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Can Humans be Trusted to Run Society?

BazzaxMay 28, 2018, 12:27:05 AM

Apostates will face the full force of the law. Many scholars believe the word Sharia comes from "path to the waterhole." Waters have certainly gotten muddied through the dilution of raw sewage - academic bilge - that comprises Cultural Marxism. Far-left looks into the abyss and sees the far-right, and remain with no option but to project these findings onto their detractors.

The migration of people from officially Islamic nations has poured oil on the stilled waters of a post Iron Curtain, enlightened Europe. Globular pockets that refuse to mix with the main body around them, causing nothing but disruption. While some seeps into the surroundings and mixes, the bulk resists this and by dint of its presence, undermines the unity of all that went before.

Globalist corporations, in concert with their government stooges have made a pincer movement that Emperor Palpatine would envy! Making use of useful idiots of indebted students, brainwashed by debentured professors whose stipendary wages are fed by alumni donations and corporate sponsorship. Meanwhile, they decry kyriarchy from their pulpits, drilling the "diversity is our strength" mantra that echoes around politics and the studios of mainstream media outlets.

People are pack animals; hence they are easily led. Give them enough to be getting along with, just the right amount of basics and entertainment to distract, then watch as society bends to your will. But ideology, malintent and the maelstrom of emotion stains an otherwise clear page of the dream of impartiality with ink. Swirls, scribbles, illegible cursive that spells a hex to liberty if not thrown out quick enough. Humans do their best to throw the spoke in a wheel that has progressed us so far and machines exist to serve, alleviating the bulk of administrative bureaucracy. Would a hyperfast 5G, quantum-computing, blockchain-led AI, in possession of an objective ledger system - immune to interference - ever punish Tommy Robinson in the way he has?

What use would feminist, globalist ideology be to AI? What sense would religion and Islam make to it? Could putting such systems in place ensure political agenda or forms of extremism would fail to take precedence over judgement. Allowing AI to deal with the legwork of law and politics that humans demonstrate such a lacklustre management of may very well save us from ourselves.

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