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Hamilton and Douglas Crime Firm

Luminous▼SovereignMay 28, 2018, 12:27:21 PM

The Hamilton family are a high level Irish and Scottish Peerage involved with politics, law, and organized crime. They hold the current titles of Dukes of Hamilton, Dukes of Brandon, Dukes of Abercorn, Earls of Selkirk, Barons of Dalzell, Barons of Epsom, Lords of Belhaven and Stenton, Barons of HolmPatrick, and Viscounts of Boyne.

Hamilton the 5th Duke of Abercorn is an Irish-British Peer, politician, major landowner, and current Chancellor of the Order of the Garter. The founding father of the United States and 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was from the Hamilton nobility and a double agent serving the British Crown and helped to turn the Virginia Company into the United States. Hamilton is a town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland not far from Glasgow which has a high rate of organized crime and street gangs. The Hamilton family are part owners of some Irish Mafias and Scottish Glasgow gangs.

Arthur Hamilton the Lord Hamilton is a judge from Glasgow and has worked as Lord Justice General and Lord President of the Court of Session. Raymond Hamilton was a member of the Barrow Gang during the Great Depression and involved in murders and armed robberies. The family also established Bavarian and Swedish noble branches. Bjorn Hamilton is a Swedish Count and politician today.

A branch of the Hamilton family merged with the Douglas family and have intermarried with various Scottish and British nobles. The Bavarian Prince Max Wittelsbach is currently married to the Swedish Countess Elisabeth Christina Douglas from the Douglas family which has established itself in Scotland, Germany and Sweden. The Douglas and Hamilton families have both produced multiple Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Thomas F. Hamilton was the founder of Hamilton Standard which has through a series of mergers absorbed into UTC Aerospace Systems.

Andrew Hamilton was from the Hamilton peerage and was a lawyer that established himself in Philadelphia. His son was James Hamilton also a lawyer, land owner, and mayor of Philadelphia. Pepper Hamilton is a US law firm founded by George Wharton Pepper in Philadelphia who merged his firm with several other lawyers including the Hamilton family’s hidden ancestor John Daniel Miller Hamilton who moved to Philadelphia to become the head of Pepper Hamilton.

Pepper Hamilton is one of the most corrupt law firms in the United States and it is working with the Irish Mafia. The Hamilton family of Ireland and Scotland are part owners of the K&A Gang or Northeast Philly Irish Mob which is involved with methamphetamine production, labor rackets, burglary rings, and various other criminal activities including extortion and blackmail. The Irish Mafia have put their associates in at Pepper Hamilton with Thomas M. Gallagher as Chairman, Bill Belanger as the Intellectual Property Department head, and Alison McCarthy is a lawyer involved in IP due diligence and licensing and patent litigation.

The House of Hamilton are a very large family and there are dozens of towns in the United States named Hamilton. The Swiss Hamilton Watch Company was founded in Pennsylvania and named after the lawyer Andrew Hamilton. The family owns Lennoxlove Castle and the Baillie-Hamilton family branch own Mellerstain Castle. The Hamilton family married with the German Baden family similar to the Douglas family which became nobles of Baden, Germany.

Both the Douglas and Hamilton families established themselves in Sweden. The House of Baden and Swedish royal family are intermarried. The Hamilton, Douglas, Baden, and Bernadotte families have an alliance. Count Gustaf Douglas is a Swedish billionaire whose ancestors were the Scottish Lords of Dalkeith. Gustaf’s sons are Eric Douglas and Carl Douglas. The Hamilton family claim the Douglas titles today. The Dukes of Hamilton also owned coal mines in Scotland and this is how they obtained some of their wealth during the Industrial Revolution.

Members of the Hamilton family include James Hamilton the 5th Duke of Abercorn, James Hamilton the Marquess of Hamilton, Alexander Douglas-Hamilton the 16th Duke of Hamilton, Sophie Rutherford the Duchess of Hamilton, John William Douglas-Hamilton, James Douglas-Hamilton the Baron Selkirk of Douglas, John Andrew Douglas-Hamilton the Lord Daer and Master of Selkirk, Gavin Goulburn Hamilton the 5th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell, Archibald Gavin Hamilton the Baron Hamilton of Epsom, Robert Anthony Carmichael Hamilton the 13th Lord Belhaven and Stenton, Frederick Carmichael Arthur Hamilton the Master of Belhaven, William Richard Hamilton, Gustavus Hamilton-Russell the 11th Viscount Boyne, George Baillie-Hamilton the 14th Earl of Haddington, Thomas Richard Baillie-Hamilton, Benjamin Robert Hamilton-Baillie, Laurence Benjamin Hamilton-Baillie, Hans James David Hamilton the 4th Baron HolmPatrick, Ion Henry James Hamilton, Evelyn William James Hamilton, and Ross Andrew James Hamilton.

I don’t want to go too much in depth in this article, I mainly want to inspire people to think critically and to sow some seeds.

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