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TheTrollHunterOct 11, 2018, 2:50:30 PM

Government trolls use psychology-based influence techniques in social media.

There has been a recent attack on "Freedom Of Speech Rights" and humanity by certain Shills "Truth Terrorists" AKA CAKU (1 of the biggest shill division) whose soul purpose is to trawl the Internet in search of activists/Truthers and target any person(s) that are beginning to awaken and question the world governments, corrupt enterprises and corporations alike, and of course, stop them by any means necessary ! CAKU are a well known infamous paid government shills, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill) they are a dangerous and ruthless gang of stalkers who will stop at nothing to convince you that the government and mainstream media are reporting nothing but the "Truth" (This of course is more lies/deceit and corruption). Make no mistakes CAKU are government confidence tricksters or swindlers who pose as a genuine people to entice or encourage others.

CAKU will go to great lengths to suppress the "Real" truth. To achieve this CAKU hunt in packs. First they choose a group, normally targeting such groups as a "geo-engineering groups" where members are still trying to educate themselves of the real going-ons in today world

(BTW Geo-Engineering is everything to worry about). They then infiltrate the groups by portraying to be an activist/truther/sympathizer. Once in, they gain the trust of the Admin panel before slowly moving up the hierarchy, playing a good "Game". Once a CAKU mole/badger is made Admin, He/She will then proceed to silence the original Admin (normally by deletion) before adding hundreds of their own Shill members to the group. They then use widely utilized diplomatic tactics such as "Controlled Opposition" to lead the masses back into their "sheeple state" by cherry picking who stays in the groups, and verbally destroying anyone left in the group that still questions their beliefs.

It is in all group members best interests not to question CAKU, In doing so, One could jeopardize ones very livelihood. CAKU would gang insult you, mass threaten you, your kids, your family, collectively verbally destroy you with profanity and severe bullying before finally branding you a terrorist and mass reporting your profile, have you blocked, deleted shut out of facebook or whatever social platform you so happen to be on.

Groups CAKU might attack would be such things as Globalists, Vaccinations, Homeopathy, Chemtrails, The tobacco industry, GMOs, Cannabis, Population Control, Big Pharma, Geo-engineering, Fluoride, Holistic Doctor groups/pages.

This is a message from "Laurel Green Needle"

[Truth Protector and Shill/Troll Hunter]

We can achieve this by spreading awareness and allowing the public to live happier healthier Troll free lives.

"Dimming Troll for a brighter future"


So far to date there are 30+ 'known' active CAKU and Badger Groups (That we are aware of). Avoid at all costs ! Be careful people enter at your own pearl.

CAKU Groups:



Bagder Groups



CAKU Pages



CAKU Main Admin



CAKU User Profiles



CAKU: Operation Exposure [Down The Rabbit Hole With CAKU]



Badger User Profiles



Quick Access Blacklisted URLS



I have also provided Direct URLS (links) to their Profiles here:


and i will be updating this regularly.


CAKU will target the following known groups or topics

• Terrorism

• Agenda 21

• Agenda 2030

• Agenda 2050

• Depopulation

• Bill gates

• Vaccines

• Holistic Doctors

• Big pharma

• Oil industry

• Dews (Direct energy weapons)

• Cancer cures suppressed,

• Chemtrails

• Weather Modification

• Glyphosate

• Solar Radiation management

• Rockefellers

• Rotschilds, Royals

• Vatican church

• Living on "The grid",

• Organic goods

• Synthetic drugs

• 5G


• Harrp

• Georgia Guide stones.

• Synthetic foods

• Flouride,

• Cannabis


• Law enforcement

• Monsanto

• GMOs

• Tobacco

• Alcohol

• Fossil fuels

• Cancer

• Bankers

• Globalists

• War.

• The drugs trade

• The education system



• Snowden

• Julian

• Wikileaks

• Assasinations of people in power


• Pineal Gland

• ThirdEye

• Cognitive Dissonance


Other Channels Of Interest




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