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Onaope12Jun 19, 2018, 6:44:25 PM

Recently, I was opportune to visit a friend in the neighborhood, and then we get talking about how all devices and tools can be connected together into a single source channel Internet of Things (IoT) with the help of technology and internet and how this device stores up data and can be further use to repower other items. Recently, barely all apparatus has electronic backing and chip to make it function. Limitless to mention from, car sensors, door security features, automated doors, car, television, house roof and even houselights bulb and this sensor are also used in device tracking and even in microchip used to power heart implants and body vital measurement in hospitals, house temperature readings.

But need less we discuss, that what are all the data generated by the various Internet of Things (IoT) device used for where they are stored. Are they just left in mega mainframe computers to keep heating up, or are they destroyed over time or are they use to further research into how to improve the product or how to further diversify their production.

Well, the use for all this stored data are quite much and the challenge to the availability of it now raise question as to for what reason.


Data stored away wastefully can be used for lots of application, for example, the thermometer connected to your house stored up lots of data reading day by day for long, can be bought from you for a token and be use to research into weather forecast in your area without the government having to waste/deploy new resources setting up camp to re-measure temperature reading in your location, it’s as simple as that.

Your automatic car has stored up navigation routes from time to time, this can be useful to improve map or google map company for sale.

The water level reader you put round your home all year round since you reside close to the water shed, can be used to access water rise level for your area and help government in planning against disaster.

The drones used in your farms or for monitoring can be important in supplying wind speed readings, barometer pressure, humidity, PH level in soil, temperature reading for your area without the company having to deploy additional gadget to do that. So it’s clear anything automated can generate data and this data can be used for better functions than waste


What the DataBroker DAO, platform is set to achieve is to link the data owners/generator, with the potential buyer or company or government and facilitate the trading with little token involved.

DataBroker DAO is meant to serve as secondary market like eBay, where you can show of the data your device has collected and potential buyer/processors, can then negotiate the price with you and be paid in token of the platform.

SO, DataBroker DAO is bringing all to the same platform, asking you to trade what doesn’t cost you anything for much. And also removing the stress went through by data processors in getting data.

The data purchase could be active data generation or already stored up data.


The rate at which data is transferred up and down from different sensors, can be fully harnessed, so why wait, when you can make it all get golden.

The name of the Tokenof the platform is DTX Token, which is an ERC20 compatible token.

The token sale for the platform has already kickoff and its wrapping up in26th May. For the token sale, the company accepts both BTC and ETH for the tokens. 1 ETH = 4000 DTX

This is limited spot to fill, get your chance to bring this idea into life up and running now and get investing.

For more information, visit

WEBSITE https://databrokerdao.com/?ref=btctalk

ANN THREAD https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2113309.0

TELEGRAM https://t.me/databrokerdao