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Momentum – Making one amazing platform even better with blockchain technology!

Crypto MindsJun 11, 2018, 1:50:56 PM

When was the last time you received some promo points in the supermarket’s counter? Maybe it was day or two ago? And when was the last time you have used this points for something useful – some free product, bonus or discount? Maybe never? Billions of dollars are lost every year in the form of unspent or expired promo points. And that lost is lost for the clients. They are staying unmotivated and often are considering these promotions spam. That way, from something aiming to bring new customers and to bring back existing ones more often, the loyalty campaigns and promotions are turning into useless spam for customers and waste of resources for companies. For decades, that is a big problem, which marketers have to solve, but most of them does not execute the proper solution. But here it is one European company, bringing modern technologies to marketing. This company is MobileBridge and they are now upgrading their platform – MobileBridge Momentum.

What is Momentum?

MobileBridge Momentum is not a new product and that is one of its main advantages, because the main part of the platform is already developed, tested and most importantly – proven successful. Yes, the implementation of the blockchain technology is just the next step in the product’s evolution. At first glance the blockchain implementation is not looking like something ground breaking and most people will think that will only bring some security and transparency features. In reality, it is merging a lot of platforms, using the MobileBridge product into one big MobileBridge Momentum platform, allowing companies to have their own currencies on the platform. That enables users to exchange one company’s currency to another’s as well as to the platform’s main currency – Momentum token. More on that later, first let’s explain the MobileBridge marketing solution.

What companies have to do? They have to connect to their customers and to keep them engaged. Many of them are doing it wrong, because they are reaching to the customer in the inappropriate time. There is time, when the customer is more willing to share, provide information, write a review or even make a purchase and there is “price” for his time and effort. A lot of companies are giving the customer prize in form of points, but they often just expire unused. The customers just don’t see any real value in exchange for their time and effort and just don’t care about the marketing efforts of the companies. These are the two main problems of traditional marketing campaigns and Momentum is dealing with both in easy, convenient and better way. So, how does MobileBridge works? I can describe it in three main phases, first of which is gathering information, then based on this information the companies are reaching to the customers with personalized offers and finally when (if) customers have done whatever they were asked to they are rewarded for their time and effort.

Let’s start from the beginning – what information does one company have for their customers? They already know that they have customers and these customers are purchasing products. They can link a credit card or address, for example, to tie them to purchased products. These kinds of information that shops have are usually even requested from them to have and keep from corresponding regulatory institutions. But what other information can be in company’s reach and still impactful for the customer? Hot drinks are selling better in cold days, running shoes are selling better before marathon and GPUs are selling better when cryptocurrency prices are rising, because they are paying for themselves for 20-30 days. This is all “situational data”, which includes weather, date and time, geographical location, nearby events and others. There is one more type of data, which actually may be most important and that is the user data. This is user’s data, and of course gathering it requires its protection. More on that later in the article. The easiest way to get individual user’s information is to ask for it in the form of rewarded survey, poll or just directly from the user’s device. This can help the company to understand each user’s interests and specific behavior, as well as to create a better picture of their customers’ preferences and demographics. All that information combined helps companies to see their customers not just as users, but as real persons, with their interests, shopping behavior and uniqueness.

After gathering the information companies can use it not only to make the best offer for each individual customer, but to make the offer in the perfect moment. Imagine that – you are walking near Burger King just around lunch time, and then suddenly Burger King sends you a promotional scratch card. Wow, you win free fries with your next meal! What a perfect moment to go right to Burger King to get your reward! Then just after you have finished your meal with free fries your phone you receive another notification offering you to complete short survey about your satisfaction from their product, rewarding you some rewards for doing so. Customer got one very satisfying experience with the company. The engagement was perfectly timed – when the customer is near a company’s restaurant/shop and in the moment when the user is most interested in purchase (in this example at lunchtime). This is why the platform is called “MobileBridge Momentum”, because it is approaching to the customer in the right moment.

Maybe later in the day the customer can be approached again, this time with the offer to share about its Burger King experience to its friends, or to write a review for the bought product in order to get even more rewards for itself and its friends. As well known by the business experience – when you pay your employees in time they are motivated to work. Here, customers are doing the job to bring even more customers, and they are rewarded for that as well, and are more motivated to contribute when they are rewarded immediately when they are done with their task. This is very important, because they will come back for the same experience and for the same rewards. Customer’s level of dopamine is kept high with rewards and promotions. The “conversation” is kept hot, which means that companies are achieving long-term relationships with their customers, which is very important for the successful business.

In these kinds of platforms, there always comes the question what the companies are doing with customer’s data. Very Important questions like security, transparency, and information selling are appearing. In the first place, the thought of what your data can do in terms of convincing you to make some action is a little bit scary. To keep its users safe, the MobileBridge Momentum platform is making sure that user’s information can’t be used without their knowledge and permission, with the help of blockchain technology. Every information is transparently kept on the blockchain, available for every user, and kept secret with cryptography, so only the user, to whom it belongs and trusted companies can use it. The rewards received for every user are also safe in the blockchain. I was impressed that in their website and whitepaper they are mentioning about GDPR. Overall the technology ensures that everyone on the platform is safe and is receiving its rewards.

We can now be sure that our information is safe on the blockchain, and we have used the platform for a while, collecting some tokens from different companies. What to do with them now? Won’t they expire? Of course they will not! Every company’s currency always exists and in every moment can be traded by the user to the main currency of the platform – Momentum token. This token is representing real value and can be traded to another cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Bitcoin or even fiat money. Momentum and currencies on MobileBridge Momentum platform can also be traded to other currencies in the platform. That means you can use your supermarket points for example to get a free burger. This is very convenient for the customer and shows him that marketing and loyalty programs are useful to him, because he is receiving real value, which can be spent in different places, or even withdrawn in fiat money, for his time and effort.

This is how MobileBridge Momentum is dealing with the problems, creating the best solution for companies, wanting to create marketing and/or loyalty programs. I really like the way they are doing it, because is a new and more convenient platform for both companies and customers. The companies are getting forty times more and higher quality data, and in top of that their apps are getting hundred times more users and ten times more app users in their real life stores. This is a lot of benefit for companies for just using MobileBridge Momentum platform, but users are benefiting a lot too. For first time in history the customers are receiving marketing and loyalty campaigns that make sense from big companies. They are receiving not only better service, but very good rewards too. The early participants are benefiting even more, because of the price rising of the tokens, from platform’s success. As I already said – I really like that platform, because of its new and innovative way to use technology to bring the most profits for the companies and a lot of benefits for the customers.

Project Overview

I would like to start with the most impressive fact that I found about MobileBridge’s existing product. Their system is used by Burger King, Volkswagen, Bilka, Galbani, Praxis and more popular brands. What that means? It means that their main product is already tested an achieved success in the industry. What they are doing now with MobileBridge Momentum is just a major upgrade to create platform from the system, making it even better. This is making me feel secure and shows me that I can trust their brand and token to deliver what they are promising.

Let’s imagine that I have never told you about MobileBridge Momentum and someone have just mentioned it. Where do you find information about it? First thing you will see is their website. The website itself is very well made with beautiful and simple white and blue design with green accents. Everything is very conveniently positioned and easy to find by the user, which is very positive as always. Another useful detail for user’s convenience is the translation of the website to several languages. A cool thing is the “chat bot” reminding the user that he can always contact a support if he has any questions. Overall everything is very professionally made – clean design, convenient layout and feathers.

One company or project is nothing without its leader, and MobileBridge Momentum is having a very good one. Their CEO is Kees de Vos. He is having more than fifteen years global leadership experience. He is specialist in e-commerce, multichannel retail technology and mobile. In his background can be seen names like Walmart, Argos and Tesco. The rest of the team are amazing and experienced specialists too. Momentum is having a team of 18 technology experts from blockchain architects to frontend developers. They are very interesting mix of highly qualified professionals, each with its own qualities, working together to make the existing platform even better.

Social networks activity is pretty important too. Momentum is having a good activity in their social networks. But let’s talk in some numbers. They are having around 2300 followers in Twitter and 5000 members in Telegram. They can also be found in LinkedIn and forums like Reddit and Bitcointalk. Interestingly enough they are having pretty small Facebook page, which I had to find manually, because it was not listed in their website, which makes me think it is not official. The posts are mainly some information about the platform and livestreams, but definitely not some moer spam.

The Momentum’s whitepaper is very well written, with easy to understand language, free as possible from specialized terms and pretty small font. Speaking of small font the document is pretty serious with its 53 pages. It contains twelve main themes, the main of which are “Our vision”, “Our platform” and “Our technology solution”. I like the multiple well explained use cases of the platform, helping the user to better understand the topics. Overall the whitepaper is pretty good, with a lot of detailed information and high quality useful illustrations.

The future plans of the team are very important. Let’s have a quick look at MobileBridge Momentum’s roadmap. Before development of the platform there was the MobileBridge solution, implemented by different companies in different products. In H1 of 2018 has started the development of the infrastructure of the project. In the middle of the year is planned the token launch. And to 2020 is planned the platform to reach its fully functional form with a lot of different companies using it for marketing and loyalty programs. Overall the timeline is well distributed with enough time for everything, including third party integration. Overall the period is not too big too, which means that the platform is going to work and provide its service soon. The team is big enough so it can easily handle the challenges.


MobileBridge Momentum is a very cool project, which I really like. Unlike many other similar projects it already has a lot of successful background. The team is amazing and the leader is very experienced, which can only be a one big positive. The social appearance is on a great level with well-made website and great appearance on the social networks. Also the platform itself is one amazing opportunity for both companies and customers, where the communication between them is a win-win situation. Overall this is one very good platform with great future and I can easily say that is one of the most promising tokens right now!