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The Cathedral Of The Soul

Luminous▼SovereignMay 20, 2018, 12:29:32 PM

Alchemical Birth of the Soul

The path of Gnosis is the work of the three factors: dying to the ego, alchemically transmuting the vital energies, and sacrificing for others with love. The second factor called Alchemical Birth requires the patient building of the cathedral of the soul. As we are now, our soul is but a spark of Essence, a seed, which we must grow, educate and elaborate.

Death, Birth, and Sacrifice are the three factors for the revolution of the consciousness, the path of love. These factors are a practical and intimate work, a radical path of transformation.

The three factors are the keys to transform our lives for a greater purpose. In the words of Jesus of Nazareth, the living Christ, “If you would be my disciple, deny yourself (Death), take up your cross (Birth), and follow me (Sacrifice).” Matthew 16:24

Mystical Death

The dissolution of the egoic nature, the selfishness which keeps us psychologically disconnected from God and our fellow man. This is the mystery of dying in our multiple and fractured ego, what the Tibetan Buddhist call the psychic aggregates, so that the light of the Essence shines.

The ego is multiplicity, complication, entanglement, conditioning and entrapment of the beautiful Essence, so that purity, love and happiness become distorted into darkness, hatred and suffering. Mystical death is possible with the tremendous force of our intimate Divine Mother, who has the power to separate the egoic nature from our consciousness with the sword of fire. Through prayer, meditation, humility, patience and courage we gradually dissolve the psychic aggregates to liberate the consciousness from the slavery of the ego.

Alchemical Birth

The generation of psychological and spiritual structures inside of ourselves so that we may be vehicles of divine love. These structures are known as the mercabah, or chariot of the soul. No religion is complete without a key to understanding the mysteries of sex. Sexual alchemy has been shrouded and veiled for a millennia, but the key is there for those who yearn to know.

We can look to the beautiful illustrations of the medieval alchemists for a clear understanding on the meaning of sexual alchemy. Alchemy from the Arabic Al- Khemia meaning “the chemistry of God”.

Alchemy first and foremost is about love, the One Law above all else, which dissolves all other cosmic laws. In all aspects of life, and spirituality, the most important virtue and the highest guide is selfless love. With love of God, and a yearning in our hearts for the divine, the sexual energy becomes transmuted, sublimated, elevated to bring about astonishing vital and spiritual transformation.

Within the vessel of our body, we perform the alchemical work. The single person works with transmutation exercises, prayer and devotion. The loving couple works with these same in the sexual act, and the result is marvelous, the Alchemical Birth of the soul.

Sacrifice for Humanity

The path of the bodhisattva, who vows to enter Nirvana only after every single being has eliminated their own suffering and entered into the heavenly realms.

The Law of Entropy means that the path of least resistance for all of creation is to enter into chaos and destruction. Only the force of sacrifice for others, out of love for God and humanity, can the Law of Entropy be overcome. Within ourselves we sacrifice our negativity, our selfish habits, our greed, envy and lust, so that others may have peace and prosperity.
There is a Sufi proverb that states, “Those who are controlled by the lower self must serve it; those who control the lower self serve others.” 


Transmutation is the changing of a substance into energy. Sublimation is the process of transforming a substance directly from a solid to a gas. Transmutation and sublimation are internal alchemical processes which, as part of a devotional and dedicated spiritual practice, serve to transform and elevate.

“Sublimation is part of the royal art where the true gold is made. [ ] It is not a voluntary and forcible channeling of instinct into a spurious field of application, but an alchymical transformation for which fire and prima materia are needed. Sublimatio is a great mystery.”
-Carl Jung

The substance being transformed and sublimated is the sexual substance and sexual energy. This process is an ancient science that has been practiced in all religious and mystical traditions and generally guarded with the utmost secrecy so that this key not be misused.

“The semen is transmuted into Christic energies. This energy is the wine of light; this wine of light converts us into living Buddhas. The two canals Ida and Pingala resound with the musical note of the Chinese gong, or the musical note FA. The spinal medulla with its two nervous cords is the Brahmanic cord. The spinal medulla is the rod of Brahma, Aaron’s rod, the rod of the patriarchs, the rod of Moses, the scepter of the divine kings, and the bamboo cane of seven reed-knots of the yogis in India.”
-Samael Aun Weor, Zodiacal Course

In Taoist cosmology and medicine the Kidneys are the root of all the energies in the body, and have both a Yin and Yang, Water and Fire aspect. The Kidneys are the source of the jing, the raw sexual-spiritual fluid. This fluid travels up the spinal cord to form the brain, which is considered a passive organ in Taoist anatomy, functioning only as the repository of the naturally transmuted sexual substance.

Loss of the sexual energy, the jing, will deplete the resources of the mind and body, creating a disconnect and disharmony.

In any esoteric spiritual or religious there are breathing exercises, mantras and practices to transmute the sexual energy. Many of these practices are still found in yogic, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions as exercises for general health or longevity. Some of these practices in the Christian tradition are devotional such as singing and prayer, which also transmutes the sexual energy.

The strongest force that can transmute these energies is love. The sexual energy is like a Sun, it can never be suppressed or covered up without causing great damage. Sexuality must be combined with love in perfect harmony.

The Saint Hildegard of Bingen composed beautiful and sacred hymns which would bring the singer into a state of blissful devotion to God, with the loving force of the transmuted energy.

Sexual substance and energy can travel down and outward, thereby perpetuating the continued existence in a normal and materialistic relationship with the world. Or the sexual substance and energy can be transmuted and sublimated upward and inward, with the force of love, of willpower, of mystical devotion, to create an internal transformation.

Sacred Architecture

Just as the great cathedrals are built to bring together worshippers in prayer and devotion, the cathedral of the soul is built so that our Inner God may always be present within us. Sacred architecture is inspired in the Being, and represents the interior temple which is built in honor of God. The sacred edifice is built in harmony with nature so it can last for thousands of years.

Sacred architecture, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, La Plata Argentina, Teotihuacan, St. Peter’s Basilica, Montserrat, Hagia Sophia, and countless other cathedrals, temples, mosques, shrines etc. are symbolic of the architecture of the soul.

When we study and visit these places we are inspired by their transcendent beauty and mystery, and also by the years of hard work by countless artisans, laborers, architects, sculptors, and painters. Many people suffered and sacrificed greatly to bring these immortal edifices into existence.

La Plata Cathedral

La Plata Cathedral in Argentina is a wonderful example of sacred architecture. The entire city of La Plata was built by masons with a plan for an esoteric structure and symbolism within the city. La Plata is constructed around a symbolic cubic stone in the center of a central square that faces an enormous cathedral. Statues of the four elemental angels stand at the four cardinal points within the park.

The cathedral is filled with symbolic representation: balanced masculine and feminine, specific shapes and numbers of columns, stained glass depicting processes of christification. The city itself seen from above has the masonic symbol of the compass and square built into its grid, with parks located in specific symbolic places.

The Seven Internal Churches

The physical structure of a church, temple has great esoteric significance. A church, esoterically speaking, is a gathering place for the different parts of the Being who express themselves in the seven superior senses.

The “church” in occult anatomy is the root of the chakra, the foundation from where the energy of the chakra can be activated. We see this in the “seven churches in Asia” from the Book of Revelation.

The Church of Laodicia, Sahasarara Chakra located at the crown of head.

The Church of Philadelphia, Ajna Chakra, located at the third eye.

The Church of Sardis, Vishoudha Chakra, located at the throat, or larynx.

The Church of Thyatira, Anahata Chakra, located at the heart.

The Church of Pergamos, Manipura Chakra, located at the solar plexus.

The Church of Smyrna, Swadhistana Chakra, located at the sexual organs.

The Church of Ephesus, Muladhara Chakra, located at the base of spine, the coccyx.

The chakras are awakened throughout the initiatic path, in accordance with the merits of the heart.

The Mercury, the sexual waters, are fecundated by the Sulfur, the spiritual and sexual fires, and this activated Mercury travels up the spine, awakening within each vertebrae, and each chakra. This is why the god Mercury looks over pilgrims and travelers, the Mercury is always symbolic of our sexual Mercury traveling the path of the spine, the pilgrim visiting the churches of the soul.

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