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My First 3 Days On Minds

immayhemAug 29, 2018, 7:36:11 PM

I get it now, its all about feeling like your getting something from hanging out and all the time you spend, ahem... waste on social networks.

Everyone Wins, Everyone Gets Something With Minds

This is definitely the future - whether you are a business looking for leads, more traffic to your sites, or just a regular person that wants more people to hear your voice, this is the place.

So in a nutshell - because i know you want to get to liking and reminding, and commenting your way to traffic and cash...

Here's the skinny, this is why you want to spend more time here.

All I have done for 3 days or 5 MAX but i have really been inactive for the last 2, all I did was find interesting conversations, comment, like and dislike exactly like I would on any other social site...

But Here Is The Kicker...

4 Days on Minds and I can reach 3,000 users... Mind Blowing!

I can reach 3,000 people right now on day 4 for FREE! imagine if I actually got serious... believe me i will. No censorship, no stealing traffic, just pure unadulterated social traffic. The way it should be.

What are you doing here? Make sure to check out my channel here https://www.minds.com/immayhem and don't forget to subscribe when your there!  #minds #crypto #network #traffic.

Your not on minds yet please get on it here https://www.minds.com/