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John Adams

Gerry GeronimoJun 6, 2018, 7:05:18 PM

This is a review of John Adams, a TV mini-series by HBO.

Out of all the Founding Fathers, I least knew about John Adams prior to watching these 7 episodes about him.

The first episode (titled Join or Die) starts in 1770 prior to Independence. John Adams is the cousin of Samuel Adams. Both are from Boston.

The succeeding episodes follow John Adams through Independence as a member of the Continental Congress, his time in France as Minister Plenipotentiary along with Ben Franklin, convalescing in Holland, reunion with Abigail and Thomas Jefferson in France, his Vice Presidency under George Washington, his Presidency, and his retirement back home.

The mini-series ends with his and Thomas Jefferson's deaths on July 4th, fifty years after Independence. They remained friends and corresponded to the end despite some disagreements.

His son, John Quincy Adams, also became President while John Adams was still alive. It was a proud moment for him.

My regard for John Adams increased tremendously after watching this mini-series. I did not realize what a major part he played in the founding and birth of our great nation.

If you haven't watched this mini-series, I recommend you do so. Your appreciation and respect for the sacrifices and contributions of our Founding Fathers, especially John Adams, will increase immensely.

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