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SMART CONTAINERS – The New Transport Module of our Time

RoonyBlackJun 18, 2018, 7:57:08 PM


Smart Containers Group is a company based on one goal – to be provider of sensitive pharma goods and foods to every corner of the world without contaminating it. Unseen combination of highly effective software, strong hardware and specific services, has placed the team on the top of the chain. As a daily growing service provider worldwide, Smart Containers is a highly attractive investment proposition to future interested sides.

The company is a part of other two big projects – SkyCell (Pharma Application) and FoodGuardians (Food Application). Being majority shareholder in both applications, is making Smart Containers first in line with their specifically designed containers for transferring very sensitive packages in a way like they are just packed from the factory.

As an established company, Smart Containers is fully operational and they have a trace on the hardware side, and in future the team is going to work on the software. Doing that, the focus is on using smart contract payments in cryptocurrencies, using blockchain technology and creating autonomous shipping parcel.

As everything is growing and searching for the way up, transportation is one of them. Transporting goods sensitive to heat, water or cold is the main responsibility of the team. Becoming the answer and reliable company for transferring sensitive cargos from place to place all over the world, Smart Containers is fully operating and expanding his services to every possible point in the world.

Thankful for the fast growing industry, Smart Containers is on track and with the revolutions on global scale like shipping container, barcode and parcel tracking software, the team is going up. Grateful for that, the team is determined to be the right choice for everyone.

First step in the road of Smart Containers was taken back in 2012. Introducing different kind of containers in time from 2015 to 2017, the team is planning several milestones for the future. In the following year are planned several important goals like partnership with another airline, introducing SkyCell and releasing operational versions of LOGI CHAIN. In the year of 2019 the events that are need to be known are escalating FoodGuardians production, autonomous payments through smart contracts, releasing new containers and others.


Smart Containers Group is a Swiss Company Holding and it`s operating for five years. For that period of time, the company have organized their processes and came up with the development of high-tech container technology for several industries.

The team behind Smart Containers Group is specifically brought together to be efficient in doing what they are best in – providing what people need from point A to point B. Main responsible experts for the start of the company are Richard Ettl (CEO) and Nico Ros (STO).

The given whitepaper in the website is important part of the company`s introduction to the clients. The explained details of the products and the used technology are main points in the document.

The easy accessible website and reachable information here is making statement for the company. It`s say that the company have thought for everything which can talk for itself.


Here the token is called SMARC. The future incomes which are going to be paid to the token holders will fall in the hands of the board of directors of Smart Containers Group. The distribution is given by them year by year. There are few events that have to come to life before ending the distribution of tokens – pre-sale, public sale and private sale. The given information about the amount of tokens up for selling is changeable and it depends on the selling rates. The private sale is for institutional investors who will get the rest of the SMARC tokens after the ending of the sales.


The reached so far development has made Smart Containers Group recognizable on the market as one of the best providers of transportation of highly sensitive goods and foods to every corner of the world. With the used technology in this project every client can track and trace the position of your cargo, and be aware of the condition of every container all over the world in every time of the day and night. Using the developed software for their containers is what differs Smart Containers Group from the other companies in the market these days.

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