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The EU passed Article 13. But in tragedy there is opportunity.

jroselandJun 20, 2018, 10:46:36 AM

This morning I watched with baited breath as this very stuffy looking group of European politicians approved article 11 (the link tax) and article 13 (the copyright filtering).

I was steaming mad for about 10 minutes but then I chose to look for the silver lining. I hope you'll do the same.

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Nobody is really sure what this means yet. Apparently there's possibility of it being appealed in Plenary vote

How are they going to enforce it?

When will it be enforced?

How is going to effect people outside the EU?

Can it be circumnavigated by using a VPN?

How is the copyright filter going to be implemented technically?

Is big tech going to push back on it? I bet some are!

Even though I'm not a European citizen I made some effort to influence democracy; I had a couple of my European friends contact their MPs.

A Prediction 

If the censorship of memes and copyrighted material is as bad a lot of people have predicted this will red pill a lot of people. A lot of the normies, the sheeple eating McDonalds, watching the football and CNN or BBC - it will be a red pill for them when the internet suddenly becomes a lot lamer and they can't upload things to Facebook anymore.

I see that this could be a potential great boon for the pro-free speech platforms online. Facebook and Youtube will cuck to the EU's stupid laws but I expect the smaller, more nimble free speech platforms to find a way to circumnavigate them. The free-speech platforms may grow meteorically in the coming weeks or months. These new users will come just because they want to share funny futbol memes or watch Star Wars parodies but they'll be exposed to right wing or libertarian ideas that are not usually on their radar.

Consider gamergate; a significant turning point that foreshadowed Brexit and the Trump election and woke up a lot of men politically, when they saw their precious games being threatened by political correctness. A lot more people will wake up when they are deprived of amusement and casual discourse.

I've often been inclined towards Accelerationism, people need to experience more consequences of the decline of western civilization NOT less. Right now especially in Europe, the citizenry are really insulated from the consequences of their traitorous politicians. If the copyright and link tax work the way I've heard them described a lot of people are going to get very irate and start voting for politicians that are for free speech.

This maybe a blessing in disguise...

It may really contribute to the demonopolization of big tech because Facebook and Youtube will of course rush to implement further censorship rules, driving more and more of their users away. Youtube has one hell of a cushy supremacy over online video. What's going to happen to that psuedo-monopoly if they have to  delete the vast number of videos that contain some kind of fair use copyrighted material. Think of all the millions of none-political Youtubers who will become transformed into free speech warriors  This may also stimulate a return of content to independent blogs and websites. Independent content is what made the internet great in the first place and in the past 10 years it's become very concentrated around a few giant social media websites. If these social media giants start censoring anything remotely resembling a meme people will hopefully venture back out to world wide web.

Look at Italy and Poland, in countries where the people aren't totally brainwashed by political correctness the citizenry and governments are pushing back against the hegemony of the EU statists.

Maybe Bill Ottman can comment what this means for Minds.com. I'd urge Minds to not follow the EU laws. Stop serving the site to EU IP addresses if you have to. Free thinking Europeans will sign up for VPN services so that they can circumvent the censorship.  Move the Minds.com servers to some offshore hosting company that doesn't demand that these persnickety thought crime laws be followed.

I first become woke to the free speech threat reading @Rooshv's book, you may enjoy the vlog book review I filmed in one of the most iconic bookstores in the world...

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