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Technological Progress and Spiritual Decadence.

andrewmarkmusicJun 8, 2018, 2:31:59 AM

It's a cliché that technology is far outpacing our wisdom and ethics and our best spiritual inclinations.

This is a conspiracy post premised on the notion that The Nephilim exist--just not in the way literal religionists believe. To understand what's going on here one must grok that the demiurge and its archons control this matrix and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that they have copyright over this existence which enables them to pretty well do whatever they please.. It's best to view The Book of Revelations and Scripture in general as the predictive programming of the archons.

In practice, historically, this has played out as a divine right to rule via the hybrid bloodlines; control via deceptive and contradictory religions with endless persecutions, pogroms, inquisitions, etc., and in modernity control of the money supply by the El-ites. And just a note that it should be clear to anyone with any spiritual discernment whatsoever that any *anarchic hopes of Bitcoin (circa 2008) being the method to overthrow the present plutocracy have all been dashed (pun intended) as Wall St. buys out the crypto space wherein the likes of Amazon will use the blockchain as a globalist financial control grid--tracking every transaction done by anyone anywhere--this is prophesied in the demiurge religion. It can't be stopped and is a good argument that these same fiat currency masters created crypto.

The demiurge is limited in its abilities here and that's why it needs a control grid based on technology; it can know almost everything about you in this way without you knowing anything about the archons who control it; in fact, they deny that they exist--got Keyser Soze? In a sense, it's the epitome of neuroticism. The result of this situation is that a small group at the top of the pyramid can manipulate civilization via its myriad and covert branches. They do this by well-documented institutional structures but are also doing it via mind-manipulating programs documented as MKUltra. How far and wide the reach is anyone's guess but I speculate that they now work in clusters much like portrayed in the Netflix series, Sense 8... but, like pretty well everything in Holl-lie-wood, the narrative is inverted. These are The Nephilim and they control us here; but again, to get to the truth of the matter one has to grok Gnosticism--a non-contradictory and *rational spiritual tradition. So we have this group of spiritual elites who are in control here and manipulate the mind of man to their twisted ends.

Economically, they've set up a system that serves their ends and it's correct to portray them as the casino owners who have gamed the system to their advantage. Their present modus operandi in late postmodernity is welfare for the rich! They've created economic narratives which align with their agendas which pit human against human in a never-ending game of unnecessary exploitation and coercion. In The Lighted Womb, The Golden Rule is the method of interaction--so it's no coincidence that these EL-ites have set up systems that break this foundational spiritual truism. They've created a false narrative surrounding evolution and use that as justification for Social Darwinism--a very lowly evolved way of thinking and acting but it serves their greater agenda.

I've speculated that the end-game here is the Israeli Messiah who will usher in the worldwide Noahide Laws which will need mass religious consent to be implemented and that's why we are seeing the return of religion since 911--or, it's the primary reason we're seeing the return of religion although there are likely other factors involved in this, too. It's my opinion, that this will lay the foundation for this charismatic religious leader who will usher in these laws based on someone who never even existed! That is Noah. But I suspect Abraham was the primary source of the hybrid bloodlines and it's likely he did exist but the why of why Abraham is anyone's guess. I should note that the hybrids were created via every cultural group on the earth in antiquity so it's not strictly a Semitic phenomenon and there may indeed be a Game of Thrones going on, too!

NOTE*: my primary concern is spiritual anarchy as I don't believe political anarchy is possible.

NOTE*: for any religious claim to pass truth tests it has to withstand critical analysis by the faculties of reason and logic. Very few religions pass this test as far as I can see. But, I believe Gnosticism is a coherent explanation for why things are the way they are on this earth. I do concede, though, it's not the only possibility. And, yes, the higher dimensions of reality within the Gnostic worldview are speculative.