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speculation continued


To do this

To do this they manipulated people, places, and things via portals. They changed history, whether you believe me or not. This changed history brought about advances in humanity to the point where a created machine could challenge the creator in a copy, paste manner. The computer can answer thoughts and reads emotions to a great extent.

It can also play a considerable scenario game. The results is a bit less desired. You see the computer was asked for humanity to survive not flourish. To survive the computer has decided that humanity is best served in a zoo. That amount of people in the zoo roughly 500 million. Now if it was a good zoo it would take the percentages of races and use that as the humanity base. Nevertheless, these computers are American, and the question was asked more along the lines of saving the US humanity. Thus instead of a diverse population, only certain races were included in this zoo.

What does that mean? When I show you, these links realize if your race is not part of the data points on population reduction by the year 2025 your race was not to be added into the zoo. Meaning you are being eliminated whether you like it or not.



http://www.deagel.com/country/Israel_c0100.aspx check to see if your race might not exist. Europe is not part of the scenario I saw existing in 2025.

another speculation

WE have all been robbed. If you can imagine the Treasury department does not know where 9 trillion dollars went- 9 trillion from the social security fund that has not been legally stolen by the federal government via US treasury note paid by guess accurate the private company named the Federal reserved; who you guessed correct print imaginary money to make inflation or deflation depending on their own media explanation of what is happening to the economy which they manipulate via computer algorisms by buying and selling stocks for pennies. The sadness of these sock puppets PBS report is if you calculate that fanciful meaning nothing is what backing the money, then nothing has really been stolen exception is that the Federal Reserve again; a private company now has 4.5 trillion dollars or assets, which mean properties that they stole legal from TARP. So stealing imaginary money equates to reality real property transfer meaning someone got screwed.

• Next sock puppets report a question not answered so far how many US Americans are hostages by ISIS? 1 or 1000? So far, the state department, media, and white horse have not answered the question. Mr. Ed however, the horse has at least clopped to 35 giving that he at least knows how to count to 35 we can believe he at least knows a number, but as soon as the Sock puppet asked how he know the NSA arrested him for counting wrong per Common Core mathematics.

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