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Smart Containers – Revolutionized Logistics Industry by Blockchain Technology

StaynJun 17, 2018, 10:25:05 AM

The Project

Smart Containers Group is a Swiss high-tech container provider aiming to create the first fully autonomous container based on blockchain technology consequently disrupting the logistics industry. It aims to disrupt the logistics sector through the creation of temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceutical and food products across the supply chain. 

The purpose is to eliminate the paper trails and allow for the automation of their innovative containers through smart contracts and their native cryptocurrencies. 

Smart Containers Group is an established technology firm with 2 operating businesses – Skycell, which specializes in developing temperature-controlled containers for transporting sensitive medicinal products and FoodGuardians - specializes in developing temperature-controlled containers for transporting food products across the globe.

Smart Containers is conceived to solve some problems such as Wastage of Medicinal Product Due to Temperature Deviation: The World Health Organization estimates that 40 % of vaccines degrade, due to temperature deviation during transport reducing their effectiveness and consequently diminishing patient protection.

 It is estimated that pharma companies have to throw away products worth more than USD 2.5 b per year due to temperature deviation during transport; and Inefficient Paper Trail because the logistical process is extremely complex requiring hundreds of different paper documents just to send a parcel from a country to another.

Smart Containers Group is an established company which is already operational and generating revenues and as we know most of other ICO‘s only have an idea and a whitepaper so it's a few steps ahead. SkyCell, part of Smart Containers Group already has close to 100 patents and two strategic partners, Emirates, and Cargolux, giving our blockchain technology direct access to the industry. 

 Their goal is to create a powerful and profitable logistics system and now are focused on software by: invoicing through smart contract payments in cryptocurrencies, tracking using blockchain technology, creating the perfect autonomous shipping parcel.

The Team Behind Smart Containers Group

The Smart Containers team includes over 80 people managed by a top management team from 5 people with an established track record.

There are another 9 participants in the team of advisers who contributed to the strong position of the project and for who you can find out more on LinkedIn.

Some Financial Information

The financial part for this company is interesting. It is going to release two coins and both are to be made available during the ICO in their own right.

For the ICO, the company is looking at potentially raise $40 million with this being spread across both tokens. The first token - SMARC has a total supply of 150 million tokens with 120 million of them being made available during the ICO. This token comes with a hard cap of $36 million.

And LOGI Coin is the utility token and the currency that will fuel the LOGI CHAIN ecosystems (payment of smart contract transactions). Logistics players will use it to gain access to and pay for a seamless and integrated shipping process with all documents put on the blockchain. 

Project Development

The roadmap for Smart Container went as far back as 2009 when it was first conceived. In 2014 was the founding of Smart Containers Group and first division SkyCell. In 2016 happened key partnership with Emirates, one year later was with Cargolux and then the founding of FoodGuardians. In 2018 is expected a partnership with another airline, introducing SkyCell ONE and beta version operational of LOGI CHAIN. Automatic payments of containers through smart contracts are expected to take place in 2019.

Site, Whitepaper, Social Information

The company's core information can be found on the site. It has an innovative design, translated into 7 languages, has an easy-to-read FAQ section, and videos with team members explaining the idea of Smart Containers. It has Whitepaper and Whitpaper summary in just 2 pages. 

The WP is from 40 pages consisting of detailed information about the company's business so far and its future plans. It is accompanied by illustrations and graphics facilitating the reader. 

To to keep up with the new events around the company and if you want to ask some questions you can follow it on Telegram (4007 members), Twitter (2381 followers), Facebook (2121 followers), LinkedIn (445 followers), YouTube (1073 subscribers), GitHub, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Medium.

Comparison with a Similar Project

Let me introduce you to a similar project named Modum. The company is based again in Switzerland. It is a tech startup developing systems to improve supply chain processes by combining the best of blockchain technology and IoT. Modum is a supply-chain system that integrates Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and sensory devices into a single, passive solution. 

This integrative solution aims to enhance data integrity across the entire supply chain. It uses a combination of IoT sensors and blockchain innovation. Together, these platforms give information integrity during the transaction of physical items. Sensors filter the physical item, and a record of that sweep is recorded into the blockchain.

The rating of Smart Containers in ICObench is higher – 4.6 than that of Modum – 2.0 but we must not forget that they are an existing company that has had time to build a good environment for itself and it is normal for certain aspects to be ahead. It can not be denied that both companies have strong teams. 

Modu’s combines deep know-how in industry sectors including pharma, logistics, and technology with the right mixture of start-up spirit and corporate professionalism. Generally, both companies are targeting innovative solutions that support the future so we wish them a bright way.

To Summarize

The unique combination of cutting-edge hardware, highly efficient software and unique services, has placed Smart Containers Group as a fast-growing service provider and highly attractive investment proposition with a potential exit scenario within a few years. 

The company has already established strengths like: fully operational for over 5 years; base technology protected by close to 100 patents; key clients such as Roche, Takeda, Novartis, Kedrion, Grifols, Alagan, etc.; industry game changer in both hardware and software. Smart Containers have already proved that they are an innovative company, with SkyCell providing incredibly reliable product available on the market within five years. 

Another reassuring factor increasing the expectation of success is the fact they are partners with two global key players: Emirates and Cargolux. As transported goods become more sensitive, the need for a trusted and reliable transportation infrastructure is increasing and is especially important for products which require a higher level of secure transportation and handling, such as pharmaceuticals and food. 

Today, this challenge weighs heavily on pharma and food companies, so Smart Containers are here to change the game.

Site: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/

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