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This is why Minds is different from other social Network

nylsanJun 1, 2018, 6:12:16 PM

Social Networking site is a huge part of our life. Till Now, Facebook is the largest and most popular Social Networking site. According to Facebook, More than 2 billion people visit Facebook Monthly. I personally like the Facebook interface and features. It has a lot of features to capture the attention of the users.

Unfortunately, I do not like the way Facebook is running. They are misusing their users to generate huge revenue. In return, users do not get anything. Moreover, Facebook user have to surrender their all basic and most important information for safety and security.

You have to give your Name, birthdate, email even phone number just to open an account on Facebook. You may think that this just a basic information. But this basic information is the dream info for marketers. So, Your data and privacy are in danger. Facebook will not protect your data as their business model is totally different.

Recently, Facebook caught red-handed. Due to Cambridge analytical scandals, We now know that Facebook compromises our data and privacy.  A lot of people are very angry and look for the best alternative.

Why Minds is different from Facebook:

1. To open an account you just have to provide a username and password. Minds do not collect your birthdate or other sensitive information which is harmful to your privacy.

2. Minds do not sell your basic information to the third party advertising firm

3. Your phone number is protected by minds

4. No censorship on minds. It is dubbed as free speech social media

5. Minds reward its user through Cryptocurrency. Facebook gives us a big ZERO

6. Minds interface is very lucrative. Have all the basic ingredients as a great social networking site

What do you think about the minds platform? Do you think that minds is going to replace Facebook? Please Let us know your comment below. Have a nice day.