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AOC and 79 democrats unveiled their plan to kill the airline's job market of 1.2 million jobs without saying where these people are to work. This does not include the 210,000 TSA positions that she has asked to remove for national-security department TSA expenses to the budget. Democrats promise to help the lower-class illegal immigrates? AOC plans to tax the oil industry to build her utopia without babies means killing all car manufacturing jobs Ford, GM, Toyato, etc., which is another 800,000 jobs without saying a word of where these people are supposed to be employed of course if they plan to manslaughter you like they butchered your children that is a marxist plan. That AOC plan is to tax the oil industry to bring about her goal of killing as many people as her marxist plan works the oil industry employees with services, drilling, refining about 1.2 million more jobs for as long as the marxist use their stated goal of destruction of capital meaning your hard-earned work and time you realize you are about to be murdered, and your future is dying. Change your vote, vote libertarian not green party because they support AOC. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/to-kill-humanity-just-make-life-to-expensive-to-live-941324154093555712 If you work with cars, airplanes, coal, or gas you should consider voting third party instead of democrats. Promises by Democrats to help the middle class?

9/28/18, 6:30 AM

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hug him. realize this time is an end time. ie if you interested read ctc time loop..

peace prayer


9/29/18, 7:56 AM

https://www.codias.com/ time to leave fb

Codias – The Conservative Social Network

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If you think this doesn't go against our Community Standards let us know. could you add all your walk away memes to my page. I am tired of downloading them. also if you want a place where you can talk without censorship. email clintonsiegle123r@gmail.com minds platform works wonders.

12/14/18, 3:01 PM

Merry Christmas, So for those traveling these past few months a list of questions to think about ie write out. Then research on your own. 1. how many trips did Trump do prior to election November 6th? 2. How many senator seats did Republicans win? 3. UK prime minster how many no confident letters were needed for a vote? 50, 48, 47, 46? 4. Did you hear that the French PM was to have vote of no confidence this Friday? 5. How many French people reported died immediately versus over time 2 or 3?

Jan 8, 2019, 10:05 AM

The blood moon happens 2019 January 21st.. Now how many times do you remember that happening? The toad of truth speaks The fact that 150-200 million were murdered by marxists in the 20th Century should indicate it is not "Morally correct" Think time space light coned or squared Sagittarius to Orion Spur 2 billion years expectation a bit more will happen or is happening.

Jan 14, 2019, 5:14 PM

speed of galay increased from yesterday.. jan 20 21 be prepared could be another billion years we see.

Jan 16, 2019, 6:17 AM

Jan 17, 2019, 3:06 PM

Preparing to leave OrionSpur January 20 21 through June this year. Check your bible.. theris now one more outs in the bible and according to jewish lore two outs that were never known on my timeline. If you make it through the time of tribulation to wash your robes .. figured that one out with wisdom you can too. Jewish lore you can physically purify yourself it is called the one hand look it up, my translation of it is on poemhunter, and then Job lost his rights due to not believing in an afterlife. Next the quote the first will be last and last will be first.. speculation the question I always had was how could there be 200 million plus daily without number. Here the verse makes sense if you check your population figures and understand the angels will harvest wheat from the weeds story. Meaning I was confused and though wow I went through the blink of an eye and people vanished which they did and did not. They were never born in this reality. That is wild, all those aborted babies are in heaven is my guess some 500 million Chinese, and 500 Pakistanis and 80 million Americans, plus 100 million elsewhere which Deagel.com I used to compare 2016 world to here and elsewhere. What to expect the evil is great here. I was amazed that few people see it. When I point it out I usually do not last long with that group or friends. The reason you are all dead some two billion years in my reality. When you living with zombies they do not like to change their ways. The outcome of 100s of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, I figured that out also with wisdom she truly is in the streets now. Listen each world that I see a different reality it comes with a different spirit in the person I knew the day before. I would check and my spirit versus their spirit have so much less in common than you would think. We did a lot together in yet my major stories when told they do not recall them, and they have photos of me sitting in a party I have no recollection of. Meaning some of the zombies I am seeing are in heaven already and some are weeds burning in hell which is awkward which am I? Is my name in the book of life or elsewhere? That is freaking. The nice thing is the new way told in the bible. The sadness is the story continues and unless I can forgive all and forget I do not last long in heaven either. Anyways good bye, thanks for the fish and remember God, DO GOOD, stop being evil.