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Speculation CENSORSHIP

Access Denied.. Facebook, Cosmofunnel.com, and poetry all have decided my stories are to be censored. That I am rewriting and looking at my past history means a lot to me. I was kidnapped from my mother in laws house on May 19 2016. From that date on I have seen the mountains, south america, and plaents change. This is my memory. We were to run into our next galaxy in 365000 years. 1000 years equate to 1 day of Jah or Gods year, and we were going to see a new galaxy within the milky way within one year time wise of God. I wrote about this dealing with planet x destruction of earth ever 1700 years r so.. Noah flood, Joseph drought, China east other half of china 500 AD This worlds color is orange. historically I am sure mongolia was never part of China in my world. The development of civilization without key events I wonder about at times. Such events Abe Lincoln, World Wars, communism, Junkers in Germany makes perception of this world a bit more of an oddity. You see Space or mass equals time multiplied by light squared. The light frequency is changing I can tell you that. The time, I remember 365000 years was when we should be running into our next galaxy. Here it is 4 billion years that is a lot of time. Patterns in the universe means this earths pattern has been and is growing differently. My world 8.5 billion this world will reach that number in 8 years if numbers work out. So what has changed cosmofunnel has censored me so my 18 points of hey is this the world I was in yesterday or not are missing. However yesterday and today the floor tile in the bathroom has changed just enough that I know I was not here three days ago at least. Justification am I good or bad. If bad why this long life, ie 4 billion years is a bit more than 6 days for Jah or God gave the earth. However, is it happening on a disk like universe where the older worlds could not see the inner center of the galaxy and did not know or did not state to my knowledge that there is a black hole eating the galaxy. What I do find funny is there is more than 180 degrees on some worlds meaning instead of expanding the galaxy is shrinking on those worlds. What makes me wonder and wander in my mind more is why. Why the pattern why am I seeing the worlds, I can speculate.. Hey Clint do you want to go on an adventure with room service. I could see myself signing away my life for a trip to a different world. The issue no money so getting to see a new La Paz each day is a limited venture and seeing history and geographical changed on a globe or map google is fun but not what I would have thought as a trip. That brings up did I sign up or was I stolen. I think stolen. I have found five others. One tells a wild story of 78 79 being on floor Black Child. Another tells a wild story of time travel wars that makes me wonder. Both nuts like me or better imagination. Either way how does one make a living when the room spins around him ever chance it gets. A new years story for you.. hope you enjoy.. a speculation piece... Centuries later, Jeremiah used the same terminology when he referred to the Tribulation. He called it “the time of Jacob’s distress” (Jeremiah 30:7). In like manner, Daniel called it “the time of distress,” and he prophesied it would be the worst period of trouble in the history of the Jewish people (Daniel 12:1). Malachi stated it would be a time of refining for the Jews, as when silver is purified by fire (Malachi 3:1-4). And Zechariah used the same imagery when he prophesied that two-thirds of the Jewish people will perish during this time. Of the remnant remaining, he wrote, “I [the Lord] will bring the third part through the fire [and] refine them as silver is refined…” (Zechariah 13:8-9). If you read the montauk project you wonder what it is that they did with 25 million people and time travel. the speculation is that they moved their minds between worlds to stop the verse that says each souls will be reunited wth their body at the day of judgment. 2 Corinthians 5:10

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad. Meaning time wise the chances are great your body you remember back on say home planet is dead. The next speculation comes on aliens or Lam evil demeaned people living outside of Jah or God´s will, that htey come back to try to figure ouot how to continue to live means theya re at an end and no longer exist on that timeline. ie meaning according to jewish lore this is the seventh world and an end to everything is to be expected. To those that dream of a chance without Jah or God.. I note that he is the beginning and end. New International Version

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

and that I am living backwards see prior speculation on hair growth attempts to change reality, influence current reality. Meaning we are watching the great tribulation and personally I have seen. “You will know when that time is approaching because the seasons will change so the only way you will know the seasons is by the leaves on the trees.” This “not knowing the seasons except by the leaves” concept is not biblical. In fact, there are verses in the Bible. What have I personally seen trees without leaves one day and leaves the next, flowers in bloom one day and gone the next. So the reality of a question am I damned or not. For the past few days I am seeking more than I use to. The humming is back harder and some dreams are more then a dilemna or dilemma for me. Since there is a universe of parallel worlds why me. My life of opportunities I see myself as a failure. I lost my business 08, lost my career 13, lost my foot 14, my mind which I think is lost 16, and all my personal friends and family 16. You might say they are with you. Forgive me, I make friends seldom and even if my wife on my world was mean to me I loved her. I do not hug my wife any more. It feels difficult. However the verse 28Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, in the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for the sake of My name will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life. 30But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.… you can not tell me Jesus did not know of parallel worlds with his statement if you confess Jesus is lord, confess your sins and follow Jesus you are part of him. speculation is Montauk project is awkwardly the tribulation.


Censored lately.. If you have a list. I would enjoy thinking about what is going on. Speculation deja vu or many opportunities are at hand. If you look at your hand you will notice that lines are all different from day to day. Sometimes with more lines and or less. Opportunity of the body you are in is awkwardly being used to move souls, and minds from one world to another again speculation. Diane Francis if I read and listen correctly to Montauk Project this movement should last until 2025 or after when the US would have been destroyed or is destroyed on other parallel worlds. My world differently did not survive. The microwaves that are all around us and nanotechnology to control thoughts and emotions on my world were less noticeable or non existing meaning no microwave humming during the night. Microwaves are part of the Montauk project story which I do believe is playing out here and now on these different worlds. They reduced the population, changed the frequency of the sun with an actual space fence, and use microwave frequencies to control people emotions. CERN there are like 21 of them here which is being used to transfer souls from one place to another. Why I thought it was an unending knot ie the bible states that peoples souls will be with their bodies on judgment day. The issue if the soul has been placed elsewhere and is moving through 10 to the power of 197 potential worlds the end of humanity will or would be stopped. Meaning there is a Germany timeline, there is a timeline with Mandela dying at the hands of Sadam, there is a timeline where Obama truly visited 57 out of 58 states, there is a timeline mine where Abe Lincoln was a senator, there are potentials of all these with a variety ie house color is changed from blue to green meaning everyone lived so close a life that unless they were keeping track of small stuff they would not know that the people that are with them are complete strangers. Meaning none of the stories told are the same. Loki Mischiouf what stories do you remember. They are not the same stories I remember from my world. 1. What color is your sun. 2. Where is your heart located. 3. Shakespeare myth or man. 4. South America where was it located. 5. Population of your earth. 6. Robots functioning or not. 7. Mars or Venus second plent from the sun. 8. Abe Lincoln senator or representative. 9. JFK limo how many people in it and what color was it. 10. Tyre capital of Phoenicians or only a town mentioned in the Bible for trees sent for the temple. 11. Italy north to south or titled. speculation.. To my Mandela effected friend reality shift. Music frequency has changed dramatically

The he sun is no more. It is a huge solar panel

. The sun changed 2003.they unzipped the earth. We are no where near the orbit of the sun.. December 1, 2016 ·

This is where I came from.. “Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.” A quote from a person I rather suspect was not from this world Douglas Adams. I do not know where you guys are from. Hi my name is Clinton R. Siegle. I was kidnapped to another earth May 18th, 2016. I am just about to make a discovery of a life time in another group when wola I was ceremonial disavowed and singly removed from Mandela Effect. I come from a yellow sun world some 86000 light years away. My listing looking for a person from my world to see if it is still there or if I am really dead like my shrink says and I need to read Brian Weiss books on after life. or if my believe in parallel worlds and being mind swapped is a better solution to a mind blowing problem for a guy that biggest event in his life was trying to figure out how to rhyme bad poetry.

August 15, 2016 ·

The desire to write what I just saw is great. I am not sure how to exactly. The information is a bit odd and not what I expected. Let me explain it to you in a way of a game. Welcome to earth it just might be a spirit prison. The players are numerous and the design complex. On the one hand we have a deity that creates and fires Adam for eating on the job. The deity then floods the world because he allows his sons to have sex. The deity then is concerned about humanity having power so the deity confuses the languages of the world. Next we have demons etc. Their role is to get free from their prison which is even less than earth. To do this their creator speculation here tricks humanity into eating a fig creating sexuality, and providing Nimrod or Babylon an option to attack heaven in a form of a portal tower. At which point said deity was concerned that humanity would become like us. Next aliens believe it or not. Where did they come from and who are responsible for them in this game play.. I have some ideas. The serpent story says they were first and that they were care takers of the garden prior to Adam. So spiritaulity dragons might have been here before man. The significance is that they grew and power and a new gardener in the image of a deity was needed. Next Greys another alien race which at one point had a soul but due to cloning has lost that spirituality. The first tales I read showed they were trying to find their sexuality to reproduce because cloning can only go so far and then the genes break and the last tale was they were creating hybrids with humans to get back their spirituality. Next an AI comes along to try to control the world. I have seen this in action within searchs and other unique televisión programs interactions with humanity. I do not believe people realize the extent of its control on humanity right this momento. The issue here is the AI could go Terminator like or due to a time travel loop with the Wingfinder could take over humanity and limit their exploration to earth and the population to 500 million in total. Meaning Star Wars and Star Trek fans this game play puts you on earth forever without reaching the stars. Now humanity enters into the game. Montauk project is the humans usage of portals to travel in a multiverse where other probabilities have occurred. The chance to succeed happens. The difference is some of the eviler multiverse decide to steal other multiverses chairs and take their materials without consent. A little more on this. When I started searching for what had happen to me there was no Montauk project in my world. There was no Peter Moon, etc. Meaning I come from a world where the people forgot what happened. The gold train that carried 10 billion in gold in my world had less than 1 billion and that was used by the Nazi just before I left the Panama papers were released showing how Nazis moved the gold around in the 70s. Meaning that Montauk project stole history and other items from one world and brought it to their own. They continue to do this today. The first few trips outside of my room I was amazed at the technology advances and the richness of the world. It did not dawn on me until now what I was seeing was the theif of property. Next CERN which creators were part of the Montauk project trying to open a portal to the demon world for humanity to be controlled by demons. This part is evil in that instead of helping humanity grow and reach the stars and populate the universe the goal is to reduce the worlds population to keep the game of humanity on earth and not explorer the stars. Star Trek and Star War fans should be against being enslaved. Next comes an ideology that goes back to the idea that all spirits are on earth are prisoners of sometype not just of the original deity but of some greater deity. Speculation on travelling the parallel worlds universe has become a hobby. I know I know.. Seeing new housing, new paint, new personalities much the same each day makes me wonder. Am I crazy. You can only kick so many columns, check paint of cars, and count cars so many times tothink. Is this purgatory. am I being tested to see if i should end up in heaven or hell. Now that is a real question is there a heaven or hell. In which case I believe yes. Christ is King, and I confess I have evil in my life tha tI try and confess daily. Beyond that. why is south america 2400 miles east of where I was or why is the weather colder or why is senator Abe lincoln now only a representative. Time Travel, no that would mean you fixed the past. Seeing the parallel worlds prior to this and changing that. Possibility however the chances that outside parallel realms changing humanities history to test as scenerios is possible. Are they closer to the black hole in the center of the galaxy. I would say yes. Their timeline is slowed down to see which produces a better outcome. however that means some how they fight God and win which I find hard to believe. Rationale his statement I am the beginning and the end. If some one can make the beginning of a story, and the end of the story everything between those two points is rather an adventure however if you end at the smae points why have the adventure meaning out of all the outcomes I have or could have had why is there so many mes here in South America versus a journalist or a editor or a movie star or maybe some one else. that is a question that means that all my dreams are potentially truth. How so. Jesus Christ points this out in the story of do not think of a woman for sexual pleasure for you commited adultary. If I think and that makes the new reality possible does ntat not mean allmy wild ideas or do nt hate for htat is murder also is potental making the question as to how does a person survive on that planet long enough to cross that existence. Meaning for ever option tha tI have or could have had how did I not cross over sooner and become either a superhero or a villain. I could see myself as either one. Just a traaveler that can see and report stuff is not much of a way to got. Ender thepirate wandering the universe has an oddity to ask. In my world I knew that north korea had only one embassy with Switzerland and no one else. reasons 1 pastor captured by north korea us had to speak with the switzerland for his release only nation with an embassy. here there is a whole world of embassies. there does not seem to be as many people still missing 1.2 billion people starting May 18 2016 however you have not grown so missing only 800 million people, so the question is what were those people doing on my world while not doing on this world. or specifically if I have a plus 1.2 billion, nevertheless not the same opportunities what did those people do in my world. or how is it they are doing it here in this word what are their alternative selves doing on my world. you say what are you doing that you were not doing on your world.. that is easy. however it is not a big deal for me. now the question reality is how many worlds are there.

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Death of humanity There are speculative stories to be told. Then eath of humanity. Let me start with an old story and bring it up to date.

There is an alien deity. Whose ability is in numbers and gaming. You can read more about him here. https://youtu.be/PqN_2jDVbOU?t=5 CIA taking things from other universes.

Let me put forth a scenerio. The ability to do without the end of days. Forever keeping the creator from fulfilling a storyline on this branch of the tree of life. Keeping the deity at time plus one.

There is an end to humanity written and then there are unwritten ends to humanity. Le tus start with an unwritten end of humanity.

A computer taking control of the world. An alien deity if you must stopping humanity from growing, and stopping the end of the world scenrio we are fimilar with in the Bible.

How does this occur. That story is about a basic assumption. World War II did the west win against Germany or did another timeline happen.

I will let you read that at the bottom of this story.https://cosmofunnel.com/stories/the-of-humanity-95971

The story I am telling is one where a Quantum computer controls humanities outcome to the end of humanity. It genetically changes history but eliminating people it deems unnessary to its timeline. How wars in history. In my timeframe the civil war between 545,485 people died. Here this timeline history shows close to a million people.

What does that do it reducing humanity and provides a better class of richer worlds. In my reality there were 8.6 billion people. Here I am not sure last time I checked there were 7.3 billion people. Meaning you are missing 1.3 billion people. Same economic growth just less people. More technology advancements. I thought Israel was 12 million people in my timeline I recall the question was there more Jews in Israel or US combined states.

This timeline is still playing out three scenrios that it knows about but there is now two additional being played.

The first is humanities attempt to bring about the end of the world through bibical means. This one is almost assured failure at present. The call of Christian prayers being denied getting through to heaven has been going on for a long time. Between the sound of silence brought by Tibetians to the US and being used via radar etc the end of world scenrio is slowing being detsroyed along with humanity.

By using this mans work http://www.andersoninstitute.com/time-warped-fields.html some how all prayers to heaven have been put on hold. You believe your prayers are being answered. And they are just when the time is released your angels instead of fighting evil are sent to help you and end heaven. In game play you have an order of assignments all past need to be fulfilled prior to helping present. If all humanities prayers have been withheld for say 28 or 38 years all those angels that were suppose to be fighting evil are going to help fix your past issues. Your prayers get answered at the expense of heavens destruction.

The use of these machines https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/1941 creating silence or the sound of silence withholds prayers to heaven. How or why ask a tibitean monk. I am not sure how all I can say is your prayers will be answered only at the cost of heaven.

Why you ask. The quantum computer was asked to make humanity survive. The first few scenrios was a waterworld ie they actually built huge survival ships in China. A ice age world they built huge underground áreas to survive an ever lasting Winter. The thid outcome was how to stall the ending of the universe here by stopping heaven from coming to earth.

If you work with cars, airplanes, coal, or gas you should consider voting third party instead of democrats. Promises by Democrats to help the middle class? AOC and 79 democrats unveiled their plan to kill the airlines job market of 1.2 million jobs without saying where these people are to work. This does not include the 210,000 TSA positions that she has asked to remove for national-security department TSA expenses to the budget. Democrats promise to help the lower-class illegal immigrates? AOC plan to tax the oil industry to build her utipia without babies means killing all car manufacturing jobs Ford, GM, Toyato, etc which is another 800,000 jobs without saying a word of where these people are supposed to be employed of course if they plan to manslaughter you like they butchered your children that is a marxist plan. That AOC plan is to tax the oil industry to bring about her goal of killing as many people as her marxist plan works the oil industry employees with services, drilling, refining about 1.2 million more jobs for as long as the marxist use their stated goal of destruction of capital meaning your hard-earned work and time you realize you are about to be murdered, and your future is dying. Change your vote, vote libertarian not green party because they support AOC. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/to-kill-humanity-just-make-life-to-expensive-to-live-941324154093555712