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Smart Containers Group – Containers of the Future, Providing You with Fresh Food and Secure Medicine

mirofameJun 17, 2018, 11:59:35 AM

☑️The Reality Now

We live in an age, when we can ship everything from one place to another, no matter how far this would be. The global market is flourishing and developing since the opportunity to send goods around the globe is a fact. The problem comes when these goods require high levels of security, but they are not reached. Pharmaceuticals and food are one of the most sensitive things to transport and they need a great deal of well-handling.

Billions of pharmacy products are temperature-sensitive and more than 40% of the vaccines degrade due to a lack of quality throughout the shipping. What is more, the money spent on these transportations is more than you can imagine and even more are the losses afterwards.

The demand for fresh food is increasing, which is not that surprising given the modern era we live in. People have the right to eat healthy and are not at all happy when this right is taken from them. This leads to huge scandals and unwanted consequences faced by supermarkets and other food providers.

✅The Solution of Smart Containers Group

Smart Containers Group is a Swiss based company, which is not new on the market. It dates 8 years back and its mission is to provide the best containers possible, in order for everyone to receive the quality of service they deserve. These containers are sustaining the steady temperatures needed for the better and secure transportation of goods. Smart Containers already has two operating division companies – SkyCell (concerning the pharmacy market) and Food Guardians (providing containers for the food industry).

SkyCell is progressing for less than 5 years and has already reached the fourth place in the list of pharmacy container providers globally. It has a strong client base, various leading partnerships, and a team of more than 80 specialists behind its back.

Food Guardians is currently developing and negotiating strategic partnerships with well-established names in the food logistics field.

Smart Containers Group is not new company, like I said before, it has already made its way to the leading positions in its field, but it wants to join the blockchain ecosystem for further development, making easier the funding of its projects and using decentralized technology in order to minimize the amount and the cost of the processes.


2012 was the year in which Smart Containers Group and the division company SkyCell were founded. Then, until 2015 two models of containers were already on the road. Another key year is 2017 when not only the other division company – Food Guardians – was founded, but also another new model was released.

The future of the company looks very bright and after years of experience their Roadmap looks very promising. In 2018 the platform would be launched, the smart contracts will be introduced.


Nico Ros and Richard Ettl are the co- founders of Smart Containers Group.

Nico Ross is also the CTO of the company and has more than 15 years of experience. He is a co- owner and a member of the board of ZPF Ingenieure and is a school buddy with the other co-founder- Richard Ettl.

Ettl is a CEO of Smart Containers Group and went to Stanford University and Harvard University. He worked as a Part of Management Team and Head of Marketing for the Institute for Value-Based Enterprise. His experience and knowledge are brief signs for what he is capable of achieving and how well he can manage the business.

The whole team consists of more than 80 people, which is indicative of how well- developed is the project and what bright future awaits it.

☑️Whitepaper & Website Review

The Whitepaper is 40 pages long and is written so well, that I am sure everyone interested in it would gather all the needed data. The information is very briefly presented, and the whole document is well-structured and organized. I was really intrigued by it and I am sure everyone else would be too.

The Website is clearly made very professionally and with a touch to every detail. The colors are in the perfect blending shades, the site is available on several languages and there you can find information on the team, the idea of the project and the ways to contact the team.


The first place I checked to see how the idea of the company is handled by the population was Telegram, where I found that the company has 3 993 members. Then I went to Twitter and there Smart Containers Group has 2 374 followers. Facebook is the place where 2 205 people are already following the new information around the company.Honestly, I am a little bit disappointed by these numbers, because for me the idea of the project is really promising and more people should be concerned with what they eat, how fresh it is and how damaged is the medicine they use.


There would be two types of tokens available on the platform – SMARC token and LOGI token. The ICO is divided into three periods – Pre-Sale, Public Sale and Private Sale. The first one was private and only invited people were able to take part in it. It started in April and had a 25% bonus. The Private round would be available only for investors and all tokens that have not been sold, would be offered during the sale.


From what I observed about the company and its division companies, I think that this is a revolutionizing idea, which would definitely find its way further towards the top. We live in an age, when we do not grow our food, but pay for it in the supermarket, or eat fast food. We no longer question the quality of the medicine we use, because we trust that if the medicine is so developed, we do not have anything to be uncertain about.

But we should question these things. We should insist on better care for our food and medicine, and that is what Smart Containers provide. I am really looking forward to seeing what is going to happen with the company after the sales and if the idea is going to change the future.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

Smart Containers’ Official Website: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/

Smart Containers'  ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3058528.0

Telegram: https://t.me/smartcontainers

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