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Spiritualism= Identity branding!?

MetaphysicalAxiomMay 21, 2018, 8:40:03 PM

There is nothing magical or even special about spiritualism. Spiritualism is nothing but identity branding and even worse, a delusional self-affirmation, a false perceptual paradigm of which prevents many of you from admitting not knowing a wide array of items. This failure to admit not knowing means that you will never ask productive questions and ultimately you will continue to delude the "sense of self".

Even more disgusting is that spiritual branding is a mental prison and advertisers use your false perception of identity to sell you products by means of psychologically associating your trendy bullshit perception of reality and the vocabulary that comes with said "spiritualism" with their products. 

Now you really have become a brand; a certain brand of bullshit.

Not only is your spiritualism a mental prison of stagnation but it is a weapon; weaponized psychology using your fears of not knowing what reality is as a weapon for the purpose of manipulating your emotions in order to get you to buy something or be sold on a perception of a perceived individual.

Chances are that your sense of self is weaponizing the concept of spiritualism in the form of virtue signaling so that you can more easily survive, socially. Weaponized psychological manipulations are prevalent in our so-called civilized society.

When you pretend or feign spirituality or some sort of false state of enlightenment and/or pious morals; you're waving a flag that attracts the same type of fakeness. These actions manipulate perceived others into accepting the concept of self that is being displaying/feigned. 

The artificial scarcity of tribalism is driving this phenomena as is the media and most especially the advertising campaigns from massive corporations. Your entire sense of self is a lie and this desperate need to fortify the false concept of self or inflate the ego is a weakness. There are many forms of biology that will take advantage of your weakness in order to save calories.

Stop trying to pretend that you know what you are. That is not likely possible. 

Matter of fact, when you pretend to know what you are or that you know what you're talking about; what you're actually doing is pissing on the efforts of every hard-working intellectual that currently exists or that has ever lived, (all together, pissing on intelligence). With this arrogant and asinine Act of pretend time unwittingly insinuating that every single scientist should just commit suicide because all that matters are insane opinions/beliefs and you can't be bothered to observe the facts of reality of which said scientist and great thinkers have painstakingly collected.

If you watch my content and really pay attention, really give it the thought it deserves, then you will realize I have replaced all religions and spirituality with logic and scientific literacy. There's nothing more powerful than the tangible understanding of physical reality. You will no longer need to be fake as fuck. 

Yeah, I'm an asshole, keep deluding your sense of self. You're welcome anyway. What? You expected me to be one of these manipulative fake as fuck light dealers? You want me to talk about the soul and how much I love you?

I'm not going to apologize for refusing to be an underhanded manipulative piece of shit.

Again, you're welcome.