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kronesMay 20, 2018, 5:19:26 PM

Good day, community. Let me tell you about a new project from the crypto world. I promise, you will like the idea laid in the project. But about the performance judge for yourself. Today we will talk about HashCard.

Brief overview of the project.

Developers of the project as a final product for the consumer offer debit cards of their own production - HashCard. Simplicity of use and excellent functionality make the Hash card attractive for everyone who regularly spends money in foreign currency.

This applies not only to crypto currency like Bitcoin or Etherium. I want to note that the developers of the project promise their customers unique conditions that are not yet on the market. Hash Card is a card that really works in the everyday world. Many previous attempts to create a debit card for bitcoins and altcoyins have been unsuccessful due to the fact that,for their ill-thought in terms of speed of transactions and lack of reliability, although investors invested millions of dollars in these projects.

A key feature of HashCard.

HashCard can be used wherever you can use conventional Visa, MasterCard, World cards, etc.

There is only one key feature of HashCard - the use of crypto currency to make purchases or other all kinds of transactions. In total, at the time of launch, there are approximately 30 types of crypto-currency. This is not the final number, as the market does not stand still and new projects appear every day,

tokens of which will find their application in the future.

Do you have a reasonable question - and how is the transaction of purchases through the card? After all, on account of crypto-currencies, and all pay basically for their national currency. It's simple -HashCard service monitors the exchange prices in real time and instantly exchanges them for the desired currency when making purchases through the card. Moreover, there are no commissions for such transactions. The ability to exchange money for accurate interbank exchange rates gives us an application from the Hash Card, which can already be tested.

Here it is possible to note the moment with money transfers between HashCard clients - they pass for free. It is very convenient, considering the fact that our banks around the world earn billions of dollars in such conventional transfers.

By the way, if you are already interested in the project,that soon there will be a public launch of the project, in which you can take part and among the first people on our planet to get a debit card of a breakthrough purse. Beta testing is already coming to an end.

To subscribe to the Hash Card subscribers need to visit hashcard.io and complete a very simple, 3-minute process, including remote KYC. When is that

The completed Hash card will be released and distributed free of charge to customers.

A physical map can be used by more than 30 million merchants around the world. It can be in online or in brick and building for offline shopping.

When using a hash card, exact interbank rates are guaranteed. No fees or additional surcharges mean that in real terms the cardholder can save up to 7% of his money on commissions from banks taking money for nothing.

You should understand that the time of banks-monopoly comes to an end. We will no longer feed these huge monsters that have subordinated the entire economic system to themselves.

The principle of using a HASH card to purchase purchases is simple.

Through HashApp on your smartphone you can view the quotes and the own balance of the main ETH / BTC / ETC / USD tokens in your wallet. The only exchange is the exact amount of the crypto currency needed to exchange the currency of the purchase. For those who can not trust the new type of money so soon,provides the function of storing dollars or any other national currency on its own balance.

The only fee is 1.75% for all ETH / BTC transactions and 2% of ATM withdrawal fee.

The first 3,000 early subscribers will benefit from a reduced fixed fee by only 0.5%.

The ultimate goal for Hash-The card is the acceptance of as many as possible of all possible tokens to its origin. The concept of Hash Card is to make crypto currency part of everyday life of people through a mobile application and a user-friendly wallet in combination with a debit card.

Below you will find an overview of the main directions of the company's implementation,which we bring to the market:

Instant conversion of Bitcoin and the Etherium and other altcoyins

Adoption of additional crypto-credit funds as the company grows

Expansion of the client base of the project from among those who now or would like to become a holder of a crypto currency, a trader or just want to support the project now

To cover the maximum possible geographical coverage of the audience, with the exception of the United States, which as of Q2 2018

is excluded

Creation of corporate cards offering low commissions for both beginners and existing enterprises

Salary cards for both budget employees and private traders

Combination with a valuable program of air miles.

Conclusion: the HashCard project is an attempt to promote crypto currency and the spread of this innovative technology to the broad masses. I read that the project will find its application, just now the entire industry is passing the stage of acceptance by the broad masses of people,

While the active part of the society has already assessed all the advantages of blocking technology. The HashCard project will be extremely convenient for all segments of the population, because it acts as an instrument for integrating crypto-currency into the traditional economy. I advise all of you to take a closer look at this project.

The bounty allocated 6 000 000 HSHC tokens.

Bounty distribution:

Signature campaign - 1,100,000 tokens

Translation campaign - 600,000 tokens

Blogging and Media Campaign - 900,000 tokens

Twitter campaign - 900 0000 tokens

Facebook campaign - 900,000 tokens

Telegram campaign - 800 000 tokens

AirDrop - 800,000 tokens

ICO: 01.05 - 12.06

Price: HSHC = 0.1 $

Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 9,000,000

ICO Bench:4.7

Bounty manager: needmoney

More information

Website - https://hashcard.io

Whitepaper - https://hashcard.io/downloads/WhitePaper-HashCard.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN Thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3336703

Telegram - https://t.me/hashcard

Twitter - https://twitter.com/hashcard

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hashcard.io

Medium - https://medium.com/@sm_46693

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hashcard