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The Degoogling Project

MicahMay 22, 2018, 11:20:33 PM

For people looking to break away from Google and Google services. 

Essentially, everything managed by Google or directly related to Google in some form should have a replacement.

I haven't completely broken away, but if people are willing to comment on this blog with alternatives or suggestions, I am happy to add suggestions.

Browser - Firefox, TOR, Brave

Firefox Add-ons - uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, Cookie Auto-Delete

Search Engine - DuckDuckGo, Startpage, searx.me

YouTube - HookTube, RSS Feed for Subscriptions, NewPipe from F-Droid

Drive - NextCloud Server (Self-Hosted or DigitalOcean), Syncthing

Docs - LibreOffice with NextCloud and Collabora Office Online (Never tried this combo myself but it was in the replies)

Maps - OpenStreetMaps, HereWeGo

Mail - ProtonMail, Tutanota, Posteo, Self-Hosted

Calendar - NextCloud Server, may come with email service

Keep - NextCloud Server, StandardNotes

OS - Linux (Mint, Arch, etc.), Debian, Tails (TOR based OS)

Android OS - LineageOS, CopperheadOS

Android Store - F-Droid, Yalp-Store

There are loads of options over at www.privacytools.io if you want to explore more.