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+100 Pickup Lines for Seducing in Spanish

jroselandJun 11, 2018, 7:51:42 PM

For flirting, banter and building rapport en espanol during the day or night…

I had the pleasure of living in one of the sexiest cities in the world — Medellin, Colombia for over a year. During this time I cross trained learning ‘game’ and mastering a second language, Spanish. This Google docs spreadsheet contains over 90 pick up lines, jokes, anecdotes, rapport building questions and charming expressions en espanol and corresponding English translations.

A Quick Story:

On a crisp Tuesday night I was sitting on a funky sofa in an almost completely empty, glass walled rooftop nightclub surrounded by skyscrapers. I didn’t care that the nightclub was empty because a gorgeous Colombian girl in a dress that should have been illegal was snuggled up next to me. After about 45 minutes of surprisingly stimulating conversation her cosmo was gone and we descended from the ostentatious disco. That night she did things in bed which I will never forget.

She spoke NO English.

As a perpetual novelty seeker and Spanish student this was a major milestone; I had managed to sleep with this beautiful, classy and mostly sober exotic woman who didn’t speak my first language.

Whether you are salsa dancing in New York, in shiek lounge in Miami, waiting for a bus sitting next to a pretty girl in Buenos Aires or in a booming discothèque in Ibiza. These ‘lines’ delivered with confidence and sincerity will be what transforms the usually awkward first few moments of the pickup into a sexy-chemistry filled interaction.

Important Guidelines & Notes:

Obviously, this is a little counter intuitive to ‘natural game’. Pickup best practice is to NOT use lines or ‘canned game’ but instead ‘be present’ and calibrate specifically to every interaction. However, like phrase books, pickup lines are golden as a tool for learning a new language. Using pre-learnt phrases (or pickup lines!) in a foreign language makes sense out of and provides emotional context too a confusing mess of exotic words, conjugations and grammar rules.

You are always more charming in your second language to native speakers of that language. By the very merit of your effort, your jokes will be funnier and your charming expressions more seductive when you are trying to express yourself in your second language.

I apologize for my grammar! Feel free to correct my grammar in the comments below… Obviously grammar is a huge component of learning any language but not having mastery of grammar is not going to hold you back from meeting women.

The ones towards the top of the spreadsheet are the ones that perform the most consistently for me. What’s most important with this kind of list is not that you use what works best for me or others but that you use what you find the most amusing.

Like any other ‘pickup line’ these are best proceeded by ‘Hola, me llamo…’

I’ve attached various follow up lines and responses when they were effective and or amusing.

Today’s young Latina is a digital addict, so be prepared for a lot of text, Facebook and Whatsapp game. Feel free to copy & paste directly from this spreadsheet.To add another dimension of playfulness to my digital interactions I send photos of things that are cute, delicious and sometimes sexy! This feel free to steal my best images from this Google Drive folder:

This is not a reinventing of the wheel, a lot of this material and the philosophy behind it comes from Real Social Dynamics and the Art of Charm, this spreadsheet is just a re-articulation what the top experts in the world have spent many thousands of hours developing, en Espanol.

Please only use these lines if you actually have a girl’s attention. If you are a guy who uses the shot gun approach online to meeting girls please don’t use these. These lines will lose their charm if the creepers on ColombianCupid.com (or other Latin dating websites) start spam blasting them out to thousands of girls a day.

Your ‘natural game’ interactions should have a flow that looks something like this…

Natural Game Interactions Flowchart

 The Best ‘Canned’ Opener

When I couldn’t come up with anything clever that was amusing to me in the moment or situational, this was my trusty standby canned opener:

Disculpe! Tengo un pequena pregunta for you? Cual es el nombre en Espanol del animale mas famoso de Australia?

Excuse me! I’ve got a little question for you? What is the name in Spanish of the most famous animal in Australia?

The answer is of course: el canguro

Follow up: Estoy con unos amigos de Australia, entonces ellos son los canguros esta noche! Los borrachos canguros!

I’m with some friends from Australia, so they are the kangoroos tonight! The drunken kangoroos!

Best Challenging Tactic

What works best to give the interaction an edge (or ‘emotional hookpoint’) at a pivotal moment is to ask her to remember your name while you are getting her number.

Cual es mi nombre? or Recourdes mi nombre?

Most girls won’t, especially if you are in a high energy venue. They will get embarrassed and usually chase a little more. You can follow up with:

Olvidaste a mi nombre? with a disappointed look

Necesitas usar mi nombre entonces no vas a olvidarlo un otra…

Dimelo con un sincero gusto: _______(Your name), tengo mucho suerte a conocer un caballero como usted.

This is going to result in a much more solid number! Obviously for this tactic to work, it’s super important for you to remember HER name. In this episode of my favorite TV show on Pickup we see how remembering names can make or break the pickup:

To ensure you remember her name I suggest…

The AV Association Method is an uncommonly used yet highly effective and fun memory method to remember limitless names instantaneously. Here’s a free video course on it: http://www.limitlessmindset.com/membership/community-membership

If you realize 2 minutes into the interaction that you don’t remember her name, just ask it again… It’s WAY more awkward to admit you don’t know her name 10–15 minutes into the interaction after you’ve started rapport building than it is in the very beginning.

Don’t drink, this as common theme in the pickup and personal development worlds, it really does make remembering names easier.

Opening Mixed, Large or High Energy Sets

The easy to open and hook two set or three set is fairly rare in latin nightlife and if you ever see a single girl out socializing sola there’s a very good chance she is a prostitute. This means you are going to have to open larger mixed groups of 4–8 guys and girls frequently. This may sound intimidating, but if you are going to party with Latinos you need to get used to opening these bigger groups. As Alexander of RSD likes to say “Game the group, game the girl”… A couple things to keep in mind:

Whenever you see a big group out partying there’s about a 50% chance it’s someone’s birthday, so show some social intelligence and ask who’s birthday it is (¿Quiénes cumple años?), cheers them, buy them a shot (or don’t) and make friends.

I only open groups were the girls outnumber the guys. The ratio of guys to girls in a group in my experience is actually the deciding factor in whether the entire group is receptive to your approach. Acknowledge the guys immediately with a quick smile, wave or hola!

In more cosmopolitan cities, hot girls go out with their gay guy friends a lot actually. All the more reason to be super attentive to the body language of the couples around you and approach everything!

At least in Colombia guys are generally pretty friendly. A lot of times they will actually social proof you with their group.

Camera Phone Opener: A really clever, low pressure way to open a mixed set is just to ask someone in the set to take a picture of you and your wingman with your smartphone.

Disculpe usted puede ayudarnos con un foto?

Then after they take the photo thank them and start a conversation. This works great for opening a whole group. I try to open the ‘leader’ of the group, usually:

The guy who is obviously with his girlfriend or has bought the bottles for the group.

A really high energy girl.

Don’t Call Yourself an American

For a while my first text to a girl would be something like

“Hola ratoncita ;) Soy el Americano muy guapo de ayer noche…”

Which is actually a pretty effective first text but I learned it’s just slightly offensive for a person to from the United States to exclusively assume the title of ‘American’ or ‘Americano’ in Spanish. People from Central and South America as are also Americans and by calling yourself an American you are kind of excluding them… If you are from the United States it’s better to introduce yourself as being from which ever State or call yourself Norteamericano or Estadounidense.

How to Ask a Girl If She’s a Prostitute

This actually comes up more often than you would think. Especially in Colombia where the world’s oldest profession is legal! I’ve heard plenty of sad stories of tourists who ‘picked up’ a girl from club, went home with her and then she required payment before sex. Obviously you are going to offend a normal girl if you ask her straight up if she’s a hooker. So I suggest making a joke about it…

I always ask her about her job or what she is studying… If she was wishy-washy on the response or I just feel like being a smartass:

Estoy curioso sobre tu trabajo porque soy un prostituto muy carro y no estoy seguro que si puedes pagar mis altas tarrifas….

I’m curious about your job because I am actually a very expensive prostitute and I’m not sure you can afford me…

This is classic cocky-funny and you are flipping the tables by saying that you are the hooker. Since this is hilarious your audience will crack up and if she’s a hooker she will admit to it at this point.

Many prostitutes aren’t very good at their jobs; they will go to clubs, leach onto gringos, act friendly, dance and party with you for sometimes hours before announcing the transactional nature of the interaction. In a lot of these countries for the price of a beer or a shot of liquor (a lot of times less than $2) you can secure female companionship IN A BAR for 30–90 minutes, which you can use to practice your Spanish or get you ‘in state’ to interact with the women you actually want to meet. I’ve never slept with a prostitute but I don’t mind interacting with them when I’m out partying…Unethical? Your call!

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