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Brute Force Mating or Mate Acquisition because of Virtuosity: Both work but what are women going to choose. After all, it is their choice these days?

MetaphysicalAxiomJun 12, 2018, 9:43:27 AM

The link below is to an article that speaks in reference to an interesting study about human mating preferences in regards to height, (preferences of both women and men) and how it plays out over multiple generations. (There was some other articles I read and I reference a couple instances but those articles were so trash that I didn't share the links. I have them bookmarked if anybody really wants them just ask.)

I would be interested to see comparative studies all around the world. In passing, some years ago, a study about protein levels driving our height moreover genetics mentioned that short people or more successful at breeding. I'm sure that is a statistic derived from the entire world and not exclusively the western world. I also can't remember where I learned that, one of 30 or 40 documentaries about food, the food industry and the history of food. If you want to know more about it, you just going to have to watch every fucking food documentary you can get your hands on. LOL

On the side of this, I read an article about how short men make for better husbands. The writer inserted that desperation of short guys made them work harder to please and there may be something to that but that is a gross oversimplification. It is more likely that the short complex did have affect in the younger years and during that time those men didn't have a relationship or sex keeping them distracted so they became virtuous at whatever it was they focused on instead.

Later in life is when shorter men marry and their marriages last longer, apparently. It's likely that their virtuosity is what attracted their mate; not desperation leading to "pussy pleasing". Heh heh

There is also the likelihood that the shorter man is not as aggressive. A younger woman might find a tall, athletic and aggressive male more attractive but later in her life she outgrows, bores, becomes desensitized or she has a bunch of bad experiences with high-level testosterone-fueled males who likely are more abusive or more of a bully either to her or to others.

I have often noticed that larger males tend to bully their way through life. Even in social situations like group communications. They will badger others into silence or talk through them. They will insist that their thoughts matter more and demand that the group respect their opinions. As the smaller male doesn't get to say as much the other members of the group will perceive the taller male to be x y and z whatever arbitrary positive connotations attached in these situations.

The smaller males know that if they refuse to be bullied into silence then they will be physically accosted in many cases. Hence why the bullies continue to have success with these brute force/path of least resistance tactics. This is also an example of biology saving calories. It's easier to bully than to become virtuous with humor common knowledge and or logic.This shitshow drives the smaller males to their education and other virtuous abilities being acquired.

Meanwhile the taller males will tend to stay more simple-minded and less virtuous but still succeed in life with their club wielding Neanderthal bullshit. In this world of vanity, image and pretty people win and aggressive sociopathic tendencies are rewarded. So don't worry, you big old tough guys. You are still winners in this disgusting western society.

Of course, observations like these are culturally specific and not likely to stay the same.

For many years I observed that women whom are less physically attractive seemed to be more intelligent, better sense of humor, more laid-back and/or tolerant and be virtuous. Much like shorter males today.

In more recent years I observed that some generations of beautiful women have become aware of this stereotype and have focused more on growing their brains to prove the vapid hotty stereotypes wrong and likely the taller men will compensate under these new cultural evolutionary pressures also.

I have actually begun to see that taller men of certain generations trying and in some cases exceeding and in other instances failing miserably. Many generations the short guys have been focused on the brain and so the natural selection factor has been passing forth genes of intelligence for far longer just as the tall man has been passing on genes for height, high levels of testosterone and with it aggression. (Obviously these observations are in the realm of hypothesis and require more study but there's a reason why it requires more study)

If I'm not mistaken, women score higher in the realms of intelligence more often than men and so it's likely that even the really "hot vapid women" have tremendous untapped potential... They just didn't need to gain virtuosity because they could allow males to do everything for them but it's not because they couldn't. Obviously manipulating people into doing things for you is a virtuous ability from a certain perspective as well. 😉😲😡💩

I'd also like to point out that the media has a lot to do with what we find attractive and obviously that is affecting evolution. Perception of what is beautiful affects how we choose our mates and our perception has been manipulated. There are factors of sex appeal that are natural but the media has exaggerated all of them and casts the majority into an unrealistic perception of the required levels of those traits.

I propose that we escape the mental enslavement and we focus on compatibility rather than a strict "Hot or Not" mentality.

For example, I suppose I could get 8's if I wanted to put forth a bit of extra effort but I will happily take a five or six that has intellectual compatibility, shares a lot of the same hobbies and other interests and physical beauty is of less importance although general health is, (average build is one thing but obesity is against biological directives)

Obviously if I find an 8 that meets all of my compatibility criteria I don't care how tall she is. If she's taller than me, whatever. If she's smarter than me; that's even better. I won't hold my breath though. Besides perfection is not always beauty. When we are in a relationship we spend more time communicating then we do fucking, (heh heh depending on who you are and what drugs you're on I suppose) but yeah; jokes aside, people have to be mentally compatible and if they are boring a relationship will not last. Those who are boring and in a relationship will usually argue just to have something to talk about; specially nowadays with sports driven mentality/high school debate team BS being such a common behavioral expression.

Interesting times. The experiment of "modern civilization continues. Sigh. Makes me want to masturbate. Better to patient and wait for compatible mates that will make us happy then to waste our time all flash and mostly trash.

This will trigger the fuck out of a bunch of tall men. Sorry but not sorry; your insecurities are not going to detour the crest of the wave of consciousness and women; choose your mates for intelligence 1st, looks second.