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What is Elysian ICO project?

tinhkhuatMay 26, 2018, 3:49:09 PM

What is Elysian ICO project?

Elysian is an innovative new decentralized platform that will use the Ethereum blockchain to secure customer data, facilitate Ecommerce transactions, and drastically change user experience. The integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology will ultimately provide a higher level of security in the realm of Ecommerce.

The platform is where ecommerce and cryptocurrency come together as one. Elysianconsists of a massive team of Ecommerce Specialists who are also cryptocurrency experts, ready to create an ultra-successful, multi-million-dollar platform. Ecommerce will of course be the main focus of the system, with the billions upon billions of dollars generated by the industry each year being used to support the financial revolution.


The innovative concept of Elysian will drastically improve current flaws in the Ecommerce industry by integrating blockchain technology to create a revolutionary Ecommerce platform.


This is a legitimate concern in the realm of Ecommerce, exemplified most notably by the data breaches of Target and Equifax. Elysian will improve this aspect using smart contracts and storing customer data on the blockchain to upgrade security. This will generate a level of trust in the businessto-consumer (B2C) business model that is currently nonexistent.


Elysian will provide a new experience for consumers by integrating Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into Ecommerce to create useful, efficient website navigation and provide consumers with a more detailed description and visualization of products.


Vastly improves the convenience of payments in cryptocurrency. Users will have the ability to freely convert to whichever token they desire, including the Elysian token, to eliminate fees and purchase goods in a more efficient manner.


Designed to promote engagement and interaction between the Elysian team and the community. Provides a sustainable business model by allocating the tokens specifically to the growth pool for use after the TGE to fund community campaigns to improve our project. The Elysian forum is designed to be used as a means of communication for potential partnerships and future ideas for company expansion. Community members can either use their own tokens to contribute towards the growth of the project, or receive tokens out of the Elysian growth pool to be allocated for specific task completion. Voting Rights – Project applications listed on the forum are to be voted on by community members. If the project receives a minimum of 51% “yes” votes, and passes the responsible voting requirements*, the project will receive funding. All tokens contributed by community members to projects that are not approved will be refunded.

Elysian Team:

The team behind the platform consist of a team of highly trained cryptocurrency specialists, who are considered experts with a vision of turning Elysian into a global marketplace and cryptocurrency market that is considered the main focal point of the entire ecommerce industry. Powered by the blockchain technology, Elysian is the center piece of an ecosystem presented for a sustainable and healthy growing community, fully integrated with other businesses in the ecommerce sector.

Token system:

The Elysian token (ELY) will serve as the primary method of access to transactions on the Ecommerce platform. The token will have the capability of being kept in our private wallet and then sent to the Ecommerce platform to facilitate transactions for services, avoiding the hassle of using a card or the outrageous fees of bitcoin. The token will be of the ERC20 format.

Elysian Token Distribution

Elysian In Conclusion

The platform is extremely innovative and aimed at drastically changing the world of ecommerce with the new blockchain technology built business model. The numerous improvements the company is claiming will occur on the platform is said to be enough evidence to show investors and consumers why a faster rate of delivery, mixed with secure data storage of customers is the only way to run a business of this nature, especially when mixed with blockchain technology and can at the same time give users an immeasurable level of trust considered to be vital in the natural growth of the ecommerce industry. You can find out more about Elysian at elycoin.io.

You can visit the following:

Website - https://elycoin.io/

Whitepaper - https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english

Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/Elysian_ELY

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ElysianxELY

Telegram - https://t.me/elysian_ely

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