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The Art of Loving

ElihsJun 9, 2018, 9:01:46 PM

He said “Thank you” …. With his look filled with love, hope and certainty, he said: “Thank you for your existence!"

That was the momentum when the entire universe became mine, when I found my place in it. At that moment I said to myself: everyone in this world came for a reason; there is a reason for everyone’s arriving on this wonderful, colorful earth.

And now, not only that I know my reason for coming here, for existing, for being, but I also know where I’ve always belonged and where I will belong. I know that my eyes exist in order to be a muse, an inspiration for the infinite creation of universes, fantasies, a whole new world where the true love can live and rise. Now I know that my scent and energy is present in the ether, in order to create notes of peaceful and dedicated music with a once broken guitar, a melody that marks the infinity in our senses, in the cosmos, no matter where we are, no matter who we are, no matter which world we think we live in, no matter which world we sleep in…

That music touches our ears; it touches even the ears of the most conservative human being, who stopped loving, hoping, dreaming and wondering… He’s the one who lives day by day, waiting for his old age, just to recount someone’s story, to a person, somewhere far away. Maybe he won’t, but he will repeat it over and over again in himself. That music will change even his mind, his way of thinking, for him to be also saddened for the “lost” love, in which even he didn’t believe...