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Glitzkoin – Transforming the Diamond Industry in a Way Never Seen Before

RoonyBlackMay 25, 2018, 2:04:37 PM

About us

As we all know, the diamond industry is continuously growing in terms of mining, processing, modelling and selling. More than half of world’s supply of diamonds come from Africa and their contribution to the market is worth billions of dollars.

The main idea of the Glitzkoin project is to secure the network and build a connection between the traders and consumers by transparency and secure relationships. All problems caused by using paper in transactions can be eliminated through the use of the platform, not only ecological but also financial, delivery, etc. issues. By removing the intermediaries in many transactions it is now possible to save money from fees and commission by integrating different processes in a single ecosystem that connects all interested parties.

The platform is not only for buyers and sellers of diamonds, but it also keeps track of all transactions, certificates and goods history in one place. It is time-saving and easy to use but most importantly it is trustworthy with the help of advanced technologies for company and personal data protection. The project is innovative because such type of blockchain technology is never before used in the diamond industry and it simplifies the integration between the necessary stages of bringing diamonds to the state normal people recognize and would buy them.

In my opinion, the team of professionals that developed Glitzkoin are contributing to the market via thinking outside the box and widening the boarders of technological support in the field of traditional diamond trading.

As cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, it is also time for diamond production and selling to become an asset that can be fast and simply purchased by people and companies willing to own a small or large amount of this resource.

Main characteristics

The project has planned all steps of its development until the first quarter of 2019. What they have already accomplished are research and ready prototypes, token design and presale launch and also the release of the official website. Key events for the second quarter of 2018 are the main token sale event and the start of the Diamond Exchange platform. What is more, the token distribution and main sale are already uploaded on the website and keep gaining popularity.

The main team members are the CEO and the Head of technology, who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of diamond industry and blockchain technology.

The other team members have worked with major diamond mining firms and in the sphere of financial and marketing communications consulting, PR and media relations. The management team consists of seven members, who are all very well prepared, in order to deliver their knowledge and skills and contribute to the project in the best way possible. There are also 3 professionals in the team of advisors. Not only they are specialists in their fields of work, but they are all also keen on bringing innovations to the diamond industry with the tools of blockchain technologies and digital assets.

The whitepaper is 17 pages long and presents precisely and clearly all aspects of the Glitzkoin platform. It does not include long and unnecessary information about the software tools and updates but wants to emphasize the fact that the project is transparent and backed up with the latest data protection certificates and legal contracts. The website is also very informative with direct links to the whitepaper, token sale event and purchasing tokens. The blue color speaks for a serious mission and draws the attention on the current phase of fulfillment of the token selling targets. Below there are buttons for news subscription and connection to social networks.

Glitzkoin has already developed a stabile partnership with Stellar and other brands.

The total supply of tokens is 999 million, 245 of which are split in four phases for the token sale event. The initial price is 0.12 USD and when the 35 million tokens are sold, it will raise to 0.14 USD. The maximum price that could be reached for a token is 0.20 USD and it would be set on the 120th token sold. There is also the possibility of gaining a 10% bonus if the amount purchased is 500.000 USD or above. Compared to other projects this is a rather big bonus available for companies with a large scope of investing possibilities. There are also smaller bonuses for lower sums devoted to the project.

What I like about Glitzkoin

To summarize, what is particularly impressive about this project is how the new insight on technology can be effectively used in a rather traditional industry. The platform is innovative because such an idea has never been developed before. It is not only for companies that specialize in the field, but can also be used by private individuals and smaller firms, interested in purchasing certified diamonds with a known history and origin description. It connects directly all players on the market, in order to achieve fast and protected partnerships and deals. Personally, I look forward to discovering further details on the project because in my opinion it is innovative and simplifies the interactions in the field of diamond trading.

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