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Sharia Law Brotherhood and Order of Hashashins

Luminous⚖️SovereignJun 20, 2018, 3:31:18 PM

The Islamic supremacist and rapper Jay Electronica is a top masonic cult leader in the Nation of Islam and Five Percent Nation. The Nation of Islam is like an Americanized and Masonic version of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Nation of Islam was founded in Detroit, Michigan. The Dearborn Mosque in Michigan is run by the Muslim Brotherhood and using proxy groups that have been promoting Sharia law in the United States. The Five Percenters and Fruit of Islam operate like the modern day Hashashins or Assassins. Five Percenters teach Supreme Mathematics which is a form of numerology. Masons used numerology for architecting their mind control programs. These groups are also connected with Islamic and black supremacist groups like the Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

Jay Electronica dated Kate Rothschild and resided in London for a period of time where he was trained by the British Knights Templar Freemasons in advanced Solomon witchcraft and mind control. The Nation of Islam and Five Percenters share similar ideologies as the Muslim Brotherhood which is a Sunni organization founded in Egypt. Mohamed Al-Fayed is a Egyptian billionaire that set up his business operations in Italy and London. Several high level British peers work with Islamic business men like the Grosvenor and Percy families. The Templars worked with the Masonic al-Ḥashashin or Assassins during the Crusades.

Occult means hidden or secret. They are occultic assassins. Abdallah Bin Bayyah is Saudi Arabia’s top Sufi occultist. Five Percenters are modern day Assassins and many of their agents are murderous and target white people and especially target white women. The Arab royal families and merchants were known for sex trafficking of European and African women. Arab and Berber Barbary pirates kidnapped European women for sex slaves and sold them in Africa and the Mid East.

Jay Electronica is an admitted member of the Five Percenters and Nation of Islam which are Islamic-Black supremacist groups. Jay Electronica changed his name from Timothy Elpardo Thedford to Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah. Jay Electronica’s girlfriend is Erykah Badu who is a follower of Farrakhan, had Allah tattooed on her, and said “I saw something good in Hitler.”

Adolf Hitler was allied with some Muslims during WWII and one of the founders of the Nazi ideology was Rudolf von Sebottendorf a convert to Islam and Sufi occultist. Jay Electronica is signed to Jay Z’s Roc-Nation and uses the name Jay for Jay Z who is also a member of the Nation of Islam and a top boss of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Jay Z is worth over 800 million. The organized crime group AVLN was founded in Chicago and was financed by the Rockefeller family through a grant. The Nation of Islam is also headquartered in Chicago. This is why Jay Z calls his record company Roc-a-fella. Jay Z is the top crime boss of the AVLN and involved in money laundering, criminal financing and domestic terrorism.

Jay Electronica is a Muslim, member of the Nation of Islam, and has connections with the Rothschild family. The French Rothschild family are intermarried with the Aldobrandini family of Rome. The name Aldobrandini derives from the Arabic word Aldebaran and they have an Arabic ancestry from the Moorish invasion.

The Moors invaded Europe and were involved in the sex trafficking of European women as a continuation of the Arab slave trade. Moors were mostly Arabs and Berbers and used some non Arab Africans as mercenaries. The Black Nobility of Rome, the Rothschild family, and House of Saud are all working together and directing and financing various secret societies, organized crime, and supremacist groups. The link between all of these groups is occultism and satanism. Pope Benedict XVI has a Moor on his papal coat of arms and was good friends with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. When they had a meeting at the Vatican they were holding hands. The House of Saud are Sunni Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood and they basically share the exact ideologies of imposing their religious Sharia law as state law.

Jay Electronica has been teaching other rappers and members of these groups the more advanced mind control techniques he learned while in London. Wiz Khalifa takes his stage name from the Arabic word Khalifa which is also the name of the current ruling family of Bahrain with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Wiz is for wizard. Their sorcery is mind control. Jay Electronica who thinks he is Allah is extremely murderous and destructive. Erykah Badu is highly trained in voodoo witchcraft and very sadistic. They are involved in satanic sexual ritual abuse and mind control and they specifically target white people.

They are also involved in murder, persecution, and organized crime through covert methods. The Nation of Islam is ran by the millionaire Louis Farrakhan who is an FBI COINTELRPO agent and part of the FBI’s Project Megiddo. Farrakhan is like the Islamic and black version of David Duke. COINTELPRO is about the FBI using their agents to infiltrate political and religious groups as a means to radicalize them. COINTELPRO is considered a criminal operation carried out by elements in the FBI.

Their goal is Armageddon or a Holy War in the US. The Nation of Islam also has a paramilitary division called the Fruit of Islam. David Muhammad is another high level member of the Nation of Islam. Barack Obama was knighted by the House of Saud and frequently used drones for targeted killings of Shia Muslims and enemies of the House of Saud in Yemen. Barack Obama implied he has Muslim faith in an interview. Obama and his friend LeBron James are high level Islamic-Shriner Freemasons.

The Saudi royal family use the Muslim Brotherhood as a proxy and the Muslim Brotherhood uses the Nation of Islam and Five Percenters as their proxies. Members of black supremacist groups and Islamic supremacist groups are also being financed to spread racial division as a form of divide and conquer. Jay Z finances and directs shills in liberal media channels like CNN. Mid Eastern billionaires funnel their wealth through Mid East banks based in Geneva, Switzerland where bank accounts are private like Arab Bank, NBAD Private Bank, NBK Bank, and QNB Bank and then use US based investment companies like BlackRock Investment to mask transactions through foreign shell companies. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ second cousin in law is Margarita Louis Dreyfus of Switzerland and her boyfriend is Philipp Hildebrand the Vice Chairman of BlackRock which is headquartered in NYC.

The Dreyfus clan came into Europe during the Moorish invasion known as Marranos or half-Jews which were Babylonian Horite-Sephardics. The Egyptian Sawiris family are worth around 36 billion and have global enterprises and operations in Switzerland. The Mansour family are Egyptian billionaires and all three brothers went to school in the United States. There is no one to investigate the Arab billionaire royals who rule their own nations and that is why they are used for money laundering and making criminal payoffs.

Wealthy millionaires and billionaires like Jay Z often use their large amount of wealth to mask the money laundering and criminal transactions. This group is a greater threat to America than ISIS. There is a plot involving criminal and occultic organizations within Islam that want to destabilize the United States and take it over. The Muslim Brotherhood, Nation of Islam, and Five Percenters are radical Islamic supremacists and terrorist organizations. The House of Saud and their allies in the UAE and other Sunni-Arab nations are the ones behind Islamic fascism. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and his brother Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud are the primary leaders of this group.

I don’t want to go too much in depth in this article, I mainly want to inspire people to think critically and to sow some seeds.

-- As Usual:  Do your own research.

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