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My Take on the Santa Fe Shooting

Wonder_BusterMay 22, 2018, 7:13:03 AM

Well, here we are talking about this topic again, huh?

Same clueless mainstream media and celebrity push blaming outward. Different scenario that must be put into context so that those with a forgetful memory can understand. Yet another high school shooting triggered by constant bullying, and with the culprit finally reaching a breaking point where, in his view, the way of the gun is the only answer.

On Friday, May 18th, 2018, a shooting took place at Santa Fe High School, which left 10 people dead and 10 people injured. As per fucking usual when events like this happen, mainstream media pundits and celebrities who have no grasp on how the real world works spewed the usual political rhetoric to promote how gun control needs to be implemented; how violent video games were responsible, even though this bullshit Dungeons & Dragons moral panic has been going on for over a quarter century. Even now, they refuse to look inwardly to understand the "why" and the "how" and automatically jump to the "who, what, when, where". Slimy bastards used the freshly dead students to promote sensationalist articles and headlines clamboring for sales, stumping for Democratic candidates, causing moral panics. and other politically driven bullshit. It's come to a point that I have stopped giving a shit about these idiots, because they don't care about context - all they care about is sensationalism.

The cocksucker who was responsible for this, whom I refuse to name so I don't give the bastard noteriety, was repeatedly bullied - which continues a pattern that we see with these school shootings, where the culprit was bullied or had severe mental issues. One of the first people that he killed was a girl who rejected him, the last drop of water in a glass already full. The Santa Fe Independent School District dismissed the notion, no doubt rushing to cover their ass so that their school district doesn't get broadsided by a class-action lawsuit.

Which leads me into the topic of this article. This shooting is part of a pattern, which demonstrates the education system's lack of integrity and stubborn lionization of anti-bullying systems that don't fucking work in order to shield themselves from wrongful death lawsuits. The bully is protected, and the victim gets punished, no matter what degree the bully's wrongdoing.

I have experienced bullying firsthand when I was younger, so naturally I am supportive of the notion that the anti-bullying programs are a fucking farce. Students don't fucking care about the ineffectual programs, because they backfire and lead to worse bullying. Suicides, assaults, and cyberbullying have all demonstrated the failure of this these programs. As I stated beforehand, these anti-bullying campaigns are a thinly veiled attempt to cover their ass. These school administrations are ultimately responsible for this. No amount of moral panic, no amount of political agendas is going to sweep away the reality that these administrations are so afraid of lawsuits, so infected with political corruption, so fixated on giving themselves self congratulatory pats on the back that they're building a rat ship. Through their complete mismanagement of school funds and giving themselves pay raises, these assholes would rather act shocked when one of these school shootings happen than to actually give a damn and stepping up to put a stop to this. And as long as this mindset continually wins out, this pattern will keep repeating itself.

Since I was a teenager myself, I should need not remind anyone that children in adolecense or in their teenage years are not meant to bottle up their emotions forever - it's at an age where hormones and emotions are at their most volatile. They NEED to have a constructive outlet to expel their anger, or it risks sacrificing their own sanity. Deny them that outlet, and that anger keeps building and metastasizing until the worst case scenario unfolds. There is the reason why a fist is the only way to stop a bully.

I end this article in this fashion. The time of pointing fingers and deflecting has long since ended, and the time to look inwardly, to view this as human beings instead of cattle, is long overdue. I am sick and fucking tired of celebrities pretending to care about the loss of life when all they care about is relevance. I am sick and fucking tired of mainstream media outlets pretending to care when all they really give an ounce of deep fried shit about is sensationalist articles to attract advertiser money. I am sick and fucking tired about moral panics being disguised as answers.

We are human beings, genus Homo sapiens sapiens. Should that not mean something?

So until next time, in the immortal words of Edward R. Murrow, "Good night and good luck".

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