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Open development builds open sourced – A reply to @medworthy & @authorpendragon

#MindsGaming May 30, 2018, 4:19:53 PM

Minds is an open soured, decentralized, community owned project?

Well this indeed the company’s long standing “philosophy”, PR slogan. Let investigate…


Minds was launched somewhere in 2015 and was rumored to be supported by the hacking group “anonymous” for its decentralization,encryption, and anonymous nature.

Today in order to collect Tokens (Worth views to be seen) you must provide a phone number that is hashed and slated (encrypted)to register.

Minds to date is still not decentralized as no nodes or instances connect to the Minds network for posting, and the “maintained” nodes are full of bugs and issues from basics of site adminship to uploading.

Community Owned

Minds launched a wefunder campaign for community ownership in 2017  with over 1,000 “investments” a million dollars invested into the program, yet Minds development team refuses to open development even to these investors that “own” Minds and stands behind “we have a small team” as they decline opening the development to users whom are interested.

Open Sourced

Minds is 100% FOSS, Free Open Source Software, and the code is publicly published on Github for all to contribute to the program

Open Development

Minds Inc has ignored and straight declined open development on a user base in the community at this point with no reply to opening these process by using other open source software that can used in place of the current “Members pass” needed to help build Minds like Tagia & Mantis public projects over Asana and well nothing. Open development is a key to building open source software and community relations (You can see the decline in this over the last few months) and refusal to do so is not only bad for you as a community owner but the network as a whole that we have always wanted to see grow in a transparent, open way.

Over the game’s

A lot of technical, log standing users that helped build Minds into what you see today (as well as any beta user). A lot are getting aggravated and hostile towards the Minds program as we see it slide away from its key philosophy’s and relation with its user base. I as a “owner” of Minds am asking Minds Inc. for simple and obtainable things that will only help build and improve Minds.

1.) A human user based readable Changelog

2.) Open development for the community as it is “community owned.”

I Do not think this is to much for the community to expect and demand from a “transparent”, “community owned project” thats wants to become decentralized.