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Herbal Prep - Tangerine & Clementine - Cancer Prevention

ElewMompittsehJun 13, 2018, 5:31:49 AM

Not many people know this, but the flavonoid tangeritin, found in the peels of tangerines and clementines can help to prevent and sometimes heal the body of cancer cells...including skin cancer, stomach cancer...and leukemia.

There are some articles on the studies which show how tangeritin kills the cancer cells while not harming healthy cells, as well as cautions for people currently taking chemo drugs...Please look them up, do your research before using tangerine peel. This is one good write-up to get you started 

What I will go over here, is - How to preserve tangerine peels

Mandarins (tangerines and clementines) have many healing benefits, so I like to preserve up to 1/2 gallon jar of the peels.

First, wash then cut the fruit in half...

Scoop out the fruit with a spoon...you can eat it, make tangerine marmalade or jelly, cook with them...etc. But for today we are more concerned with the skin.

Pluck out the white core (it comes right off if you pinch it with a fingernail), so they look like this...

I like to cut them into chunks for drying...

Then I take a length of cheese cloth and make a sling bag for hanging, like this...(or dry on a screen)

For the first couple of days, I lay it on a plate so I can spread them out some...

Once a day I pick up the bag and fluff the peels around to help them dry, then lay it back on the plate. After two or three days, I will hang the bag in a cool dry place, still fluffing once a day until they are dried well. Then I store them in mason jars in a cool dark place.

Do not dry them in the oven, or a dehydrator, because this would kill the medicinal properties.

As we go along, I will be using the peels in various remedies, as a zest, or ground, or steeped...there are many ways to prepare them.

One way, before or after they are dried is that I drop a piece into my cup when I make coffee or tea :)

I have had cancer before, and 100% healed with alternative care. Tangerines are a part of my day, every day when I can.