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Battle Specter Minds: Masticating Meat

BattleSpecterMay 21, 2018, 6:10:01 PM

When I was a kid, my dad made the best chicken wings (What? Did you misunderstand the title?). They were covered in a mixture of Open Pit, ketchup, mustard, and honey that liberally coated your face and fingers in, to my childhood mind, was analogous to blood and guts. I often wondered if the feelings I felt eating those wings were the same as cavemen and women when they dined on the raw meat from their most recent kill. I still wonder about that now while eating grilled chicken with my own family. There's a certain fulfillment that occurs when I rip a chicken wing in two, or gnaw on a t-bone. A guttural satisfaction that elates the senses, and for me at least, brings me closer to those rough individuals from eons past that carved out a legacy they never could have imagined. To say I enjoy eating meat is a gross oversimplification.

We are a unique species on this planet. The lion would never give a second thought to the deeper meaning of its meal, or what wine or veggie combination would best match the texture and taste of Gazelle. It'd never think of cooking its food, or even using a table. We, on the other hand, fuss over the utensils, spices, sides, dishes, manner of preparation, calories, whether its ethical or not, etc. We overthink the rather simple. Like I said- we're unique.

Which is why I think I prefer grilled meats to just about anything. They're utterly simple and delicious. Start a fire, put the remains of your chosen prey over that fire, cook thoroughly, and eat. Maybe that in and of itself is a gross (especially to vegans) oversimplification, but for me at least, it's a simple truth to the reason I like meat so much.

A connection to the past, and those we owe our lives to- the ignoble caveman and cavewoman who dealt with predators that would eat them, and prey that could kill them and carved out their place in the world. Eating meat is a means of paying homage, and connecting at a primal level to our roots, and as our ancestors did before us, asserting our place as the dominant species on the planet.

This isn't to say that we are exempt from respecting the process, just that we must admit what we are as a species- THE apex predator that all other predators would want to be (if they had the capacity to understand that at all). We've come a long way from ganging up on Mammoths to feed the tribe, or battling Saber Toothed Tigers for the spoils of a hunt. We don't scavenge for food any more (well... Most of us don't), and we needn't live in caves, or worry about where the next meal is going to come from (again- most of us don't).

We live a veritable life of luxury and opulence which started when Caveman Bob slew his first animal and feasted on its flesh. We owe a lot to that primal piece of ourselves whether we want to admit it or not. It feeds our more altruistic notions, and drives our pursuit of greater achievements. The thrill of the hunt- the visceral glee of ripping flesh from bone to feast- fueled our rise to greatness.

It's a slap in the face of that ideal to refuse to eat meat. Well... At least I think so. What are your thoughts on eating meat? Comment below.