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yes - frequency machines work

cryptonuts and boltsJun 25, 2018, 12:12:57 AM

This is a short story of our success with treating a 82 year old woman who suffered from severe stomach infection.

The island up north, where we arrived three weeks ago, is small and really pretty and everybody seems to know each other. M., an old friend and student of the doctor, built a backpackers in which we were allowed to stay for free for two weeks. It is full of plants, animals and amazing vibes and one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. Many tourists and travelers stop here for two days to check out the nearby pyramids. As a thank you, we treat all the workers for free with our machines and treatments.

In the beginning we always earn some skepticism about our alternative methods and the strange looking machines - we are so not "doctor" like. Many of the indigenous here have never seen anything like that and are thus a little bit afraid of getting electrocuted with the two metal bars that are linked to the little "spooky2" blue box which is linked to our computers. We encounter similar reactions when spraying our nano colloidal silver all across the room and our faces and tell them it is just like water - they expect it to be a horrible tasting medicine. They normally start to trust us though as soon as we hold those bars in our own hands and drink some of the spray with a big smile on our face.

Our work is actually pretty simple. We just go around the hostel and ask all the workers about their current state of life and tell them they should visit our "hospital" after work. Mostly, they show up in groups and are somewhat timid. The doctor told me over and over, that they are much more right brain dominant compared to the western world, which is mainly focused on their left brain activities (left brain: logic, rationality, structure - right brain: creativity, joy, fun, movement).

As soon as they enter, the doctor jumps into his role as Dr. Gato, the cat doctor, asking for his fried rats with french fries and ketchup, which he likes so much, even though their fur always upsets his stomach pretty badly. They always laugh really hard. It helps breaking the ice and gives them a feeling of security. People here fear the doctor somewhat because it can be a sign of illness and bad news thus it helps to show them whenever we make a fool out of ourselves and make them laugh - it is what they understand. I am learning to be a silly me, because they don't like those serious "gringo-doctors" as they "suck on lemons".

treating an indigenous woman

We set up our frequency machine, called spooky2 (that's actually its name), by plugging the two bars in and starting the software. Mostly, when there isn't any acute illness, we run universal frequencies, that seem to help against 80% of all problems and illnesses (727Hz, 787Hz, 880Hz). They come and hold the bars for about 20 minutes, while we treat the waiting ones with tuning forks, zero point crystals or bach flowers while the cat doctor keeps everyone entertained with stories about all kinds of things.

The last three days, we treated our neighbor who is 82 and suffers from severe stomach problems. She is trying to get rid of her pain and the bad bacterias for months now with several pills, but nothing seemed to work. The first time we met her, she was all white and pale in her face and was too weak to either talk or stand upright for too long. She didn't do work around the house and seemed tired of life. During the nights she couldn't sleep because her stomach was so upset and the pain was too much. She constantly craved food but as soon as she ate something, her stomach instantly hurt and she would end up vomiting the whole night. One night the pain went over into her arm and chin, which made us really concerned that she could have a heart attack.

We started to treat her with the frequency machine, twice a day. We ran frequencies for gastritis, digestion problem, intestinal issues and the universal numbers. Parallel, we gave her a bottle of water with a few drops of MMS (miracle mineral solution) or CDS (chlorine-dioxide-solution). It is a mix of chloride dioxide and citrus acid mixed together and then mixed with water. On top of that, we gave her a magnet pulsation therapy, in order to help kill the bad bacteria in her stomach.

After four days of consistent treatment she is doing much better than she did before. Her stomach pain is completely gone, which makes it able for her to sleep. She got much more color in her face and seems much lighter. Today, when we went over and treated her and another 7 indigenous people for free, she was already up, had breakfast and cracked jokes. She smiled at us and even started to sit-dance in her chair holding the two bars in her hand - we all laughed really hard.

treating the old lady - whos smile grew every day

I know that this might all sound to good to be true, but I saw it with my own eyes and am stunned by the results of how quick these machines and treatments cured what a bunch of pills were supposed to do, but didn't do for months..

After treating her, we also gave free treatments to the indigenous lady, who comes over every day with her daughter and granddaughter to sell some fruits and vegetables. They just got robbed a couple of days ago, so we treated them with some relaxation frequencies and did some psychological work. The cat doctor made them laugh by telling them that I was kissing indigenous gals and they got jealous and that I am a helpless romantic. He then said that even in the bible Jesus says that laughing is the best medicine as it provides the body with serotonin. They laughed real hard while I tried to hide my face behind my shirt.

indigenous girl that experienced a gun robbery

This is what we like to do and I am happy to share with you one of our successful experiences! I really look forward to blog more and in details about the healings we experience, the joy we can give to these people and the suffering we can stop.

As of today, in order to give an accurate treatment, we have to go through the software to search frequencies out of a database of over 46'000 frequencies and then pick the ones that sound best. This can make work time consuming and not always efficient, because we don't know the exact issue of the illness (kind of bacteria etc.) and thus have to run several frequencies as we guess the bacteria.

But there is help to solve this problem!

There are new machines called spooky2 Generation X. These machines would help us to diagnose people within 7 minutes through a bio feedback, which would give us an exact picture of the illness and thus would make the treatments much more efficient. We could diagnose around 20 people per hour and simultaneously treat the same amount of people with our three machines we already have - but much more efficiently as we can hit the illness straight away, thanks to the bio-feedback diagnose.

this is us

this is us

Thank you very much

we really appreciate every help we receive and I know the people here do so too! Walking in faith we don't charge indigenous people and live from what people and travelers give us. I am very thankful to be part of this and feel the joy in my heart when I see people heal after years of suffer - a joy, I never found when perceiving my own luck just for myself.

Much love - the cryptonuts

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