, 46? 4. Did you hear that the French PM was to have vote of no confidence this Friday? 5. How many French people reported died immediately versus over time 2 or 3?

12/31/18, 8:59 AM

curious is time repeating for you?

That’s strange about a couple weeks ago I was thinking time or what?

12/31/18, 12:38 PM

yes like a tree without leaves one day has leaves the next then no leaves and now more leaves



Jan 13, 2019, 6:17 AM

curious from memory how many classmates did we have in the class of 1990?

Do you have a year book? how many are there now or not?

Jan 13, 2019, 8:35 AM

There were 304

And how many there are now I have no idea

not a 106

for our class only

class of 1990


I will recheck but I am pretty sure it was 304

Yes 1990

304 students in Colstrip for 1990?

swell I am now missing 198 people

Maybe it was 106 let me recheck

did you know 200 people more than me?

Let me check

okay next question what color was the mustang of the freaking high school black or white?

how come the mustang looks black now?' when did they change it from white? https://classreport.org/usa/mt/colstrip/chs/1990/

It was white but every year the seniors would vandalize the horse with different paint jobs so they painted it black


the issue is Montauk project Melanie. Have you listened to it? what was the final number of students for the class of 1990?


So did you find your yearbook?

you on?

Yes Brenda Mennie is gonna look in her yearbook

curious you remember me talkingabout the worlds cycling through the galaxy at 250 million years a cycle? or not?

Yes I remember

we are slowing down. the motion sickness is bad for me.


Why Does The Milky Way Rotate? - Universe Today

We live in a galaxy that is called the Milky Way. It’s called a barred spiral galaxy, which means that it has a spiral shape with a bar of stars across its middle. The galaxy is rather huge — at least 100,000 light-years in diameter, making it the second-biggest in our Local Group of galaxies. ....


expect deja vu. expect motion sickness

went to the hospital yesterday due to motion sickness. pucked my guts out

There were 97

Jan 13, 2019, 12:47 PM

so I am missing 9 people from my reality.

Do you recall Craig K, Wayne Arcane, Wayne Sherman Sherder, Julie Zeladorf, the twins that were friends with Kara Iverson,

Patti a close friend to Brenda Kron,

krista Holenbeck says Thanks!! You too!! 😊 I think just over 100.

The creepy part is I am no longer sure who is missing. Jeremy B committed suicide due to not getting into the marines, Wayne committed suicide, WayneArcan died by cancer,

Jan 13, 2019, 1:52 PM

Krista said thanks to who

Jan 13, 2019, 3:20 PM

to me

she says now she remembers 106 too

was the 97 from memory or did she count the people?

I don’t know and I don’t ever take what she says to heavy

Jan 13, 2019, 6:22 PM

just remember in one of these worlds you were best friends

laugh with me

Yes she was lol

Jan 16, 2019, 6:14 PM

That was long long ago

in fact 2 billion years if you were born on Sagitarriou arm versus orion spur

See along long time ago

makes you wonder were all the stories we told are truth or true and this is just a comical game of who recognizes whom and what do you do when you realize you are not whom you think you are

Yes it does

so you preparing for 1 20 and 21 of this month .. it is when we will travel again deeper I have a funny feeling than most.

How do you know this

how many blood moons do you remember?

Oh yeah no many

not many or a lot?

To write a story sometimes is like pulling teeth someone said, all I can say is I am having an adventure of a life, and I cannot figure out how to tell people about the alterations people perceptional modifications and well how life in general has changed to an extent that I wonder now and then what to do or say is I really here or am I dead somewhere, which is a truth for I evidently have already died if this earth is on Orion Spur and only 4.5 billion years aged, while I remember my world on the Sagittarius outer arm being 6.5 billion years-old meaning between 2 billion years, you would expect me to think of a story, for crying out loud, and yet I write about the adventure, and nothing makes sense anymore, and then I found out that another Blood Moon happens which I am sure I saw one in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and last year to say I am going to see another one this year is a bit, well how would one say it awkward is not even an extreme word to use at this point I mean when you find out your mind moves daily for example today I am sure I only had 250 Bolivians in my pocket and well I reached into to pay for something and there or here I now have

350 which is nice and I am thankful and yet that would mean I did not do something or something I did do cost less and or maybe the person soul that was in this place does not eat donuts as much as I do you know, because like I enjoy eating and well at times I have more money than I recall getting and then other times I am short some money, my wife says I lose money I say I doubt that very much for me to lose something I would have had to remember having to begin with and that is something I do not think I forget moving around in different realities brings up this situation a lot and what makes it even more horrible at times is finding out you are missing something when you had just got someplace and were planning on eating and find out your pocket where you were sure you had 20 is now 10 however there other days when I find 100 when I was only expecting 10 so I am sure it balances out however not to the extent that one would imagine because sometimes you would prefer to donate more to people and you feel awkward what happens to the next guy in this body suit does he not get to eat or am I using money planned for else whereby the next person to occupy the body making the question am I being fair to someone else´s soul or is he my soul that was just here for a moment too and is going to wonder what happened to the money either missing or provided by myself that is like a wild question at times when I figure something out it usually slips away from my memory within a few moments that is why started to write things done, then I noticed it was not all my writing which freaked me out a bit more than you would realize one could be freaked out, when you realize you are reading someone else thoughts and he is better writer than you but he is saying something you were not thinking and yet he was there and or here and how did Irealize this doodling is a hobby you realize some things are off when you recognize something you did not add to the drawing that you are adding to daily in yet a formula you were sure you copied down right in one world turns up again with an extra x and that extra bit adds an further power to 3 to a large enough equation that it did not make much of a difference in yet ten to the power of 193 to ten to the power of 197

Jan 17, 2019, 3:06 PM

Preparing to leave OrionSpur January 20 21 through June this year. Check your bible.. theris now one more outs in the bible and according to jewish lore two outs that were never known on my timeline. If you make it through the time of tribulation to wash your robes .. figured that one out with wisdom you can too. Jewish lore you can physically purify yourself it is called the one hand look it up, my translation of it is on poemhunter, and then Job lost his rights due to not believing in an afterlife. Next the quote the first will be last and last will be first.. speculation the question I always had was how could there be 200 million plus daily without number. Here the verse makes sense if you check your population figures and understand the angels will harvest wheat from the weeds story. Meaning I was confused and though wow I went through the blink of an eye and people vanished which they did and did not. They were never born in this reality. That is wild, all those aborted babies are in heaven is my guess some 500 million Chinese, and 500 Pakistanis and 80 million Americans, plus 100 million elsewhere which Deagel.com I used to compare 2016 world to here and elsewhere. What to expect the evil is great here. I was amazed that few people see it. When I point it out I usually do not last long with that group or friends. The reason you are all dead some two billion years in my reality. When you living with zombies they do not like to change their ways. The outcome of 100s of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, I figured that out also with wisdom she truly is in the streets now. Listen each world that I see a different reality it comes with a different spirit in the person I knew the day before. I would check and my spirit versus their spirit have so much less in common than you would think. We did a lot together in yet my major stories when told they do not recall them, and they have photos of me sitting in a party I have no recollection of. Meaning some of the zombies I am seeing are in heaven already and some are weeds burning in hell which is awkward which am I? Is my name in the book of life or elsewhere? That is freaking. The nice thing is the new way told in the bible. The sadness is the story continues and unless I can forgive all and forget I do not last long in heaven either. Anyways good bye, thanks for the fish and remember God, DO GOOD, stop being evil.


traveling in different realities is mything.. kidnapped in bolivia https://theprose.com/post/92852/journal-of-a-wondering-mind-through-the-multiverse?fbclid=IwAR3b2zRE_QF1Ivy8Cr-sgvmBDOPwdRgHya01slmFozH-lkev8dQbFAuLNwY sort of makes you think