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Getting Your Linux Distribution Virtualbox Appliance, and Getting it Installed in Less Than Five Minutes.

ʟᴜᴄᴜʟᴇɴᴛ Jun 19, 2018, 11:21:30 PM

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If you follow my channel here on #Minds, then you know one of my crusades is to get folks off propriety software, and to use open source solutions when you can.

Many people are tired of unscrupulous companies like Apple and Microsoft, and the tenacity and obsession in their relentless pursuit of your private information, but for whatever reason are apprehensive about trying or migrating to an open source operating system (OS) such as Linux.

One of the easiest ways for folks to try Linux on their Apple or Windows PC’ without disrupting their current environment, and without the need to dual-boot, is to employ Virtualbox; a cross-platform visualization software.

Because some people may not have the time to learn how to install an OS into Virtualbox, I have created these ‘appliances’ where all that need be done is to import said appliances into Virtualbox in a couple of mouse clicks.

After importing one of these appliances, you will have a full- functioning and up to date version of Linux Mint, or Anarchy Linux to use/practice on.


As these appliances are designed to work in Virtualbox, you will need Virtualbox installed on your Linux/Apple/Windows PC.

These files are usually ~3.5GB in size, so you can imaging there being some difficulty in distributing them. In order to get one of these appliances, you will need to have an account with Mega, a cloud-based storage solution.

Some System Requirements:

- an x86 processor with 64-bit processing
- A PC with at least 2 cores
- No less than 4GB RAM 8GB is HIGHLY recommended
- 25GB hard drive space

Here is how receiving your reward works:

1) After you have wired your token donation to @Luculent, tag me in this post (and/or Message me via Messenger), with the Linux distro you want, and the email address to your Mega account.

2) I will then send you the link to the download(s) you chose.

3) Once you have the file on your PC, open the Virtualbox manager and from the file menu select ‘Import Appliance’ (see video above).

4) Once the appliance is imported, click on the entry of your imported appliance and then click START at which point you will boot into the OS you chose.

This is as easy as it gets folks; I can make it no more simpler for you. Download a file, and a couple of mouse-clicks to import it and youre good to go. No wondering what version of the Linux installer you need, and no configuring of Virtualbox. The only thing I have done to the OS itself is update them to the most recent release at the time I created the appliance. All distros are unadulterated just as if you were to perform the install yourself.

Usernames and Passwords:

All the downloads come with a readme telling you what the usernames and passwords are for their respective distributions. You are encouraged to change both Root and user passwords, though seeing they are virtual machines, it is not necessary. Generally the username/passwords will be:

U/N: mindsuser

user password: password

Root password: password

I will be adding the following distros into the mix as time allows:

- Anarchy - Budgie
- Linux Mint - Cinnamon
- Debian - Cinnamon
- Fedora - Mate
- SUSE Leap - KDE
- Manjaro - Gnome
- Solus - Budgie
- Peppermint - LXDE
- React OS (coming soon)
- Free BSD
- Gecko-Leap - Mate'