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False sympathy and other hypocrisies

Hilary J. EnglandJun 16, 2018, 4:23:14 PM

Lately, all we seem to hear on the news from the Leftist media is about the "cruelty" of migrant children being separated from their invading parents, as they illegally attempt to cross our border.  This "separation" upon apprehension is being crowed as "abhorrent" and "inhumane" (yet, it was perfectly humane under the Obama administration).  My question is this: where is your outcry for the millions of American families that are "separated" when a parent goes to jail for a "victimless" crime, such as marijuana possession, or failure to pay parking tickets?

Let me give you a few examples just from people I've known over the years, who fell victim to the hostile Police State we live in, and many Americans on both sides of the partisan aisle, feel perfectly okay with:  "Ricky" was a guy in our neighborhood, mid 20s, kind of dopey, but just a nice, all around dude.  He married a pleasant girl, and they had a newborn baby.  Ricky's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and was ailing.  One night, Ricky was walking up to the store to get his Mother some ginger ale, as she had been puking from the chemo.  It was after "curfew" in the town (since he didn't live there, he was unaware).  A cop stopped him and perfunctorily searched him, and found him in possession of a marijuana roach.  He was summarily arrested and put in the local jail, and his bail was set at $5000 STRAIGHT which of course he did not have.  No bail reduction was allowed even after over two months of sitting waiting for his hearing.  Ricky's mother died while he was incarcerated, and his wife was forced to move back home with her parents and the baby.  Ricky ended up sitting in jail for nearly 6 months until the MISDEMEANOR charge was resolved.  There were no other further complicating issues, such as prior warrants, etc.

Then there was Kristen, a 24 year old mother of a 6 year old boy.  She unfortunately started dating the wrong man, who was no good and had a warrant out for his arrest.  The police showed up at her house looking for him. She answered honestly that she did not know where he was.  They threatened that if she did not immediately give up his whereabouts, she would be arrested as an accessory after the fact.  She stated she really did not know where he was, and he had left the night before.  They confiscated her cellphone, and stated that she had texted with him the night before, and he said in the messages, he was leaving because he was in trouble, but nothing more.  The police promptly arrested her, and she sat in jail for 30 days for not "giving him up." Her 6 year old son was taken into the custody of CPS, and it took her nearly a year to regain custody of him.  Interesting sidebar to all of this: the boyfriend was picked up a week after her arrest, and was bonded out and released the same day.  She served 30 days and he served none, while her son was traumatically taken from her, his schooling disrupted, and he needed two years of therapy after she regained custody, to recover from that trauma of his mother being brutalized by police, in front of him.

I don't notice the Lefties getting all up in arms about any of these cases in this country -- and, just an FYI -- both of these cases involved white people, NOT "people of color" -- so their "white privilege" meant absolutely ZERO.  The Lefties only get in an uproar when there is something they can personally gain for their nefarious agenda of Globalism and the destruction of America.  The Liberals have always had a history of trotting out "the children" ploy as a cowardly way of trying to push their own evil manifestos.  Because, actions show that Lefties would slaver to eat an infant if given the opportunity, and routinely do -- just take a look at Planned Parenthood.  So, it is pretty hard to take their cries of "the children" very seriously in any respect.

The next time the Left cries about the children, ask them what their feelings are about the American children who are separated from their American parents because the Police State decided to destroy them.  If they can't give you an explanation, then you know you are just dealing with more blather and noise from the Buttercup Brigade.