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Comparing Quadrant Pool and DATA

nozokiumiJun 19, 2018, 11:02:38 PM

Blockchain technology has proved its worth in last few years. Every organization and industry seem to adopt this disruptive technology to avoid data breaches, fast transaction, transparency and many other benefits. Cryptocurrency has played its role in the flourishment of blockchain. Ventures are coming around the world to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in a better way.

ICO’s are happening every day, resulting new utility coins. In this world, where we have decentralized currency, decentralized data authentication is the most important thing. That’s why Quadrant Pool has launched its services to provide a platform which is blockchain-based and enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its cores. Though,

there still is not such particular platform that provides such service but there is a venture named “DATA”, that provides data authentication services on blockchain. Let’s compare these two.

Different algorithms need different volumes of data access for AI innovation, which many of the companies can’t authenticate. Quadrant Pool provides unique services for authenticating the data and it’s a blueprint for mapping decentralized data.

In a few words, the Quadrant Protocol aims to create a transparent, trustworthy, and fluid flow of data. Quadrant deconstruct the key participants and their roles in the platform; Nurseries, Pioneers and Elons. These entities empower the system and make new data available.

Whereas, DATA is AI-powered decentralized trust alliance which authenticates data and it is also P2P mobile storage infrastructure. What makes Quadrant Pool stands out is its Data stamping, Constellation creation, Enriched data and services.

Quadrant also works on Proof of Authority consensus while DATA is still on Proof of Work.

Quadrant provides great opportunity to investors as it is yet to have its ICO. Quadrant has a total 1,000,000,000 eQuad supply while DTA has 11,500,000,000. DTA already had its ICO in the start of 2018 while Quadrant is yet to announce crowd funding date.

DTA is currently being traded at the value of $0.0079123. EQuad will be launched at ICO with basic price of $0.05 USD. DATA did pretty good at ICO but still didn’t reach the hard cap but in comparison, Quadrant is looking very strong in concept, technology, team and token infrastructure. 40% of the tokens will be available for crowd sale while only 10% will be reserved for team.

Team plays an important role in the success of any project. Quadrant seems to have a more competitive and balanced team than DATA. Quadrant has Mike Dive as CEO, who is also the founder of DatastreamX. Moreover, Quadrant also have some big names on advisory board; Dorjee Sun, Benedict Chan and others. So, the team looks much balanced and experienced than DATA. Quadrant is well superior than DATA in any aspect, let it be concept, token infrastructure, use of technology or team, it has got it all. Quadrant has also got good social media following and it is all set to go big in upcoming ICO.