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Futility: what privacy?

MetaphysicalAxiomMay 28, 2018, 5:55:05 PM

What privacy? Do you all really think a metaphorical "island" or a couple of "palm leaves" is going to hide your thoughts or your secrets? You think? REALLY!? 

The truth of the matter is that before tech companies, algorithms and data bases correlated the wants and thoughts of the majority... Before these entities ever "violated your privacy", Consciousness itself already knew your wants and arbitrarily labeled "Dirty Secrets". 

Governments, corporations and the industrialists, elites, rich/tier5 consciousness, (same difference) used to pay Mentalist type people, (like myself ;-)$) for insights and they got all of that information regardless of the emergent phenomena of tech and the access to the dick pics that it allows. 

The truth is that not much has changed. The only thing that has changed is that now, people like me will not be hired by corporations because this new tech removes yet another niche of which people would have filled otherwise. (Welcome to my economic trivialization yielding the only thing that imprisons me. I don't have the money to be free and in a capitalistic environment that is the only freedom that can never be obtained, hence the corruptive motives of economic bias.)

Currently the majority are prisoners in their own minds. They are on an island of false perception. Some of us are prisoners in our apartments and/or our bedrooms. 

We do not know what we are and because of that the majority are on a perceptual island of delusion. The majority are trying to pretend they are one thing or another. That is the "real prison".... That is the island.

The majority's refusal to accept this state of unknowing as well as their desperation to insert their opinions or beliefs,.. as well as labels in a futile attempt to distract from these thoughts or to prove them wrong is part of the reason why Mentalist can run your perceptual paradigms, know your thoughts, motives,.. and thereby with only a slight amount of effort, figure out exactly what you want as well as how to sell it to you.

Observe the ignorance and the majority's haphazard attempts to eliminate it... Observe how those attempts have been turned into a weapon to win a battle of economics. 

Welcome to capitalism. 

Welcome to the gamification of the entire world. 

Your brains and bodies are both required to win this fake as fuck game of Monopoly where you are the board game pieces... Those pieces are called consumers, slaves, soldiers, tools and more specifically, the majority are usurped biology; AKA the enslaved.

Ignorance is slavery. This is the war for your mind. Escape your mental prisons.

Opinions are too simple to be complete truths.

Beliefs are illusions.

Freedom is a lie.

Democracy is a failure.

Capitalism is a broken game that only survives because war is made into a perpetual business.

Shit, even this platform only survives because the war of the mind is a perpetual business. 

The people that run this platform are more aware than the majority and their intentions are noble. (@ottman @john @jack) 

Unfortunately, there's that old adage about the road to hell, (which I most assuredly will replace at some point. Will religious brainwashing ever stop infecting communications?) and idealism is a blinding cognitive bias. That cognitive bias is the blindfold on you children Running With Scissors. This platform is your pair of scissors. The body of which you stab is the biosphere as well as the emergent level of complexity that currently exist.

The majority and even another much smaller demographic do not follow cause and effect far enough. Not much of what they think is a complete thought or understanding. Their motives are the product of however far they make it through the equation of thought, usually a partial puzzle and therefore their actions are always haphazardly.

The only thing this platform has done is create a larger Island where all of the "unwanted cultural warriors" have congregated. 

Now those of us who study as well as the tracking software have control groups. The other social media platforms and those that use them to brainwash certain demographics have an easier time of it because the "dissenters" are spending their time here. Now those platforms don't have to ban us and the Sheep over there don't have to block us. 

Minds.com has effectively produced a gigantic echo-chamber lake. 

Each Channel on this platform is a tiny turd island in a lake containing mostly raw sewage. 

Each Channel making a post is another deuce dropping into the body of the retard orchestra, thought sewage lake. Occasionally a couple of drops leak out of the pond. The majority of the diarrhea of the mouth information stays in the pond. The tiny amount that dribbles out is quickly covered by the massive rivers of shit in this oversaturated market for our attention.

Regardless of what you intended this platform to be, it will still be what it is, unfortunately. Like I said when I first started using it, an interesting experiment but ultimately a failure. 

90% of mainstream media is bought and paid for by corporate interest. Economic bias is tied into our biological survival. Because of this the majority of posts and the "unwanted cultural warriors" that congregate here are still the product of the mass brainwashing campaign. That majority continue that campaign here with even more fervor than they are allowed to on other platforms. This makes you fine folks of minds.com and the majority of your users nothing but your own shills. That is to say, whatever it is that are your predominant intentions for the world; you are all acting against your own best interest.

As I have said before, we do not possess power. We are plastered to the front of a train of biology, (immense complexity in relation to structure and emergence). Most of what we do is deterministic. Slight course alterations are what the majority, as do those behind this platform, attempt and usually fail to manifest.

Again, unfortunately, the level of consciousness, of which is attempting to be effectual but is doing so from their blindfolded state. That equates to nothing more than wallowing in the trough of the wave of awareness instead of surfing the crest of the wave of consciousness; floundering.

I continue to throw all of you lines in an attempt to tug you to the crest of the wave. 

I'm not here to win a popularity contest. I'm not here to be your friend. I'm not here to be diplomatic. 

I'm here to give you all direction. I'm here to equip you all with a surfboard in order to surf the crest of the wave of consciousness. 

Escape your prison. 

Stop pretending as if you have a choice. 

The entire biosphere must adapt or we all devolve. 

Of course, you'll write me off as a condescending, arrogant, narcissistic crazy asshole with delusion of grandeur...

Welcome to the acceptance of futility.