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RACOIN - Answer of People`s Prayers

RoonyBlackMay 25, 2018, 1:00:43 PM

What is RACOIN?

From the moment when gambling was born, the world needed more. But expectedly another problem come up. The moment when casinos weren`t enough, the world come up with the virtual ones where gambling enthusiasts can play from their comfort home.

The numbers are more than enough to speak by themselves. The gaming industry is growing with stable rates and its very prospective.

Advancements for this industry are very rare after the breakthrough of online gambling. Even there are few setbacks such as the lack of privacy and true transparency. But here comes the solution which RACOIN is giving to the audience. Involving blockchain technology is the thing which performs new enhancement for the gambling industry. Including cryptocurrency is what powers up the gambling to whole new level.

Here comes the team of RACOIN with revaluating resolution. The team is concentrating in developing effective solutions and affordable for everyone both online and offline interactors.

RACOIN is working in collaboration with different resorts and on ground casinos to distribute the idea of crypto gambling.

Base elements


The born of RACOIN goes back in 2016 when was the start of the development of blockchain technology. The year after is the year when the team hunting started and the implementation of few casinos in idea of involving crypto currency in way for payment. In the year of 2018 are several events which need to be point. Such as in March 2018 the event of pre-sale and the official first stage of the token sale in April 2018. There few listed events in the future for RACOIN which goes far in future in the year of 2020 but for that period and exact year we just can say what the team is set as goal.


The team of RACOIN is highly advanced and with the experience of their past, the team is up to be successful. The managing team with lead partner Eugene Potemskyi and managing partner Alex Kosenko. The CEO of the company is Alex Gusev.

The complexed technology and blockchain development are needing the help of specific experts and the team have gathered a separate team of advisors to do that.

Whitepaper and website review

The whitepaper of RACOIN is providing everything from the rotes of company to data information to be interesting to future clients and investors. You can find the whitepaper in the website and in the following menus there you can find easy way to know more about RACOIN. The website of the company is with the needed design to be persuasive for the eye.


The event of the token sale is separated in two stages such as pre-sale in March 2018 and official token sale in April 2018.

The hard cap for the pre-sale event is 3 000 000 000 RAC. If this is achieved before the end of the token pre-sale, this event is going to be terminated.

There is one for the official token sale. The hard cap here is 5 000 000 000 RAC and the soft one is 2 000 000 000 RAC. Here is the thing here, if the soft cap is not received, all the funds collected by the participants will be returned to them without the transaction commissions.

The team of RACOIN have prepared a surprise for their clients called “Crowdsale Jackpot”. The awards for the winners are three and they are:

• Diamond, 100,000,000 RAC, 1 prize winner;

• Platinum, 5,000,000 RAC, 10 prize winners;

• Gold, 500,000 RAC, 100 prize winners.

The more the participants invest in RACOIN the chance of winning is growing bigger and bigger.

The end of the story

The solution of RACOIN is involving crypto currency in the gambling industry. Industry where people already have many opportunities and there comes the answer of RACOIN`s team. Many before tried to come up with revolution in this hard world and difficult market. Giving to the people more convenient way of payment and satisfying answer is what differs this team than the rest. Even there is special surprise for the participating investors in the token pre-sale and following official one. Best-known entertainment centers like casinos are known to be source of satisfaction of people`s needs but the revolution of RACOIN is something to think about. 

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice.

RAcoin Official Website: https://racoin.io/

RAcoin Whitepaper: https://racoin.io/pdf/racoin_whitepaper_eng.pdf?ver=20180523

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