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My Profession. My Purpose

Liberty PatriotJun 10, 2018, 12:05:34 AM

(With The Best Is Yet To Come Instrumental from Metal Gear Solid)

Obligatory Back Story

As I mentioned before, I had been bullied during my early years in government school. I knew I'm not the only person who had this problem, but that knowledge did not reduce the mental and physical pain I received from my tormentors. I still feel resentment towards those who discouraged me from learning how to fight during my younger years. They never realized how much disservice they did in teaching me to be a pacifist and a pussy. I fully reject this lifestyle.

This background explains my empathy for victims, and rage towards the bullies. I've looked up to my brother, role models, and heroes both in fiction and reality. Growing up, I gushed at Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, and Solid Snake. My desire to defend the innocent and beat up bad guys kept increasing as I got older. I basically fit your stereotypical boy wanting to grow up and become a hero.

Delusional Dreams

Knowing that superheroes don't exist, I picked what I thought was the next best thing: being a Police Officer. I use to watch the show "Cops" and the movie "Lethal Weapon" a lot. I was criticized by my peers for following the rules and making others face the consequences for breaking them. Basically, being a school boy and an asshole towards lawbreakers. So, I figured I would be a good cop. Plus, the action and violence the police would get into on a regular basis looked very, very appealing. And I would serve the community by locking up bad guys and making sure they would not hurt the innocent ever again. I was gearing up to become a cop....

...until Middle School...

I became aware of what my family suffered from corrupt cops. I'm not at liberty to discuss the details, but it is sufficient to say that my kin were treated like criminals, when they really weren't. Whenever my relatives were on the police's radar, they were...bullied and mistreated. Up to that point, I thought corrupt cops was a case of a few bad apples that needed to be rooted out. It became clear to me at a young age that the corruption in the police departments was large and systematic, with only a few good cops in existence. Not wanting to be tainted by such bad company, and much to my mom's happiness, I changed my mind and decided to try something else.

Being a soldier became my next dream during my government high school years. Let me borrow what I wrote previously on this subject:

You can say that I...have a fascination with war. The drama, the heroics, the noble sacrifices, the thrill of mowing down your enemies, scoring your kills, being in hell with your buddies, having each other’s backs, fighting and dying for a righteous cause, especially the cause of liberty. I guess it may have something to do with how much I enjoyed playing Metal Gear Solid (great game), Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Army Men. The American Revolution and World War II were my favorite wars to study when I was in government schools...It has been said that there are two kinds of people who love war: those who've never been in one, and those who are bat-shit crazy. Time will tell which one applies to me. (1) 

I was in J.R.O.T.C back then, and had a good time with my peers and instructors. I feel nostalgic whenever I think about those times, especially when I was given a chance to shoot a bow and arrow, and a single action rifle. And the physical workout I went through was both hard and awesome, especially when I realized how much weight I lost. It was at this time that the United States was in the early years of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Like many boys my age, I wanted to become an American Soldier. I wanted to serve the country I grew up to love, defend my homeland, and bring hell to those who hurt my countrymen. Despite everyone's attempt to persuade me otherwise, I was ready to enlist as soon as I graduated high school...

...until something...strange happened...

I felt something...heavy in my chest. At first, it was kind of easy to ignore. But as graduation was getting closer, the heaviness gradually increased and became noticeable. Eventually, around two months before I left high school, I decided to meditate on why I was feeling this heaviness in my chest. I then figured out that God was trying to get my attention. I sat still in my room and listened for awhile. Even though I didn't audibly hear Him, His message was clear:

Do not. Go. Into the military. I do not want you in there. I have something better for you planned here.

After discerning His words, I was left with a tough decision. If I joined the military without God's blessings, something bad will happen to me. If I don't sign up, I will have given up my dream and an identity of sorts. I would feel lost on what to do for the rest of my life. As much as I wanted to become a soldier, experience and history has taught me that living a disobedient life produces horrible consequences that He wants me to avoid. With great reluctance and sadness, I decided to not join the US military. My family and friends were happy to hear the news and were in fact celebrating...I was the only one who was filled with depression, regret...and anger. Yes, I was mad at God and screamed at Him for giving me this command. I would not understand why He told me not to join...until I experienced a series of paradigm shifts many years later.

Painful Revelations

I previously wrote of my conversion to the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) (2) and the many red pills I swallowed between 2015 and early 2017. I prefer not to rehash those stories. Instead, I want to tackle a subject that I've been saving up to now:

The legitimacy of government. 

During my reading of Earning Freedom, (3) I would offer rebuttals and questions whenever the author touched upon specific subjects. One of them was when the main character, Sin, argued that taxation is theft. Not just some taxes, he meant all taxes are legalized theft. This triggered my inner-debate man and I responded:

This contradicts what America's Founding Fathers argued. If we are talking about taxes that the governed did not consent to, then yes, that is theft and the people are not morally obligated to pay it. But if the governed gave their consent, either through a direct vote or representation, then the people are obligated to contribute to the civil society. That's one of the duties a citizen must fulfill if they are to enjoy the protection of a legitimate state.

Daxisle replied:

The problem with that argument is that the generations after America's Fathers never consented to the taxes imposed during the Founding Era. Never mind the fact that posterity never gave the government permission to rule over them.

The exchange caused me to pause and think, making me realize that he was right. The United States government never once asked me permission to enforce the laws I never had a say in, especially ones that were created when I was not even born! And I sure as hell never gave the government permission to take portions of the money I will earn in the workforce. And if I refuse to give the state their cut (taxes), the police will kidnap me and throw me in cage like an animal, with food and care forcefully provided to me by the taxpayer. And If I resist the arrest, the cops will exercise their legal authority to either beat the hell out of me or kill me.

And speaking of cops...upon further reading on the subject matter, especially from James Duane, (4) Jon Masters, (5) Tom Woods, (6) and other libertarians, I've learned that the men and women in blue...are bullies and thugs by definition. Their mission is not to protect and serve the community. Their primary job is to forcefully collect revenue from the governed and to either arrest or kill those who refuse to pay taxes and obey the government. In other words, the state is a criminal organization who controls, extorts, and murders the domestic population with hired gunmen known as the police. The more I learn about the true purpose of the police state, the more I feel horrible that I actually thought of them as heroes at one point. Right now, I have nothing but contempt for government law enforcement agencies. I want nothing to do with the police, and prefer to keep my distance from them if I can help it.

As for the United States soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen, and special forces operators...I can't really despise them. I don't have the heart to. Maybe, because I sympathize with their motivations to serve their country and family. Maybe, because I have empathy for what the troops and their families go through in times of war. Maybe, because I feel nostalgic in the comradery I experienced during my years in J.R.O.T.C. There's a part of me that wishes to fight alongside the greatest military in the world...especially one founded on one principle: fight for freedom at home and abroad...

...but now, I know the true purpose of the state military. It is not to protect their country, families, or way of life. The primary purpose of a government soldier is to kill and conquer for the state they serve. To be blunt, they are mercenaries for hire. Not so different from those in the private sector. The only difference is that government troops have to be tricked into believing they are killing for an altruistic cause, when in reality they are advancing the economic and political interests of their leaders. It doesn't matter whether those interests are for kings, presidents, senators, bankers, corporate CEOs, war contractors, or military dictators. 

The United States military is no different. 

In accordance to the Non-Aggression Principle, a nation can justly engage in warfare under the following criteria:

1) When the country has suffered from an unprovoked attack by foreign government agents or foreign private groups.

2) When an invasion occurs, or an imminent threat thereof.

3) When an illegitimate faction engages in a coup attempt and seeks to impose their will on the population.

4) When the government no longer protects the lives, liberties, and private properties of the innocent. And therefore, the government needs to be forcefully abolished.

In over 240 years since the Declaration of Independence, the United States of America has for the most part been in perpetual war. Peace never lasted a decade in this country’s history. (7) And out of all the wars the United States government participated in, only a few were justified. The purpose for most American wars can be summed up with the state wanting to expand territory, steal resources from their victims, and force other countries to adopt democracy. I feel melancholic knowing how many American lives were wasted in order to fulfill the greed and pride of our government leaders.

Upon further introspection, a horrifying realization crossed my mind. Back in 2006, had I gone through with my decision to become an American Soldier, I would have done...horrible things...I would have killed the innocent...a child even...and the families of the victim would have been justified in wanting me dead...I would have suffered with an excruciating guilt for the rest of my life. I consider that to be a far worse fate than losing your limbs or life in battle. I now realize, all those years ago, that God stopped me from making what would have been one of the worst mistakes of my life...my anger towards God is now replaced with shame and gratitude.

New Course Of Action

Confronted with the knowledge that government is an organized bully that steals and murders the innocent, and with a better understanding of the Non-Aggression Principle, I made a series of life changing decisions in May of 2017. They include adopting the aforementioned Non-Aggression Principle, restoring my friendship with Jesus Christ, fessing up to my parents about what I kept from them, dropping out of college, (8) cutting my ties with the government, and pursuing work in the private sector.

With this course in mind, I contemplated on what I should do to earn money and contribute to my family and the civil society, rather than being a parasitical burden. As I consulted with both God and my parents, some...compelling thoughts crossed my mind. Even after all these years, I still have the desire to help and protect the innocent. When evil wishes to bring harm to peaceful people, especially my family and friends, I want to stand in-between them and bring hell to the bullies, or at least die trying. The dreams of my inner-child...to be a hero still remains. With that moment of clarity, I rediscovered my purpose in a civil society: to protect and defend the lives, liberties, and private properties of the innocent.

With my sense of purpose restored, I contemplated on which job I should pursue. My criteria was simple: Defending the innocent and getting paid voluntarily for my service. I considered the following options:

Militia - Able-bodied volunteers who, at a moment's call, take up arms to defend their families and communities from threats, both foreign and domestic. A beloved tradition older than the founding of the USA, this was the first profession I considered. I would have loved to follow in the footsteps of freedom-loving patriots of old. Unfortunately, most of the militias in my state want to restore America's constitutional republic, which I now consider to be a fruitless endeavor. Only one militia wants my state to secede from the union, but they want to establish a white-ethno state later. I support secession, but I will risk my life for the cause only if it leads to a free society. Besides, there's no money in this profession, and I need to increase my capital first. 

Firefighters - I heard that 80% of the American firemen are volunteers. (9) It's noble that many individuals risk their necks to save the lives and property of their fellow neighbors and not expect payment. Unfortunately for me, the volunteer faction live mostly in rural areas, and not in the cities. And the city fire departments get funded at taxpayers expense, which violates the Non-Aggression Principle. I don't want to steal from the innocent ever again.

Private Military - Private Military Companies (PMC) have the deserved reputation of getting the job done more effectively than government militaries, including the "superior" United States of America. (10) PMC technologies and strategies are up-to-date and missions can be accomplished with less manpower and costs. PMCs can be hired to defend vast territories and deter future invaders. However, while PMCs are great defensive options, they can also be used for aggressive and offensive operations. And since the military, both state and private, rely on war to stay afloat and relevant, the risk of false flag operations and hostile takeovers of the civil society will always exist. Plus, the PMCs today have a close buddy-buddy relationship with the government, making it almost impossible for me to find a company I would like to work for. 

Private Police - You can imagine my surprise when I've heard that these companies actually exist. Because of the inefficiency and corruption of the state police, communities and property owners are establishing and hiring these private police companies. Their job is to protect the lives, liberties, and property of their community-at-large. Plus, unlike their state counterparts, the private police will not be protected by the infamous "thin-blue-line." The transparency and accountability of these private police companies will guarantee that only the most effective and ethical will be hired. I'm disappointed that these companies do not exist where I live, but the moment one pops up, I'm rushing to their human resources department.

Private Investigator - this profession is always needed. Not only for criminal investigations, but civil and trivial matters as well. I've even heard of cases where PIs perform some type of security work, which caught my interest. While the tasks are mundane and not as glamorous as they make it in hollywood, PIs perform a necessary service to the community. Someone suggested this job to me at one point, and I find it appealing. However, there are a lot of hurdles I would have to go through to pursue this career. And given the nature of the job, I would antagonize the state police if I'm not careful. Still, I'll think about it.

Private Security - I have to thank Mr. Dapperton and Hans-Hermann Hoppe for bringing this up in their presentations. (11) (12) Otherwise, I never would have considered this option. A Security Guard's mission is to observe, report and prevent. I've been told repeatedly that security officers far outnumber the police in America. And security response time to threats will be quicker than the government. This profession holds a huge variety of opportunities for me, because no matter how the economy is doing, security is always needed, especially for those who are willing to pay for it. And there are a lot of security companies looking for workers everyday. This job will definitely help me to serve the community as a defender, and the money I earn will be voluntary, especially if I work for a private company. There are a couple of complaints I have for this profession. My co-workers and I will be scrutinized heavily by the state, especially in our armed posts. There are many actions security officers are not legally allowed to do, and we have to work with the police in some cases. There goes my plans in keeping my distance from the mafia. Additionally, it is very easy to become a security guard in America, meaning I will be surrounded by the crippled and the morons. 

Still, the private security industry was the only realistic place I can go to fulfill my purpose as a defender of the innocent. After investing both my time and money, I got my first job in the private sector as an unarmed security officer. I do not plan to stay in that position, but it has helped me in becoming a productive and hard-working man...and it feels good to earn money, rather than leech it off from my parents and the taxpayer. Right now, I'm taking my time in accumulating my resources, training in self-defense and firearms, and increasing my value as a worker. Pretty soon, I'm going to be stationed in a dangerous post, and I pray the Lord will prepare me for that day and protect me while I'm on duty. Above all, God help me in protecting myself, my family, my friends, and the innocent. 


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